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The Primitives

British indie pop band the Primitives were formed in Coventry, England in mid-1985 by singer Kieron, guitarist Paul Court, bassist Steve Dullaghan, and drummer Pete Tweedie; after a handful of gigs Kieron was replaced by vocalist Tracy Tracy, a peroxide-blonde bombshell whose presence inspired a more melodic approach, which earned the group inevitable comparisons to Blondie. The Primitives' debut single, "Thru the Flowers," appeared on their own Lazy label in 1986 and was quickly followed by radio sessions for Janice Long, Andy Kershaw, and John Peel. Their second effort, "Really Stupid," preceded the band's first European tour, with "Stop Killing Me" appearing in early 1987. Tweedie was dismissed from the group (allegedly for mistreating Tracy's cats) prior to the Primitives' signing to major label RCA, and with new drummer Tig Williams the group recorded its 1988 debut LP, Lovely, scoring a major U.K. pop hit with the masterful "Crash." After completing an American tour, Dullaghan exited the lineup, with bassist Paul Sampson stepping in for 1989's Pure; the album failed to re-create the success and excitement of its predecessor, however, and when 1991's Ian Broudie-produced Galore met a similar fate, the Primitives disbanded. Tragedy brought the band back together in 2009 when bassist Steve Dullaghan passed away. Tracy, Court, and Williams re-formed the band (with Raph Moore on bass) to play a couple of shows in October of that year. Things went so well that they decided to make a true comeback, launching a 2010 tour of England and even a show in New York City. They returned to the studio with original producer Paul Sampson and soon released a four-song EP of newly written songs (Never Kill a Secret) in 2011 and an album of covers of obscure female-fronted songs from the '60s (Echoes and Rhymes) in 2012. Both were released by Spanish label Elefant and showed that the band still had plenty of charm left, even after two decades. Not content to call it quits, the trio of Tracy, Court, and Williams began work on a new album with Sampson on bass guitar and in the producer's chair. Featuring all original material that harked back to their classic sound, their fourth LP, Spin-O-Rama, was released by Elefant in October of 2014; two songs from the album ("Purifying Tone" and "Lose the Reason") were remixed by the Argentinian group Modular in 2015. The four-song single New Thrills was released, again by Elefant, in 2017. ~ Jason Ankeny
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The Primitives

Top Songs by
The Primitives

  1.   Song
  2.   Crash
  3.   Thru the Flowers
  4.   Silent Night
  5.   Sick of It
  6.   Time Slips Away
  7.   Shadow
  8.   Secrets
  9.   Lazy
  10.   Wild Flower
  11.   Nothing Left
  12.   Can't Stop The Want
  13.   We Found a Way To the Sun
  14.   I Surrender
  15.   Sunshine in My Rainy Day Mind
  16.   Across My Shoulder
  17.   Keep Me in Mind
  18.   Earth Thing
  19.   Noose
  20.   Out of Reach
  21.   Slip Away
  22.   Ma Beata Te
  23.   Stop Killing Me
  24.   Empathise
  25.   Really Stupid
  26.   Laughing Up My Sleeve
  27.   Ocean Blue
  28.   Never Tell
  29.   Spacehead
  30.   Tell About MyBaby
  31.   No Response
  32.   Mohair Sam
  33.   Every Minute Of Every Day
  34.   Cara Lin
  35.   Always Coming Back
  36.   Who Are You Trying to Fool?
  37.   The Witch
  38.   Till You Say You'll Be Mine
  39.   Never Kill a Secret
  40.   Need All the Help I Can Get
  41.   Everything's Shining Bright
  42.   Where the Wind Blows
  43.   She Don't Need You
  44.   Dizzy Heights
  45.   Outside
  46.   Lead Me Astray
  47.   You Are the Way
  48.   I Almost Touched You
  49.   All the Way Down
  50.   Summer Rain
  51.   Buzz Buzz Buzz
  52.   Don't Want Anything to Change
  53.   Run Baby Run
  54.   Way Behind Me
  55.   I'll Stick with You
  56.   Dreamwalk Baby
  57.   I Wanna Be Your Dog
  58.   Yeeeeeeh!
  59.   Where Will You Be?
  60.   Move It on Over
  61.   Panic
  62.   I'll Be Your Mirror
  63.   I'm Not Sayin'
  64.   Shine
  65.   Gira Gira
  66.   Carry Me Home
  67.   Single Girl
  68.   Amoureux d’une Affiche
  69.   Mister Heartache
  70.   Rattle My Cage
  71.   Breakaway
  72.   Turn Off the Moon
  73.   Lose the Reason
  74.   Lonely Streets
  75.   Sookie Sookie
  76.   Can't Bring Me Down
  77.   Give This World to You

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