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The Thermals

A Portland-based supergroup of sorts, the Thermals originally featured Kind of Like Spitting's Ben Barnett and the Operacycle's Jordan Hudson, plus Hutch Harris and Kathy Foster of the twee/folk-pop duo Hutch & Kathy and the All Girl Summer Fun Band. The group formed in early 2002 as a way for its members to play just for the fun of it, but their insistent melodies and punk-inspired urgency quickly won them a local following. Death Cab for Cutie's Ben Gibbard became one of the Thermals' first fans and got the group in touch with Sub Pop, which signed them within four months of the band's formation. The label released a single with the band in January of 2003, followed by their full-length More Parts Per Million later that spring. Fuckin A, the Thermals' sophomore effort, appeared in mid-2004. In the midst of recording their third full-length, however, founding drummer Jordan Hudson left the group. Foster and Harris resumed recording and played all the instruments themselves, with the resulting The Body, the Blood, the Machine being released in 2006. Drummer Caitlin Love joined the Thermals just in time for a European tour that spring. Lorin Coleman, of the Portland indie rock act Virga, was added on drums in late summer, and auxiliary guitarist Joel Burrows briefly joined as well. The quartet dissolved in 2008, however, once again leaving Foster and Harris as the band's only members. Following their departure from Sub Pop's roster, the Thermals signed with Kill Rock Stars and released Now We Can See in April 2009, followed by Personal Life in 2010. In 2012, the band's cover of the Malvina Reynolds song "Little Boxes" was used in the opening of an episode of the Showtime series Weeds. In January of 2013, the Thermals found themselves switching labels once again, this time to the Omaha, Nebraska-based Saddle Creek. Adding drummer Westin Glass, the band recorded and released its sixth album, Desperate Ground, by April 2013. In early 2015, Harris and Foster spent time touring as Hutch & Kathy to celebrate a re-release of their Hutch & Kathy record from 2002. The trio got back together soon after and started work on its next record. The reliably fiery We Disappear was released in early 2016. ~ Heather Phares
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The Thermals

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The Thermals

  1.   Song
  2.   A Pillar of Salt
  3.   Here's Your Future
  4.   How We Know
  5.   Now We Can See
  6.   God and Country
  7.   I Don't Believe You
  8.   I Know the Pattern
  9.   No Culture Icons
  10.   St. Rosa & the Swallows
  11.   The Walls
  12.   Our Love Survives
  13.   Back to the Sea
  14.   Born Dead
  15.   An Ear for Baby
  16.   Every Stitch
  17.   Back to Gray
  18.   The Sword by My Side
  19.   Separate by The Cribs
  20.   Descender by Point Line Plane
  21.   Ballad of Big Nothing
  22.   Time Fell
  23.   I'm Gonna Change Your Life
  24.   We Were Sick
  25.   You Changed My Life
  26.   The Great Dying
  27.   I Go Alone
  28.   You Will Be Free
  29.   The Sunset
  30.   It's Trivia
  31.   I Might Need You to Kill
  32.   Thinking of You
  33.   In Every Way
  34.   Forward
  35.   Faces Stay with Me
  36.   Out of the Old and Thin
  37.   You Will Find Me
  38.   You Dissolve
  39.   Goddamn the Light
  40.   Your Love Is So Strong
  41.   When You're Thrown
  42.   Alone, A Fool
  43.   Years in a Day
  44.   Keep Time
  45.   I Hold the Sound
  46.   Let Your Earth Quake, Baby
  47.   Hey You
  48.   So Hot Now by The Cribs
  49.   Our Trip
  50.   Where I Stand
  51.   An Endless Supply
  52.   A Reflection
  53.   Power Lies
  54.   Into the Code
  55.   A Passing Feeling
  56.   There's Nothing You Can't Learn
  57.   Brace and Break
  58.   Only for You
  59.   Remember Today
  60.   Canada
  61.   Never Listen To Me
  62.   When I Died
  63.   White Rabbit
  64.   A Stare Like Yours
  65.   End to Begin
  66.   My Heart Went Cold
  67.   Everything Thermals
  68.   Not Like Any Other Feeling
  69.   Capture With a Magnet
  70.   Test Pattern
  71.   My Little Machine
  72.   Power Doesn't Run on Nothing
  73.   There is Always a Reason
  74.   Overgrown, Overblown!
  75.   Returning to the Fold
  76.   Always Never Be
  77.   The Howl of the Winds
  78.   Born to Kill
  79.   If We Don't Die Today
  80.   Time to Lose
  81.   Top of the Earth

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