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The Chariot

Atlanta-based post-hardcore/alternative metal act the Chariot is a showcase for singer Josh Scogin. Formerly frontman for the popular Christian nu-metallers Norma Jean (originally known as Luti-Kriss, before Dirty South rapper Ludacris eclipsed their limited popularity), Scogin left Norma Jean for undisclosed personal reasons in 2003, following the release of their second album. Largely dispensing with the rap-rock and nu-metal aspects of Norma Jean in favor of a punkier metalcore direction, Scogin almost immediately formed the Chariot with members of other area metal and CCM groups. The original lineup of the Chariot consisted of Scogin, singer and guitarist Keller Harbin, guitarist Tony Medina, bassist Joshua Beiser, and drummer Jeff Carter. Signing to the popular Christian indie rock label Solid State Records in 2004, the band debuted later that year with the almost operatically titled Everything Is Alive, Everything Is Breathing, Nothing Is Dead and Nothing Is Bleeding. Following the subsequent release of a live DVD, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Chariot, Medina and Carter left the band; new drummer Mark Nicks debuted on the 2005 EP Unsung, but was replaced by Jake Ryan before sessions began for the band's second full-length, The Fiancee. After the album was recorded, Beiser and Harbin left the Chariot (Harbin joining Every Time I Die) and were replaced by Jon Terry and Dan Eaton in time for an extensive North American package tour with other bands from the Solid State Records roster. Delayed by the rapid changeover in band personnel, The Fiancee eventually surfaced in early April 2007 with new bassist Jon "KC Wolf" Kindler on board. Terry and Eaton's time in the band would be short-lived, with the pair being replaced by Bryan Russell Taylor and Stephen Harrison before the release of the band's 2010 album, Long Live. Taylor would be the next casualty of the Chariot's revolving-door lineup, with replacement Brandon Henderson coming on board in 2011. Further lineup changes found Kindler leaving the band to attend college with Henderson and Harrison taking over bass duties in the studio. The Chariot's fifth album, One Wing, featuring production from the band's longtime engineer/producer Matt Gordon, arrived in 2012. ~ Stewart Mason
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The Chariot

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The Chariot

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The Chariot

  1.   Song
  2.   Back to Back
  3.   Never 1 by Chariot
  4.   Daggers
  5.   Dialogue With a Question Mark
  6.   Evolve:
  7.   And
  8.   Donnie Cash (The Company, the Comfort, the Grave)
  9.   Love
  10.   Andy Sundwall
  11.   They Faced Each Other
  12.   It Is Usually the Boys Who Cry Wolf That Grow Up to Be the Men Who Cry
  13.   The King
  14.   Cheek
  15.   The Bullet Never Lies, And Will Prove All Things (An Allegory of ...)
  16.   Not
  17.   Forget
  18.   The City
  19.   Evan Perks
  20.   David De La Hoz by Dan Smith
  21.   Oversea
  22.   Impress.
  23.   They Drew Their Swords
  24.   And Shot Each Other
  25.   Kenny Gibler (Play the Piano Like a Disease)
  26.   Vin Affleck (Goodnight My Lady and a Forever Farewell)
  27.   Yanni Depp
  28.   The Company, The Comfort, The Grave
  29.   If Wishes Were Horses More Beggars Would Ride Them
  30.   Calvin Makenzie
  31.   The Deaf Policemen
  32.   Someday, In the Event That Mankind Actually Figures Out What It Is ... by Chariot
  33.   Speak
  34.   The Heavens
  35.   Good Night My Lady, And a Forever Farewell
  36.   Heard This Noise
  37.   Your
  38.   Yellow Dress: Locked Knees
  39.   First
  40.   And Then, Came Then
  41.   The Trumpet
  42.   Abandon.
  43.   In
  44.   Giveth
  45.   The Earth
  46.   Forgive Me Nashville
  47.   Phil Cosby (Before There Was Atlanta, There Was Douglasville)
  48.   The Audience
  49.   Robert Rios
  50.   Need:
  51.   The Two Dead Boys
  52.   Never I
  53.   Sargent Savage (Die Interviewer (Germanickly Speaking))
  54.   Then Came To Kill
  55.   Teach:
  56.   Tongues
  57.   Before There Was Atlanta, There Was Douglasville
  58.   Mrs. Montgomery Alabama Iii.
  59.   Die Interviewer (I Am Only Speaking in German)

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