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The Concretes

The Stockholm-based pop collective the Concretes were formed in 1995 by vocalist Victoria Bergsman, guitarist Maria Eriksson, and drummer Lisa Milberg; over the course of three years, they added guitarist Markus, bassist Martin Hansson, organist Per Nystrom, trumpeter Ulrik Karlsson, and vocalist/harmonica player Malte. Malte and Nystrom were playing in other bands in the Stockholm scene; Eriksson and Bergsman were art school students; and Milberg worked at one of the city's graphic design firms. The Concretes released their first EP (helpfully named EP #1) in 1998 and followed it, logically, with EP #2 (aka The Lipstick Edition) the following year. In 2000, the Concretes combined these EPs into their full-length debut, Boy, You Better Run Now, in mid-2000 on Up Records. However, shortly after the album's release, Up founder Chris Takino died of leukemia, and the Concretes found themselves without a label. The Nationalgeographic EP arrived in 2001, but due to difficulties with the Above Ground label, it was nearly impossible to find. Along the way, the Concretes also added guitarist Daniel Varjo and horn player Ludvig Rylander to their fold. They formed their own Licking Fingers imprint, on which they released the Forces single in 2002. Two more singles, You Can't Hurry Love and Warm Night, arrived in 2003 and heralded the release of the band's proper debut, The Concretes. Astralwerks released The Concretes in the U.S. in 2004. A year later, the B-sides and rarities comp Layourbattleaxedown -- which gathered most of the band's output between Boy, You Better Run Now and The Concretes -- arrived. The band delivered more low-key, sparkling indie pop with 2006's In Colour. The following year, Bergsman left the group to focus on her folky solo project Taken by Trees, but the rest of the band regrouped quickly, with Millberg taking over vocal duties on 2007's Hey Trouble. However, 2010's dance-influenced WYWH was the first Concretes album featuring Millberg on vocals released in the United States. ~ Heather Phares
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The Concretes

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The Concretes

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The Concretes

  1.   Song
  2.   You Can't Hurry Love
  3.   Foreign Country
  4.   All Day
  5.   Song for the Songs
  6.   Chico
  7.   This One's For You
  8.   A Way of Life
  9.   Hey Trouble
  10.   Your Call
  11.   What We've Become
  12.   Say Something New
  13.   Oh My Love
  14.   New Friend
  15.   Ed's Kids by Ed Harcourt
  16.   Sing for Me
  17.   Oh Baby
  18.   Seems Fine Shuffle
  19.   Seabird
  20.   The Warrior
  21.   Ooh La La
  22.   Fiction
  23.   Fire Watch
  24.   On the Radio
  25.   WYWH
  26.   Knck Knck
  27.   Keep Yours
  28.   Oh No
  29.   As Four
  30.   Tomorrow
  31.   Change in the Weather
  32.   Chosen One
  33.   Lady December
  34.   My Ways
  35.   Sand
  36.   Simple Song
  37.   The First Time
  38.   Free Ride
  39.   Didion
  40.   Lonely As Can Be
  41.   Branches
  42.   Kids
  43.   Crack in the Paint
  44.   Are You Prepared
  45.   I Wish We'd Never Met
  46.   Sugar
  47.   End of Mandolins
  48.   Sunbeams
  49.   Reasons
  50.   If We're Lucky We Don't Get There On Time
  51.   A Whale's Heart
  52.   Forces
  53.   Good Evening
  54.   Souvenirs
  55.   Seems Fine
  56.   Under Your Leaves
  57.   Warm Night
  58.   The Sentence
  59.   Grey Days
  60.   Military Madness
  61.   Oh Boy
  62.   Justin's Kids
  63.   Miss You
  64.   Another Day to Waste
  65.   Lovin' Kind
  66.   Just Locals
  67.   Postpone It
  68.   Diana Ross

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