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The Death Set

Though Beau Velasco and Johnny Siera were both aware of one another growing up in Gold Coast, Australia's relatively small music scene, it wasn't until Siera saw Velasco playing his guitar and thrashing about in the local band Black Panda that he knew he wanted to be friends. But it was Velasco, in fact, who asked Siera to join Black Panda on guitar, and when the other members dropped out because of other commitments, the two decided to continue on as a duo. After touring on Australia's East Coast with the similarly minded Brooklyn duo Japanther, the two were inspired to move to Sydney, where they worked on writing and recording their own music, which consisted of their guitars, keyboards, and tinny laptop beats, the vocals sung through microphones Velasco had rigged up. Calling themselves the Death Set, they eventually decided they should move to the U.S., and after a brief stint in Brooklyn, settled on the city of Baltimore. Their self-released debut EP, To (the majority of which was written in Sydney), caught the ear of Morphius Records, which reissued it in 2006. The following year Rad Warehouses Bad Neighborhoods came out, and in the spring of 2008 the Death Set, which at this point consisted of Siera and guitarist/vocalist Peter O'Connell with the help of a rotating cast of drummers, issued Worldwide (which Velasco did appear on) on Ninjatune's rock imprint, Counter Records. The following year the band was shocked by the news that founder Velasco had passed away. Jahphet Landis was recruited to fill the gap left behind, and the band set to work on their third album, Michel Poicard, which was released early in 2011. ~ Marisa Brown
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The Death Set

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The Death Set

  1.   Song
  2.   Yo David Chase! You P.O.V. Shot Me in the Head
  3.   Think Shank
  4.   Soar Away
  5.   Negative Thinking
  6.   Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap
  7.   Paranoia
  8.   Grinding Halt
  9.   Selective Memories
  10.   We Are Going Anywhere Man
  11.   Around the World
  12.   Had a Bird
  13.   Listen to This Collision
  14.   Impossible
  15.   The Enemy
  16.   Can You See Straight?
  17.   This Song
  18.   Bla!
  19.   Cold Teeth
  20.   Snap
  21.   Day in the Wife
  22.   I Miss You Beau Velasco
  23.   Superzero
  24.   Moving Forward
  25.   Solve It
  26.   Lite the Fuse
  27.   Intermission
  28.   Peak Oil
  29.   Once You Know You Know
  30.   On The Street
  31.   Spaz
  32.   Been Too Long
  33.   Fighting for Herself
  34.   MFDS
  35.   Distressed
  36.   Boys/Girls
  37.   Heard It All Before
  38.   Hikoichi Is Very Happy
  39.   Collision
  40.   No. 2
  41.   On the Street, Pt. 2
  42.   Distressed by Late Night Television
  43.   [CD-ROM Track]
  44.   Zombie
  45.   Far Weathered Friends
  46.   Negative Thinking About Tight Pants
  47.   7 P.M. Woke Up an Hour Ago
  48.   A Problem Is a Problem It Don't Matter Where You From
  49.   Chew It Like a Gun Gum
  50.   I Been Searching for This Song Called Fashion
  51.   I Like the Wrong Way
  52.   I Wanna Take This Tape and Blow Up Ya Fuckin Stereo
  53.   Is It the End Again?
  54.   Is That a French Dog?
  55.   It's Another Day
  56.   Kittens Inspired by Kittens
  57.   Michel Poiccard Prefers the Old (She Yearns for the Devil)
  58.   Too Much Fun for Regrets
  59.   A Problem is a Problem No Matter Where You From
  60.   Chew It Like a Gum Gum
  61.   They Come To Get Us

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