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The Devil Wears Prada

Dayton, Ohio Christian metalcore act the Devil Wears Prada took their name from the novel and movie, but rebranded it to fit their anti-materialistic ethics. Formed in 2005, the band consisted of singer and lyricist Mike Hranica (who handles the death growl vocals), guitarist and vocalist Jeremy DePoyster (who does the clean vocals), guitarist Chris Rubey, bassist Andy Trick, keyboardist James Baney, and drummer Daniel Williams. This lineup recorded the 2005 EP Patterns of a Horizon, which was self-released with individual hand-painted covers. Signing to Victory Records' positive-themed subsidiary Rise, the Devil Wears Prada released Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord in the summer of 2006. After selling more than 30,000 units of their debut, they went back to the studio and began plugging away on 2007's Plagues. With Roots Above and Branches Below followed two years later. They followed it with a concept EP about the apocalypse titled Zombie in 2010. Both of these latter releases debuted in the Billboard Top Ten; the band was also a star live attraction, they headlined -- and sold out -- their own tours for three years running. In the summer of 2011, they headlined the Van's Warped Tour as a precursor to the release of the band's fourth album, Dead Throne, which was produced by Killswitch Engage's Adam Dutkiewicz and released in September of that year. The group's first live album, Dead&Alive, followed in 2012. The Devil Wears Prada began sessions for their fifth proper album in early 2013, working with producers Matt Goldman (Underoath) and Dutkiewicz again in an executive role. The results, 8:18, appeared on Roadrunner in September 2013. Hranica and Rubey also have an experimental grindcore side project band called xGUMBYx. ~ Stewart Mason
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The Devil Wears Prada

Top Songs by
The Devil Wears Prada

  1.   Song
  2.   Supernova
  3.   Alien
  4.   Born to Lose
  5.   Home for Grave
  6.   Vengeance
  7.   Dez Moines
  8.   Black & Blue
  9.   Rumors
  10.   Reptar, King of the Ozone
  11.   Planet A
  12.   Outnumbered
  13.   Assistant to the Regional Manager
  14.   Louder Than Thunder
  15.   Hold Fast
  16.   Martyrs
  17.   Sassafras
  18.   Sailor's Prayer
  19.   Care More
  20.   South Of The City
  21.   Still Fly
  22.   And the Sentence Trails Off
  23.   Moongod
  24.   Big Wiggly Style
  25.   Hey John, What's Your Name Again?
  26.   Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over
  27.   Asteroid
  28.   In Heart
  29.   8:18
  30.   Constance
  31.   Anatomy
  32.   HTML Rulez Dood
  33.   Gauntlet of Solitude
  34.   Number Eleven
  35.   First Sight
  36.   R.I.T.
  37.   Danger: Wildman
  38.   Bonus Material
  39.   Redemption
  40.   Rosemary Had an Accident
  41.   The Ascent
  42.   Celestial Mechanics
  43.   War
  44.   My Questions
  45.   Dead Throne
  46.   Chicago
  47.   Escape
  48.   I Hate Buffering
  49.   Gimme Half
  50.   Ben Has a Kid
  51.   Goats on a Boat
  52.   Modeify the Pronunciation
  53.   Gloom
  54.   Wapakalypse
  55.   Nickels Is Money Too
  56.   The Scorpion Deathlock
  57.   This Song Is Called
  58.   Who Speaks Spanish, Colon Quesadilla
  59.   Transgress
  60.   Pretenders
  61.   Mammoth
  62.   Kansas
  63.   Survivor
  64.   Lord Xenu
  65.   Number Three, Never Forget
  66.   Swords, Dragons & Diet Coke
  67.   Texas Is South
  68.   Don't Dink and Drance
  69.   Interlude
  70.   Dead & Alive DVD
  71.   Untidaled
  72.   Forever Decay
  73.   Revive
  74.   HTML Roolz D00d
  75.   You Can't Spell Crap Without 'C'
  76.   HTML Rulez D00d
  77.   Salvation
  78.   Don't Drink and Dance

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