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The Faint

Omaha, Nebraska's the Faint have gone through countless changes in their relatively short career, but with each shift, both in terms of personnel and style, they have made a distinct new impression and turned more and more heads. Originally called Norman Bailer and featuring current members Clark and Todd Baechle (later he changed his name to Todd Fink, after marrying future Saddle Creek recording artist Orenda Fink of Azure Ray), as well as bassist Joel Petersen, the group's early years were a mix of lo-fi pop and tongue-in-cheek easy listening with a touch of punk rock ideals borrowed from their early skateboarding days. Along with a prepubescent Bright Eyes and a recently formed Cursive, the band was one of the seeds that spawned the explosive Omaha scene as well as a flagship act for the highly regarded Saddle Creek Records. A very limited cassette release and a few tracks on split 7"s and samplers were the band's only output, but the spark was there, and after adding Matt Bowen to the mix, the Faint proper first came into being around 1998. Media, the group's first full-length, was still a far cry from their later sounds, but the record was a fitting introduction to the band that featured a bevy of conflicting sounds, from new wave-inspired pop to Lullaby for the Working Class-style acoustic dirges. It wasn't the perfect record, but it was an inspired start that gave the Faint a good idea of what they were, and more importantly were not, striving for. In the wake of Media, the band set out to add something special to its live show, and in the course of the year, Bowen left the band and Jacob Thiele joined up to add the all-too-important keyboard sounds into the mix. Early 1999 saw the band reenter the studio with a new agenda, focusing on danceable beats, catchy keyboards, and an '80s-influenced sound that both revered and reinvented the past. The result was Blank-Wave Arcade, a pulsating record about sexuality, transportation, and mass consumption that instantly attracted hordes of new fans who were blown away by the group's distinctive new sound. The new material, along with a seizure-inducing D.I.Y. live light show and incorrigible on-stage energy, created a major buzz, and soon the Faint were revered as the second coming of new wave genius. A series of remixes on both a limited-edition LP and a tour to support a CD from Insound furthered the hype, and by the time the Faint entered the studio yet again in early 2001, the buzz had grown to a resounding roar. In August of 2001, the group released its third LP, Danse Macabre, a somewhat darker exploration of the styles hinted at on Blank-Wave Arcade. They also added a guitarist by the name of Dapose (born Mike Dappen), whose death metal past worked perfectly with the gloomy, but still oddly upbeat, sentiments of the new record. The disc was released to instant acclaim and almost immediately became one of the label's best-selling titles. The band followed it up with even more touring and also found the time to release the Mote/Dust 12" on the GSL label in October of 2001, featuring two more remixes, a Sonic Youth cover, and a new track featuring Bright Eyes songsmith Conor Oberst. The Faint were all quiet on the recording front until March of 2003, when they released an album of remixes from Danse Macabre called, strangely enough, Danse Macabre Remixes. The disc featured remixes by artists like Paul Oakenfold, Photek, and Medicine. They followed this up with Wet from Birth, which was released in fall 2004. The band remixed "Meet Your Master" from Nine Inch Nails' Year Zero, while bassist Petersen reworked Of Montreal's "Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games" under his Broken Spindles alias. The Faint then built their own studio, named Enamel, and formed their own label, Blank.Wav, on which they released Fasciinatiion in summer 2008. Doom Abuse, the band's fifth long-player, dropped in 2014, followed by the career retrospective Capsule: 1999-2016 in October 2016. ~ Peter J. D'Angelo
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The Faint

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The Faint

  1.   Song
  2.   Agenda Suicide
  3.   Glass Danse
  4.   The Geeks Were Right
  5.   Worked Up So Sexual
  6.   Desperate Guys
  7.   Dropkick the Punks
  8.   Paranoiattack
  9.   The Conductor
  10.   Posed to Death
  11.   Mirror Error
  12.   Disappear
  13.   Victim Convenience
  14.   Skylab 1979
  15.   Take Me To The Hospital
  16.   Evil Voices
  17.   Your Retro Career Melted
  18.   How Could I Forget
  19.   Salt My Doom
  20.   Sex Is Personal
  21.   Young & Realistic
  22.   Your Stranger
  23.   Scapegoat
  24.   Forever Growing Centipedes
  25.   Let the Poison Spill from Your Throat [Tommie Sunshine's "Let the Clock
  26.   Erection
  27.   Violent
  28.   Let The Poison Spill From Your Throat
  29.   Enola Gay
  30.   Typing: 1974-2048
  31.   In Concert
  32.   Casual Sex
  33.   I Disappear
  34.   An Allusion Passes Through the Bar
  35.   Mote
  36.   Cars Pass in Cold Blood
  37.   Lesson From the Darkness
  38.   Loss of Head
  39.   Animal Needs
  40.   Help In the Head
  41.   This Is Is Is Is Pain
  42.   A Battle Hymn for Children
  43.   Fish in a Womb
  44.   I Treat You Wrong
  45.   Fulcrum and Lever
  46.   Machine in the Ghost
  47.   Get Seduced
  48.   Hypnotised
  49.   Birth
  50.   Symptom Finger
  51.   Phone Call
  52.   Ballad Of A Paralysed Citizen
  53.   Total Job
  54.   Defy the Ailments
  55.   There's Something Not as Valid When the Scenery Is a Postcard
  56.   Lullaby for the....
  57.   Repertoire of Uncommon Depth
  58.   Some Incriminating Photographs
  59.   The Passives
  60.   Sealed Human
  61.   Armorous in Bauhaus Fashion
  62.   Falling Out Of Love At This Volume
  63.   Acting: On-Campus Television
  64.   ESP
  65.   Tandem: City to City
  66.   Mental Radio
  67.   Syntax Lies
  68.   Dust
  69.   Dress Code
  70.   Damage Control
  71.   Southern Belles in London Sing
  72.   As the Doctor Talks
  73.   Psycho
  74.   Call Call
  75.   (Getting/Giving the Lock)
  76.   Unseen Hand

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