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The Fratellis

A brashly melodic indie rock outfit from Glasgow, the Fratellis feature vocalist/guitarist Jon Fratelli, drummer Mince Fratelli, and bassist Barry Fratelli. The witty trio played its first show in early 2005, maintaining that the band's moniker was merely an homage to Barry's original surname (however, other rumors suggest that the Fratellis borrowed it from the nemesis family featured in Steven Spielberg's film The Goonies). Such trivia only added to the Fratellis' growing appeal upon their performance debut, and the band's limited-edition self-titled EP arrived in April 2006. Although few copies were pressed, the record received a helpful boost from Zane Lowe's Radio One program, which put the acoustic-driven track "Creepin Up the Backstairs" into regular rotation. Televised appearances on Later with Jools Holland and Top of the Pops followed during the early summer, while the group's second single, "Henrietta," earned the Fratellis their first U.K. Top 20 hit. "Chelsea Dagger" began climbing the U.K. Top 40 that August, and the debut album, Costello Music, finally arrived in September. Although the album failed to chart in most countries (even an American iPod commercial featuring the track "Flathead" failed to spark much interest across the pond), Costello Music enjoyed a great deal of success at home, earning the bandmates a BRIT Award and peaking at number two in their native U.K. The Fratellis returned to the British charts in 2008 with "Mistress Mabel," a track from their polished sophomore effort, Here We Stand. The band then went on hiatus for a few years; during that time, Jon formed the torchy duo Codeine Velvet Club in 2008 with Lou Hickey and released a solo album, Psycho Jukebox, in 2011. Meanwhile, Barry joined the Twang as a touring member and Mince played with Jon's backing band as well as with Throne o' Diablo. During this time, "Chelsea Dagger" also became the unofficial theme song of the National Hockey League's Chicago Blackhawks. In 2012, the Fratellis regrouped for a U.K. tour and announced in 2013 that they had recorded their third studio album in their native Glasgow. We Need Medicine arrived in October 2013. By the end of the year, they were already writing songs, some of which appeared on the Soul Crush EP, available as a free download on the band's website. The Fratellis recorded their fourth album in Los Angeles with producer Tony Hoffer (who also produced their debut); preceded by the singles "Me and the Devil" and "Baby Don't You Lie," Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied was released in August 2015. ~ Andrew Leahey & MacKenzie Wilson
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The Fratellis

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The Fratellis

  1.   Song
  2.   Chelsea Dagger
  3.   Flathead
  4.   Mistress Mabel
  5.   For the Girl
  6.   Seven Nights Seven Days
  7.   A Heady Tale
  8.   Creepin Up the Backstairs
  9.   Whistle for the Choir
  10.   Ole Black 'N' Blue Eyes
  11.   Look Out Sunshine!
  12.   Henrietta
  13.   My Friend John
  14.   Dogtown
  15.   Jeannie Nitro
  16.   Tell Me a Lie
  17.   Doginabag
  18.   Medusa in Chains
  19.   Down the Road and Back... Again
  20.   Moonshine
  21.   Too Much Wine
  22.   Baby Don't You Lie to Me!
  23.   Shotgun Shoes
  24.   This Old Ghost Town
  25.   She's Not Gone Yet But She's Leaving
  26.   Got Ma Nuts From A Hippie by Pete Townshend
  27.   B Movie Saga
  28.   Stragglers Moon
  29.   Everybody Knows You Cried Last Night
  30.   Baby Fratelli
  31.   Slow
  32.   Rosanna
  33.   Thief
  34.   Desperate Guy
  35.   Imposters (Little by Little)
  36.   Until She Saves My Soul
  37.   This Is Not the End of the World
  38.   Halloween Blues
  39.   Whisky Saga
  40.   The Good Life
  41.   Z Movie Saga
  42.   Milk and Money
  43.   Acid Jazz Singer
  44.   Baby Doll
  45.   The Gutterati?
  46.   Vince the Loveable Stoner
  47.   I Know Your Kind
  48.   I'm Gonna Be Your Elvis
  49.   Getting Surreal
  50.   Me and the Devil
  51.   Rock N Roll Will Break Your Heart
  52.   We Need Medicine
  53.   Lupe Brown
  54.   Shameless
  55.   Solid Gold Easy Action
  56.   Got Ma Nuts From a Hippie
  57.   All Along The Watchtower
  58.   Boy Scout to the End
  59.   Dirty Barry Stole the Bluebird
  60.   Cuntry Boys & City Girls
  61.   Cigarello
  62.   Stacie Anne
  63.   [Untitled Track]
  64.   Bonus Material
  65.   3 Skinny Girls
  66.   The Pimp
  67.   Pretty Like a Girl
  68.   Nina
  69.   Got Me Nuts from a Hippie
  70.   Ooh La Hot Love
  71.   Ella's in the Band
  72.   When All the Lights Go Out
  73.   Jesus Stole My Baby
  74.   Boy Done Good
  75.   Nobodys Favourite Actor
  76.   Creeping Up the Backstairs [Live from Apple Store Shibuya, Japan [Audio
  77.   Enrietta
  78.   Whistle for the Choir [Live from Apple Store Shibuya, Japan [Audio Only
  79.   Chelsey Dagger
  80.   Everybody Know You Cried Last Night
  81.   Mistress Mable
  82.   Nobody's Favorite Actor
  83.   Ole Black Eyed Blue Eyes
  84.   Stir It Up
  85.   Fratellis Live from Glasgow ABC (Entire 60 Minute Plus Show) (DVD)