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The Fray

By pitching their music somewhere between the arena-friendly style of U2 and the mature pop/rock of bands like Maroon 5 and Counting Crows, the Fray rose to commercial prominence with their 2005 debut, How to Save a Life. The Denver-based band had formed three years prior, when former schoolmates Isaac Slade (vocals, piano) and Joe King (guitar, vocals) unexpectedly bumped into each other at a local music store. The pair began a series of two-man jam sessions and soon expanded their lineup with two of Slade's former bandmates, drummer Ben Wysocki and guitarist David Welsh. Slade's younger brother, Caleb, also joined the band for a stint but was ultimately asked to leave; the resulting rift between the two siblings would later inspire the band's first hit single, "Over My Head (Cable Car)." After issuing the Movement EP in 2002, the quartet gained the support of Denver's KTCL radio station with a follow-up release, 2003's Reason EP. As the Fray's airplay increased alongside their local profile (Westword, a Denver alternative weekly publication, deemed them Best New Band in 2004), they began attracting attention from Epic Records. The label ultimately signed the band in December 2004, and the Fray toured alongside Weezer and Ben Folds the following summer. How to Save a Life was released in September 2005, and "Over My Head (Cable Car)" found a quick home on modern rock radio. By early 2006, it had crossed over to Top 40 chart status, peaking at number eight and whetting the public's appetite for another hit. The Fray responded by releasing the album's title track, which was heavily used in a promotional campaign for the TV series Grey's Anatomy and quickly became one of 2006's biggest singles. "How to Save a Life" was a worldwide smash, reaching the Top Ten in the U.S. (where it continued to chart for 58 consecutive weeks) and peaking at number one in Bulgaria, Ireland, Canada, and Spain. By the time the smoke had cleared, the Fray's debut had been certified double-platinum in the U.S. and was declared the best-selling digital album of all time. As How to Save a Life continued to enjoy worldwide chart success, the live album Live at the Electric Factory was released in selected independent stores in July 2006. The Fray re-released their Reason EP the following year while continuing to tour, occasionally playing new material at their high-profile shows. The band also found time to return to the recording studio, and 2009 saw the release of their self-titled sophomore effort, The Fray. The Fray’s third studio outing was produced by Brendan O'Brien and was inspired by the group's trips to Rwanda and Germany. The resulting Scars and Stories, which was named after an unused B-side, was preceded by the single "Heartbeat" and released on February 7, 2012. At the end of the year frontman Isaac Slade confirmed the band was starting work on its fourth record in 2013, and the Fray subsequently headed into the studio with producer Stuart Price (the Killers, Madonna, Keane). Titled Helios, the album was issued in February 2014 and was preceded by the upbeat single "Love Don't Die." ~ Andrew Leahey
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The Fray

Top Songs by
The Fray

  1.   Song
  2.   Over My Head (Cable Car)
  3.   You Found Me
  4.   How To Save A Life
  5.   Happy X-Mas (War Is Over)
  6.   Never Say Never
  7.   Syndicate
  8.   Heartbeat
  9.   All at Once
  10.   Heartless (Swinghouse Session)
  11.   Tryin' to Throw Your Arms Around the World
  12.   Look After You
  13.   Happiness
  14.   She Is
  15.   Run for Your Life
  16.   Enough For Now
  17.   Vienna
  18.   Little House
  19.   Dead Wrong
  20.   Love Don't Die
  21.   Break Your Plans
  22.   Absolute
  23.   Take Your Time
  24.   Say When
  25.   Be Still
  26.   Wherever This Goes
  27.   Hold My Hand
  28.   Here We Are
  29.   Mahna Mahna
  30.   Shadow and a Dancer
  31.   Maps
  32.   I Can Barely Say
  33.   The Wind
  34.   1961
  35.   Fall Away
  36.   Our Last Days
  37.   Hurricane
  38.   Closer To Me
  39.   48 to Go
  40.   The Fighter
  41.   Great Beyond
  42.   Unsaid
  43.   Boulder to Birmingham by Emmylou Harris
  44.   Why
  45.   Munich
  46.   Heaven Forbid
  47.   Trust Me
  48.   Some Trust
  49.   Same As You
  50.   Keep On Wanting
  51.   Streets of Philadelphia
  52.   Ready or Not
  53.   Rainy Zurich
  54.   Turn Me On
  55.   We Build Then We Break
  56.   Ungodly Hour
  57.   Where the Story Ends
  58.   Interlude 2
  59.   Hundred
  60.   Oceans Away
  61.   Without Reason
  62.   Together
  63.   Give It Away
  64.   City Hall
  65.   "Chips and Salsa"
  66.   Interlude 1
  67.   Hips Don't Lie
  68.   "It's Not Easy Being Skinny"
  69.   The Making of Over My Head (Cable Car)
  70.   On the Road
  71.   The Story
  72.   How to Save a Life/The Story
  73.   The Making Of Never Say Never
  74.   Heartless
  75.   Fair Fight
  76.   Be the One
  77.   Uncertainty
  78.   01 Absolute
  79.   New Album Version
  80.   Acoustic Version From Q101
  81.   Video

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