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The Go! Team

The sound of the Go! Team, a six-piece group from Brighton, England, is a stunning blend of indie rock guitars, police show themes, hip-hop beats, and schoolyard chants built on samples and then augmented by live instrumentation. The founder and leader of the Team is Ian Parton, who provides guitar and sculpts their sound. The rest of the group includes Sam Dook on guitar, banjo, and drums; Chi "Ky" Fukami Taylor on drums; Jaime Bell on bass; Ninja on vocals; and Kaori Tsuchida on drums, guitar, keyboards, and melodica. Their first release, 2000's Get It Together, was primarily a solo effort by Parton that gained support from John Peel and others, but legal problems prevented a timely follow-up. By the time of 2003's Junior Kickstart single, the group had been assembled (and included Silke Steidinger, who left in the fall of 2005) and signed to Memphis Industries. Thunder, Lightning, Strike was released in 2004 and quickly became a sensation in the U.K., where it was nominated for the Mercury Prize, and in the U.S., where the band became an MP3 blog darling. A bidding war ensued in the U.S., with Columbia winning, but before the album could gain release, many of the samples had to be replaced (which didn't affect the quality of the record at all). The group followed up the album with two U.K. singles, 2005's Bottle Rocket and 2006's Ladyflash, and extensive world touring. While Thunder, Lightning, Strike was an artistic success, it didn't sell the way Columbia would have liked and the band found itself label-less in America. Sub Pop soon picked them up and (with Memphis Industries) released Proof of Youth in 2007. After a long break, the group returned in early 2011 with its third album. Rolling Blackouts had the same core group as previous records and featured guest appearances by Deerhoof's Satomi Matsuzaki and Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast. After another long break, during which Parton called a band meeting and basically fired the whole group, the fourth Go! Team album, The Scene Between, was released in early 2015. With Parton calling all the shots musically and a different singer on each track, the album was both a return to their early way of working and a step in a new direction. ~ Tim Sendra
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The Go! Team

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The Go! Team

  1.   Song
  2.   Buy Nothing Day
  3.   Grip Like A Vice
  4.   Ladyflash
  5.   Titanic Vandalism
  6.   The Wrath of Marcie
  7.   The Power Is On
  8.   Huddle Formation
  9.   We Listen Everyday
  10.   Kill the Klansmen
  11.   The Art of Getting By (Song For Heaven's Gate)
  12.   Bust Out Brigade
  13.   Apollo Throwdown
  14.   Keys to the City
  15.   We Just Won't Be Defeated
  16.   Everyone's a V.I.P. To Someone
  17.   Universal Speech
  18.   Air Raid GTR
  19.   Flashlight Fight
  20.   The Scene Between
  21.   Rolodex the Seasons
  22.   Panther Dash
  23.   Til We Do It Together
  24.   Ye Ye Yamaha
  25.   Gaffa Tape Bikini
  26.   Yosemite Theme
  27.   Voice Yr Choice
  28.   Super Triangle
  29.   Rolling Blackouts
  30.   Ready to Go Steady
  31.   Back Like 8 Track
  32.   Fake ID
  33.   My World
  34.   Doing It Right
  35.   A Version of Myself
  36.   Patricia's Moving Picture
  37.   I Never Needed It Now So Much
  38.   Feelgood by Numbers
  39.   Get It Together
  40.   Lazy Poltergeist
  41.   Blowtorch
  42.   Pocket Money Rodeo
  43.   The Running Range
  44.   Her Last Wave
  45.   I'm Not Satisfied
  46.   Junior Kickstart
  47.   Huddle Flash (Kevin Shields v The Go! Team)
  48.   The Floating Felt Tip
  49.   Did You Know?
  50.   Milk Crisis
  51.   T.O.R.N.A.D.O
  52.   Flashlight Fight
  53.   Catch Me On the Rebound
  54.   Hold Yr Terror Close
  55.   The Ice Storm
  56.   Secretary Song
  57.   Bottle Rocket
  58.   Reason Left To Destroy
  59.   Friendship Update
  60.   What D'you Say?
  61.   Waking the Jetstream

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