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The Knife

A brother-and-sister duo hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, the Knife take inspiration from vintage synth pop and forward-thinking electronic music, crafting a sound that is equally unsettling, playful, and beautiful. Olof and Karin Dreijer formed the Knife in 1999 and worked on their music in their home studios, releasing their first single, Afraid of You, in 2000 and their 2001 self-titled debut album on their own Rabid Records label. In 2003, the Knife were nominated for two Grammys, one for Best Pop Group of the Year and one for Best Pop Album for their second album, Deep Cuts. However, the Dreijers boycotted the ceremony, sending two people in gorilla costumes to protest the dominance of male acts in the music industry. They also released the Hanna Med H Soundtrack later that year. In 2004, the Knife began work on their third album in unusual locations, including a former carbon dioxide factory and the vaults of Stockholm's Grand Church, before finishing their sessions in a more conventional studio. The following year, José González's cover of the Deep Cuts single "Heartbeats" (which was from his 2003 album Veneer) appeared in a commercial for Sony's Bravia and became a hit, earning more acclaim for the Dreijers outside of Sweden. Early in 2005, the Knife performed their first-ever live show at London's ICA, appearing with Rex the Dog (who also did a remix of González's version of "Heartbeats") and playing in front of video created for the event by artist Andreas Nilsson. His work also appeared on How I Found the Knife, a DVD/CD set that included all of the band's videos, short films, and remixes, which was released that summer. The Knife and Nilsson teamed up again for the video for the title track of the group's third album, Silent Shout, which was released in early 2006 in Sweden and that summer in the U.S. (by Mute) and U.K. (by Brille). The Knife's darkest, most ambitious work to date, the album featured singles such as We Share Our Mother's Health, which included a mix by Trentemøller. The duo played a handful of European, Scandinavian, and North American dates in 2006, accompanied by more of Nilsson's visuals. That fall, Mute reissued The Knife and Deep Cuts. The Knife's next project was Tomorrow, in a Year, an opera commissioned by the Danish performance group Hotel Pro Forma and inspired by Charles Darwin's On the Origin of the Species. Working with Mt. Sims and Planningtorock, the duo recorded the album in Berlin, Stockholm, and Copenhagen over the course of 2008 and 2009. During that time, Karin Dreijer also worked on her own project Fever Ray with producer Christoffer Berg; the self-titled debut album arrived in 2009, and Tomorrow, in a Year was released in 2010. Early in 2013, the Knife released a new song, "Full of Fire," and announced their fourth album, Shaking the Habitual. Another single, A Tooth for an Eye, arrived before the album. An unsettling 90-minute meditation on topics including politics and the environment, Shaking the Habitual was released that April. The Knife returned the following June with Shaken Up Versions, a mini-album of some of the band's songs as they performed them on the Shaking the Habitual tour. ~ Heather Phares
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The Knife

Top Songs by
The Knife

  1.   Song
  2.   Heartbeats
  3.   Silent Shout
  4.   No No No
  5.   Reindeer
  6.   Full of Fire
  7.   A Tooth for an Eye
  8.   Like a Pen
  9.   From off to On
  10.   Still Light
  11.   Forest Families
  12.   Marble House
  13.   Ready to Lose
  14.   Pass This On
  15.   Rock Classics
  16.   Colouring of Pigeons
  17.   You Make Me Like Charity
  18.   Girls' Night Out
  19.   Let's Talk About Gender Baby, Let's Talk About You and Me
  20.   Stay Out Here
  21.   Raging Lung
  22.   Without You My Life Would Be Boring
  23.   Seeds
  24.   Annie's Box
  25.   Bird
  26.   We Share out Mother's Health
  27.   We Share Our Mothers' Health
  28.   The Captain
  29.   One for You
  30.   The Cop
  31.   Listen Now
  32.   She's Having a Baby
  33.   Is It Medicine
  34.   Got 2 Let U
  35.   Behind the Bushes
  36.   Hangin' Out
  37.   This Is Now
  38.   Handy-Man
  39.   The Bridge
  40.   N.Y. Hotel
  41.   Kino
  42.   You Take My Breath Away
  43.   We Share Our Mothers' Health [Radio Slave's Secret
  44.   Neverland
  45.   Fracking Fluid Injection
  46.   Oryx
  47.   Networking
  48.   Old Dreams Waiting To Be Realized
  49.   Crake
  50.   Wrap Your Arms Around Me
  51.   A Cherry on Top
  52.   Vegetarian Restaurant
  53.   High School Poem
  54.   Hannah's Conscious
  55.   The Height of Summer
  56.   Tomorrow In A Year
  57.   Seeds
  58.   Tumult
  59.   Schoal Swarm Orchestra
  60.   Letter To Henslow
  61.   Variation Of Birds
  62.   Ebb Tide Explorer
  63.   Minerals
  64.   Upheaved
  65.   Geology
  66.   Epochs
  67.   Intro
  68.   One Hit
  69.   A Lung
  70.   Zapata
  71.   Parade
  72.   I Take Time
  73.   I Just Had to Die
  74.   Lasagna
  75.   Neon

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