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The Lacs

Fusing the unlikely combination of Southern rap and Southern rock, the Lacs (short for Loud Ass Crackers) created their own brand of hip-hop, which they affectionately dubbed "hick-hop." Hailing from Baxley, Georgia, the duo of of rapper Clay "Uncle Snap" Sharpe and singer/guitarist Brian "Rooster" King have a sound that incorporates equal parts Bubba Sparxxx and ZZ Top, merging slinky Southern guitar riffs with booming beats and rhymes about life in the dirtiest parts of the Dirty South. The Lacs made their debut in the early 2000s with Midas Well Get Drunk and South on Fire, a pair of independent releases. In 2006, their third album, Lacology, followed, and they signed to Colt Ford's Backroad label for 2011's Country Boy's Paradise, which included appearances from Ford, as well as the single "Kickin' Up Mud." One year later, 190 Proof featured the like-minded Big & Rich and Bubba Sparxxx, becoming their first album to break into the overall album charts. Keep It Redneck appeared in 2013, and again included plenty of room for friends and well-wishers Ford, JJ Lawhorn, Noah Gordon, and Sarah Ross. The album Outlaw in Me landed in 2015 and climbed to number three on both the country and rap album charts. ~ Gregory Heaney
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The Lacs

  1.   Song
  2.   Shake It by Big & Rich
  3.   Wylin by Bubba Sparxxx
  4.   4 Wheel Drive
  5.   Shindig
  6.   Country Road
  7.   Kickin Up Mud
  8.   Field Party by JJ Lawhorn
  9.   Smoke Stack
  10.   Let Your Country Hang Out
  11.   Keep It Redneck
  12.   Country Boy Fresh
  13.   Left of Me
  14.   Just Another Thing featuring Crucifix
  15.   Outlaw in Me featuring Crucifix
  16.   Make Things Right
  17.   Ease Along
  18.   Memory
  19.   Make The Rooster Crow
  20.   Kickin' up Mud by Twang and Round
  21.   Country Boy's Paradise
  22.   Black Moon
  23.   Out Here
  24.   All Weekend Long
  25.   Field Party featuring Colt Ford
  26.   Drinks Up
  27.   Relacs by Sarah Ross
  28.   Stomp
  29.   Me and My Boys
  30.   Get Lost
  31.   God Bless a Country Girl
  32.   Country Boy Downtime
  33.   Another Shot
  34.   Them country Boys
  35.   Kick Dust
  36.   Tonight on Repeat by Josh Thompson
  37.   What I Need
  38.   Goin' Deep by Luke Martin
  39.   Walk You Do
  40.   River Life
  41.   Drink Too Much
  42.   Tall Grass
  43.   Island Time
  44.   190 Proof
  45.   Let me Know
  46.   For Once
  47.   Feels Good
  48.   Wild Turkey
  49.   Tylenol
  50.   Nothing in Particular
  51.   Shichya
  52.   Goin Deep by Luke Martin
  53.   Mud Lovin' Rednecks
  54.   Otis
  55.   For Once by Danny Boone
  56.   Me and My Boys by JB and the Moonshine Band
  57.   Might as Well Get Drunk
  58.   Back to Georgia featuring Craig Campbell
  59.   Get Down
  60.   Old River Road
  61.   Santa in a 4-Wheel Drive
  62.   American Rebelution
  63.   Floating by Ziggy Pockets
  64.   Worth It
  65.   Rusty's Junk Shack (Skit)
  66.   First Keg Stand
  67.   Wylin
  68.   King of the Honey Hole
  69.   Empties
  70.   Great Moments In Redneck History #3 (Skit)
  71.   Great Moments in Redneck History #2 (Skit)
  72.   Po Dunk University (Skit)
  73.   Great Moments in Redneck History No. 1
  74.   Red Diamond Man
  75.   She's Runnin'
  76.   Great Moments In Redneck History #4 (Skit)
  77.   Show'em Something
  78.   Country Roads
  79.   CH-Choppin
  80.   New South Ride
  81.   Jail (Skit)
  82.   Blue Light Special
  83.   What It's Gone to Be
  84.   My Home
  85.   Don't Stop
  86.   John Otis (Skit)
  87.   We on Fire
  88.   Time
  89.   Bottom
  90.   4x4
  91.   Down Low
  92.   My Life
  93.   That's Right
  94.   There She Goes
  95.   Relacs by Sarah Ross
  96.   Kickin' Up Mud by Twang