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The Radio Dept.

The Radio Dept. were one of the more successful shoegaze-influenced indie rock bands to come out of Sweden in the early 2000s, making waves among indie aficionados on the strength of their critically acclaimed first release, Lesser Matters. Elin Almered and Johan Duncanson formed a prototypical version of the group in Lund, Sweden, in 1995 while they were in high school, naming the group after a gas station called Radioavdelningen. Almered and Duncanson disbanded almost as soon as they'd found a name, but Duncanson revived the group three years later, teaming up with Martin Larsson. Bassist Lisa Carlberg, drummer Per Blomgren, and keyboardist Daniel Tjader rounded out the lineup in 2001, and things took off for the group at that point. They sent a demo to Sonic magazine, which went on to feature the band on a CD sampler. Swedish indie giant Labrador caught wind of the demo via the sampler and snapped the band up; the group's debut full-length, Lesser Matters, arrived two years later, during which time Blomgren amicably split with the group. That album and the band's second release on Labrador, 2005's Pulling Our Weight EP, received widespread attention with the release of Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, which featured "Keen on Boys," "Pulling Our Weight," and "I Don't Like It Like This." Carlberg left the group soon after Pulling Our Weight was released, and the group refrained from hiring another bassist, opting instead for the use of a drum machine on its next album. That release, 2006's Pet Grief, found Duncanson and Larsson turning away from the guitar-driven aspects of their first full-length and delving into synth pop in the spirit of the Pet Shop Boys. Due to various factors, including the fact that the band didn't tour heavily in support of the album, Pet Grief failed to sell as well as its predecessor and received little attention from the mainstream music press. The Radio Dept. took their time recording material for their next album, and it wasn't until summer of 2008 that a new single, Freddie and the Trojan Horse, was released. More delays led to nothing further surfacing until the next summer, when the single David was released. The album that had been rumored to be finished in late 2008, Clinging to a Scheme, finally saw the light of day in April of 2010. ~ Margaret Reges & Tim Sendra
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Albums by
The Radio Dept.

Top Songs by
The Radio Dept.

  1.   Song
  2.   Heaven's on Fire
  3.   Domestic Scene
  4.   Keen on Boys
  5.   David
  6.   Messy Enough
  7.   The Idle Urban Contemporaries
  8.   Never Swallow Fruit
  9.   On Your Side
  10.   The Worst Taste in Music
  11.   The One
  12.   Pulling Our Weight
  13.   Freddie and the Trojan Horse
  14.   Tell
  15.   The New Improved Hypocrisy
  16.   Closing Scene
  17.   Let Me Have This
  18.   Down Down Down
  19.   Death To Fascism
  20.   I Don't Need Love, I've Got My Band
  21.   Deliverance
  22.   We Climb the Wired Fences
  23.   Värnhem
  24.   It's Personal
  25.   Occupied
  26.   The Room, Tarzana
  27.   Liebling
  28.   The Video Dept.
  29.   Memory Loss
  30.   What Will Give
  31.   Every Time
  32.   Pet Grief
  33.   Slottet #2
  34.   This Past Week
  35.   Stay Off Route
  36.   Against the Tide
  37.   Too Soon
  38.   This Repeated Sodomy
  39.   Gibraltar
  40.   It Looked Like Heaven (But Feels Like Hell)
  41.   Mad About the Boy
  42.   All About Our Love
  43.   Window
  44.   1995
  45.   You and Me Then?
  46.   South Side
  47.   A Token of Gratitude
  48.   We Made the Team
  49.   Four Months in the Shade
  50.   Lost and Found
  51.   You Stopped Making Sense
  52.   Peace of Mind
  53.   Bachelor Kisses
  54.   Someone Else
  55.   The City Limit
  56.   Sleeping In
  57.   Never Follow Suit
  58.   Always A Relief
  59.   I Don't Like It Like This
  60.   Where Damage Isn't Already Done
  61.   Strange Things Will Happen
  62.   Bus
  63.   Annie Laurie
  64.   We Would Fall Against the Tide
  65.   I Wanted You To Feel The Same
  66.   What You Sell
  67.   It's Been Eight Years
  68.   Your Father
  69.   This Time Around
  70.   Slottet
  71.   Why Won't You Talk About It?
  72.   Ewan
  73.   Tåget
  74.   Things That Went Wrong
  75.   Freddy And The Trojan Horse
  76.   [Untitled]
  77.   Deliverence
  78.   Closing Scene Pt. 2

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