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The Sheepdogs

Built on the solid, classic rock foundation of three-part harmonies and dual guitar leads, Canada's the Sheepdogs blend Southern boogie rock, groove-based psychedelia, and bluesy barroom swagger into a modern rock & roll revival. Based out of the Saskatchewan city of Saskatoon, the band features the talents of Ewan Currie (vocals, guitar), Jimmy Bowskill (guitar), Ryan Gullen (bass), and Sam Corbett (drums), plus Ewan's brother Shamus on brass and keyboards. The group released three full-length independent albums (Trying to Grow [2006], Big Stand [2008], and Learn & Burn [2010]) before appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone in August 2011 after winning the magazine’s “Choose the Cover” competition. The hard-touring band released a new EP, Five Easy Pieces, later that year, followed by their eponymous fourth studio album in 2012. In July 2015, the band issued the single "Downtown" in anticipation of the release of their fifth long player, Future Nostalgia, later that October. ~ James Christopher Monger
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The Sheepdogs

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Albums by
The Sheepdogs

Top Songs by
The Sheepdogs

  1.   Song
  2.   I Don't Know
  3.   Feeling Good
  4.   The Way It Is
  5.   I'm Gonna Be Myself
  6.   Who?
  7.   The One You Belong To
  8.   Downtown
  9.   How Late, How Long
  10.   Bad Lieutenant
  11.   Back Down
  12.   Learn My Lesson
  13.   Southern Dreaming
  14.   The Middle Road
  15.   Rollo Tomasi
  16.   I Get By
  17.   Creeps
  18.   Greedy Man
  19.   Yes It Is
  20.   You Never Listen
  21.   Warmer Love
  22.   Black and Tan
  23.   Push It Along
  24.   Where I Can Roam
  25.   Same Old Feeling
  26.   Laid Back
  27.   You Discover
  28.   We'll Get There
  29.   Please Don't Lead Me On
  30.   Baby, I Won't Do You No Harm
  31.   Trying to Grow
  32.   Soldier Boy
  33.   Right On
  34.   In My Mind
  35.   It's Alright
  36.   Plastic Man
  37.   Take a Trip
  38.   Javelina!
  39.   I Should Know
  40.   Sharp Sounds
  41.   Catfish 2 Boogaloo
  42.   Let It All Show
  43.   Headin' Down
  44.   Save Yourself
  45.   Rosalie
  46.   Crying
  47.   I Don't Get By
  48.   The Bridge City Turnaround
  49.   Tonight
  50.   The Garbageman
  51.   The First Year
  52.   Learn & Burn
  53.   Darryl & Dwight
  54.   Help Us All
  55.   Jim Sullivan
  56.   I Really Wanna Be Your Man
  57.   Never Gonna Get My Love
  58.   Alright OK
  59.   The Contenders
  60.   Waiting for the Morning to Come
  61.   It Ain't Easy To Go
  62.   Giving It Up (For My Baby)
  63.   While We're Young
  64.   Is Your Dream Worth Dying For?
  65.   Sea
  66.   Nothing All of the Time
  67.   Shine On
  68.   In My Sights
  69.   Hang Onto Yourself
  70.   Jim Gordon
  71.   I Need Help
  72.   Suddenly
  73.   Natural Wonder
  74.   Ewan's Blues
  75.   Rollo Tomasi Medley: I. Suddenly II. Baby, I Won't Do You No Harm III.
  76.   Birthday
  77.   Slim Pickens
  78.   Whocoustic

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