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The Corrs

A photogenic family band comprising three sisters and one brother, the Corrs -- vocalist Andrea, drummer Caroline, violinist Sharon, and guitarist/keyboard player Jim -- blend the music of their Irish background with contemporary pop/rock elements. The quartet formed in 1991 and enjoyed regional popularity in Ireland until 1994, when the American ambassador to the country invited the Corrs to perform at the 1994 World Cup in Boston. The Corrs subsequently expanded their popularity by appearing at the Olympic Games in Atlanta and earning a support slot on Celine Dion's 1996 tour, two gigs that helped pave the way for their well-received debut record. The Corrs' first studio album, Forgiven, Not Forgotten (released via Lava/Atlantic Records in America), became internationally popular, but nowhere more so than their homeland, where the LP's four-times-platinum status made it one of the most popular debuts by an Irish group. Talk on Corners followed in 1997 and was reissued in expanded form early the following year. The album was instrumental in launching the band's star status in the U.K., where it spawned four Top Ten singles and became the best-selling record of 1998. Talk on Corners eventually sold over 2.9 million copies, making it one of the most successful albums in British history. Meanwhile, singer Andrea Corr -- who had made a small appearance in the 1991 film The Commitments -- returned to acting with a role in Evita. The group reconvened shortly thereafter to record In Blue, their third studio album, alongside producer Mutt Lange. Boasting a slickly polished sound that was more indebted to pop music than the band's Celtic heritage, In Blue launched the Corrs' first American hit with "Breathless," which also became their first (and only) chart-topping single in the U.K. One year after its release, the band released a concert recording entitled VH1 Presents the Corrs: Live in Dublin, which saw them collaborating with the likes of Bono and Ronnie Wood. A short hiatus followed, as Caroline had a baby and Andrea appeared on the In America soundtrack, contributing vocals to the Bono/Gavin Friday composition "Time Enough for Tears." A new version of the Oscar-nominated "Time Enough for Tears" appeared on the Corrs' next album, Borrowed Heaven, which marked a return to their folky roots in 2004. Issued one year later, Home brought the musicians even closer to their origins, as it took the bulk of its set list from old Irish standards. Although popular in the Corrs' homeland, Home's traditional sound did not fare well in other countries. In 2006, the band went on indefinite hiatus. In conjunction, they released All the Way Home: A History of the Corrs, which tracked the band's story, and Dreams: The Ultimate Corrs Collection, one of many compilation albums in the band's catalog. In the following decade, the bandmembers focused on family and solo careers. Andrea released her first solo album, Ten Feet High, a year into the hiatus. Produced by Nellee Hooper and Bono, it was followed up four years later with a covers album, Lifelines. Meanwhile, Sharon released her debut in 2010, entitled Dream of You. After serving as a judge on the Irish version of The Voice, she released her second solo effort, The Same Sun, in 2013. Almost a decade after the band's last release, it was announced that the siblings were getting the band back together. A comeback gig at London's Hyde Park preceded their sixth album, White Light, which was released in late 2015. ~ John Bush & Andrew Leahey
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The Corrs

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The Corrs

  1.   Song
  2.   Carroroe Jig
  3.   Breathless
  4.   Dreams
  5.   Everybody Hurts
  6.   Summer Wine
  7.   Erin Shore
  8.   When the Stars Go Blue
  9.   Ruby Tuesday
  10.   Lough Erin Shore
  11.   The Minstrel Boy
  12.   Little Wing
  13.   Along With The Girls
  14.   Runaway
  15.   All the Love in the World
  16.   Only When I Sleep
  17.   Angel
  18.   No Frontiers
  19.   Heaven Knows
  20.   Forgiven Not Forgotten
  21.   Paddy McCarthy
  22.   So Young
  23.   Miracle
  24.   Una Noche con the Corrs by Alejandro Sanz
  25.   Spancill Hill
  26.   Time Enough For Tears
  27.   Haste to the Wedding
  28.   Give It All Up
  29.   One Night
  30.   At Your Side
  31.   Radio
  32.   Closer
  33.   Love to Love You
  34.   I Never Loved You Anyway
  35.   Strange Romance
  36.   All I Have to Do Is Dream
  37.   I Know My Love
  38.   Black Is the Colour
  39.   Borrowed Heaven
  40.   Goodbye
  41.   Summer Sunshine
  42.   Joy of Life/Trout in the Bath
  43.   Make You Mine
  44.   Would You Be Happier?
  45.   Rebel Heart
  46.   Somebody for Someone
  47.   Give Me a Reason
  48.   Secret Life
  49.   Toss the Feathers
  50.   Someday
  51.   Queen of Hollywood
  52.   Intimacy
  53.   Don't Say You Love Me
  54.   No More Cry
  55.   Moorlough Shore
  56.   When He's Not Around
  57.   I Do What I Like
  58.   The Long & Winding Road
  59.   Return to Fingall
  60.   Dimming of the Day
  61.   Old Hag
  62.   Buachaill on Eirne
  63.   Heart Like a Wheel
  64.   Peggy Gordon
  65.   My Lagan Love
  66.   Silver Strand
  67.   Even If
  68.   Long Night
  69.   Hideaway
  70.   Judy
  71.   Hurt Before
  72.   All in a Day
  73.   Irresistible
  74.   Say
  75.   Old Town
  76.   No Good for Me
  77.   Hopelessly Addicted
  78.   What Can I Do
  79.   Kiss of Life
  80.   Leave Me Alone
  81.   Ellis Island
  82.   Head in the Air
  83.   Brid Og Ni Mhaille
  84.   Humdrum
  85.   Rain
  86.   Only Love Can Break Your Heart
  87.   Bring On the Night
  88.   On My Father's Wings
  89.   With Me Stay
  90.   Harmony
  91.   Catch Me When I Fall
  92.   Confidence For Quiet
  93.   Baby Be Brave
  94.   Love Gives Love Takes
  95.   The Right Time

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