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The New Pornographers

The Vancouver indie rock supergroup the New Pornographers feature the talents of Zumpano's Carl Newman, the Evaporators' John Collins, Destroyer's Dan Bejar, cartoonist/filmmaker Blaine Thurier, drummer Fisher Rose, and guest vocalist Neko Case. Newman started the band in 1996 as a lark after releasing Zumpano's Goin' Through Changes; one by one, the other members joined the fold, and the New Pornographers' first official rehearsal took place in 1997. By the following year, the group had completed four songs, but then Case left Vancouver for Chicago, Thurier began work on his film Low Self Esteem Girl, and the other members attended to their other bands and projects. Rose left in 1999, and Limblifter/Age of Electric drummer Kurt Dahle and guitarist Todd Fancey joined the Canadian supergroup. With a solid lineup in tow, the New Pornographers reunited and began recording again in early 2000, completing their debut album, Mass Romantic, in time for a fall release and critical acclaim. Ray Davies joined the band at SXSW in fall 2001, performing the Kinks classic "Starstruck" for the first time ever. After a brief North American tour, the bandmembers returned to their respective projects by 2002. Bejar recorded with Destroyer, and Case headed out on the road with Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds in support of her second solo album, Blacklisted. Nobody strayed too far, however, for the New Pornographers headed back into the studio before the year's end to work on a follow-up to Mass Romantic. The pop-powered Electric Version, which appeared in spring 2003, marked their first for Matador. Twin Cinema followed in 2005 and garnered a good deal of critical praise, receiving near-perfect rankings from such influential outlets as Rolling Stone and Pitchfork. Bolstered by such a positive reception -- as well as the success of Neko Case's Fox Confessor Brings the Flood in 2006 -- the group went in a mellower direction with 2007's Challengers. In 2009, they contributed the song "Hey, Snow White" to the AIDS Benefit album Dark Was the Night. Shortly after, they released their fifth studio album, Together, which included collaborations with the likes of St. Vincent, Will Sheff, and Zach Condon. After a two-year break, they were included on the Fleetwood Mac tribute compilation album Just Tell Me That You Want Me with the track "Think About Me." It would take another two years for the New Pornographers to announce details of new material; their sixth studio album, entitled Brill Bruisers, was released in August 2014. In 2017, the New Pornographers presented their seventh album, Whiteout Conditions; after a long relationship with Matador Records, it was the group's first release on their own label, Collected Works Records, distributed in the United States by Concord Music Group. ~ Heather Phares & MacKenzie Wilson
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The New Pornographers

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The New Pornographers

  1.   Song
  2.   Twin Cinema
  3.   Letter from an Occupant
  4.   The Bleeding Heart Show
  5.   The Laws Have Changed
  6.   Sing Me Spanish Techno
  7.   Moves
  8.   Crash Years
  9.   High Ticket Attractions
  10.   This Is the World of the Theater
  11.   My Rights Versus Yours
  12.   Mutiny, I Promise You
  13.   Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk
  14.   Whiteout Conditions
  15.   Challengers
  16.   All for Swinging You Around
  17.   Use It
  18.   Your Hands (Together)
  19.   All The Things That Go To Make Heaven And Earth
  20.   Colosseums
  21.   All the Old Showstoppers
  22.   Think About Me
  23.   Adventures in Solitude
  24.   Brill Bruisers
  25.   Champions of Red Wine
  26.   Centre for Holy Wars
  27.   The Bones of an Idol
  28.   Avalanche Alley
  29.   Play Money
  30.   Spidyr
  31.   Mass Romantic
  32.   Juke
  33.   We've Been Here Before
  34.   Second Sleep
  35.   You Tell Me Where
  36.   Another Drug Deal of the Heart
  37.   Backstairs
  38.   We End Up Together
  39.   Daughters of Sorrow
  40.   A Bite Out of My Bed
  41.   Valkyrie In the Roller Disco
  42.   Up In the Dark
  43.   If You Can't See My Mirrors
  44.   Hey, Snow White
  45.   Failsafe
  46.   Unguided
  47.   Stacked Crooked
  48.   Three or Four
  49.   Broken Breads
  50.   Falling Through Your Clothes
  51.   These Are the Fables
  52.   The Jessica Numbers
  53.   Miss Teen Wordpower
  54.   Loose Translation
  55.   Breakin' the Law
  56.   The Fake Headlines
  57.   The Slow Descent into Alcoholism
  58.   Mystery Hours
  59.   July Jones
  60.   The Electric Version
  61.   Clockwise
  62.   Wide Eyes
  63.   Born with a Sound
  64.   My Shepherd
  65.   Myriad Harbour
  66.   Testament to Youth in Verse
  67.   The New Face of Zero and One
  68.   It's Only Divine Right
  69.   Streets of Fire
  70.   Jackie, Dressed in Cobras
  71.   Silver Jenny Dollar
  72.   Jackie
  73.   Marching Orders
  74.   High Art, Local News
  75.   Go Places
  76.   Star Bodies
  77.   Ballad of a Comeback Kid
  78.   Chump Change
  79.   The End of Medicine
  80.   Execution Day
  81.   To Wild Homes
  82.   Fantasy Fools
  83.   Entering White Cecilia
  84.   Darling Shade
  85.   The Spirit of Giving
  86.   The Body Says No
  87.   Dancehall Domine
  88.   Hi-Rise
  89.   The Mary Martin Show
  90.   From Blown Speakers
  91.   War on the East Coast