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This Is Hell

Part of a decades-long line of hardcore acts from Long Island, NY, This Is Hell formed in 2002 following the breakup of two local favorites. Singer Travis Reilly had previously fronted Scraps and Heart Attacks, while guitarist Joe Osolin, bassist Jeff Tiu, and drummer Dan Bourke had been three quarters of the Backup Plan. The group completed its original lineup with second guitarist Rick Jimenez, a veteran of several Long Island bands, and somewhat incongruously took their name from an Elvis Costello song. This Is Hell's self-released demo was popular enough to be reissued in 2004 as a 7" EP on the Run for Cover label. The six-track This Is Hell EP followed in 2005. As the Backup Plan returned to active duty, Tiu and Osolin left This Is Hell to concentrate on their primary project; Tiu was replaced by bassist Johnny Moore, who also plays with Jimenez in Sentence, and Osolin by Reilly's former Scraps and Heart Attacks bandmate Chris Reynolds. Concurrent with these changes, This Is Hell's debut full-length, Sundowning, was released by Trustkill Records in the spring of 2006. ~ Stewart Mason
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This Is Hell

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This Is Hell

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This Is Hell

  1.   Song
  2.   Snake Eyes
  3.   Demons
  4.   The Polygraph Cheaters
  5.   Eagle of Justice
  6.   Nobody Leaves Without Singing the Blues
  7.   Out Come the Bastards
  8.   In Shambles
  9.   4.8.05
  10.   Remnants
  11.   When Death Closes Your Eyes
  12.   Salt the Earth
  13.   Fall and Rise
  14.   Without Closure
  15.   The Absentee Ballot
  16.   Acid Rain
  17.   Shadows
  18.   Fight for Your Right
  19.   Infected
  20.   I Hope You Die Soon
  21.   The Last Outlaw
  22.   Permanence
  23.   Broken Teeth
  24.   The Search
  25.   Reckless
  26.   Black History
  27.   You Are the Antithesis
  28.   Worship Syndrome
  29.   End of an Era
  30.   Ad Infinitum
  31.   Heaven Sent, Hell Bound
  32.   Fearless Vampires
  33.   Dead Salutes
  34.   Mi Nombre
  35.   Retrospect
  36.   The Wars: Part I
  37.   Prelude (Again)
  38.   Deliver Me
  39.   Realization: Remorse
  40.   Memoirs
  41.   Do Something
  42.   Here Come the Rains
  43.   The Night the Line Was Crossed
  44.   Bloodlines
  45.   Double Grave
  46.   No One Leaves Unscathed
  47.   Moving Targets by Bleeding Through
  48.   The Wars:Part II
  49.   Last Days Campaign
  50.   8.27.05
  51.   Procession Commence
  52.   Forever Discontent
  53.   Epilogue
  54.   Disciples
  55.   The Reckoning
  56.   Destroyer
  57.   Another Facade
  58.   Diamond Lanterns
  59.   Wreck Your Life
  60.   Death of World Class
  61.   Resuscitate
  62.   Black Mass
  63.   Rat Race

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