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A significant player in the early 21st century's post-hardcore scene, Thursday formed in 1997 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Led by vocalist Geoff Rickly, the band's initial lineup also included bassist Tim Payne, drummer Tucker Rule, and guitarists Steve Pedulla and Tom Keeley. After issuing their debut, 1999's Waiting, through the New York-based indie label Eyeball Records, the band signed to Chicago's influential Victory label for 2001's Full Collapse. Tours alongside Boy Sets Fire and Sparta helped support the album, which cracked the Billboard 200 at number 178. Thursday's frequent gigging and furious passion fueled a grassroots response, and by 2002 the band was on the main stage of the Warped Tour and enjoying MTV support for the single "Understanding in a Car Crash." Thursday signed to Island Records in the wake of their breakthrough success, although they issued the 2002 live EP Five Stories Falling through Victory as a placeholder for their impending major-label debut. The ambitious song arc of War All the Time arrived in September 2003 and was met with considerable critical acclaim for its ruminations on 9/11, its personal lyrics, and a wildly shifting, kitchen-sink approach to pensive post-hardcore. Having played keyboards on the album, Andrew Everding was later added as a full-time member. Extensive touring behind the record took its toll on the band, however, as tensions between members and personal problems mounted. Rickly was additionally diagnosed with epilepsy, and allergic reactions to his medication eventually culminated in a grisly scene in May 2004, during the band's performance at California's Coachella Festival. Thursday's set was cut short as Rickly began coughing up blood and was unable to continue. After he recovered, the bandmates returned to the road for a full U.K. tour. Although still unhappy, Thursday felt a responsibility to finish out their existing tour commitments, with that summer's Warped to be their final run. Issues between the bandmembers gradually abated during the festival's run, however, as Thursday found themselves having more fun playing than ever. The lineup decided to stick together. First taking some time off for themselves, the reenergized musicians then headed back into the studio with producer Dave Fridmann (the Flaming Lips, Mogwai). A City by the Light Divided, "the album that almost never was," appeared in May 2006, followed by a tour supporting both the album and the Shirts for a Cure organization. Thursday parted ways with Island Records in early 2007 and canceled the majority of their tour dates, but not before recording two live performances in New Jersey. Portions of the footage were made available on Kill the House Lights, a retrospective CD/DVD package released by Victory Records in October 2007. Thursday's next project was a split album with the Japanese band Envy that arrived in late 2008. That same year also saw the band inking a new deal with Epitaph Records. Reprising their relationship with producer Fridmann, Thursday retreated to the studio to record Common Existence, which melded their post-hardcore swagger with new elements of indie rock and new wave. Common Existence was released by Epitaph in early 2009, and Thursday joined the Rockstar Taste of Chaos Tour in support of the project. In 2010, the group went into the studio to start work on a new album with Fridmann at his Tarbox Road Studio. Their sixth studio album, No Devolución, was released the following year. Months later, in November 2011, Thursday announced they were going on hiatus, which Rickly eventually confirmed in 2013 as an official disbandment. Despite the break, the band reissued a remastered version of its debut, Waiting, in 2015 on Rickly's Collect Records label. Five years after the group's dissolution, Thursday's social media sites began dropping clues to fans, sparking rumors that they were back. Indeed, Thursday announced their official reunion in March 2016. ~ Johnny Loftus & Corey Apar
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  1.   Song
  2.   Understanding in a Car
  3.   War All the Time
  4.   Cross Out the Eyes
  5.   For the Workforce, Drowning
  6.   Signals Over the Air
  7.   Understanding in a Car Crash
  8.   Standing on the Edge of Summer
  9.   Tomorrow I'll Be You
  10.   Time's Arrow
  11.   Open Quotes
  12.   How Long Is the Night?
  13.   Counting 5-4-3-2-1
  14.   Autobiography of a Nation
  15.   Sparks Against the Sun
  16.   Magnets Caught in a Metal Heart
  17.   A Gun in the First Act
  18.   A Darker Forest
  19.   The Worst Vow
  20.   An Umbrella Fallen into Fiction by Envy
  21.   You Were the Cancer
  22.   Subway Funeral
  23.   Circuits of Fever
  24.   Beyond the Visible Spectrum
  25.   As He Climbed the Dark Mountain
  26.   Ladies and Gentlemen: My Brother, The Failure
  27.   Autumn Leaves Revisited
  28.   Into The Blinding Light
  29.   Lovesong Writer
  30.   Telegraph Avenue Kiss
  31.   Running From The Rain
  32.   Arc-Lamps Signal Flares A Shower Of White (The Light)
  33.   We Will Overcome
  34.   M. Shepard
  35.   Steps Ascending
  36.   This Song Brought to You By a Falling Bomb
  37.   Division St.
  38.   Between Rupture and Rapture
  39.   I Am the Killer
  40.   Wind-Up
  41.   Asleep in the Chapel
  42.   A Hole in the World
  43.   A0001
  44.   Intro
  45.   Turnpike Divides
  46.   Millimeter
  47.   Empty Glass
  48.   Fake Nostalgia
  49.   In Silence
  50.   Appeared and Was Gone
  51.   An Absurd and Unrealistic Dream of Peace
  52.   Love Has Led Us Astray
  53.   Last Call
  54.   Resuscitation of a Dead Man by Tim McIlrath
  55.   Music from Kill the House Lights
  56.   The Roar of Far Off Black Jets
  57.   Panic on the Streets of Health Care City
  58.   A Sketch for Time's Arrow
  59.   Voices on a String
  60.   Dead Songs
  61.   At This Velocity
  62.   Sugar in the Sacrament
  63.   Other Side Of The Crash/Over And Out (Of Control)
  64.   I Wanna Hear Another Fast Song
  65.   Marches and Maneuvers
  66.   Where the Circle Ends
  67.   The Dotted Line
  68.   In Transmission
  69.   Streaks in the Sky
  70.   This Side of Brightness
  71.   Porcelain
  72.   Jet Black New Year
  73.   Concealer
  74.   Paris in Flames
  75.   I1100
  76.   Introduction
  77.   Stay True
  78.   Past and Future Ruins
  79.   No Answers
  80.   Fast to the End
  81.   Common Existence
  82.   Unintended Long Term Effects
  83.   Friends in the Armed Forces
  84.   Ever Fallen in Love
  85.   Dying in New Brunswick
  86.   Ian Curtis
  87.   Mass as Shadows

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