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Tilly and the Wall

Hailing from the musical hotbed of Omaha, Nebraska, the indie pop anomaly Tilly and the Wall formed in 2001 out of the ashes of several groups -- including Conor Oberst's pre-Bright Eyes endeavor, Park Avenue -- and gained some underground recognition for their unorthodox approach to percussion, forsaking the traditional drum kit for the amplified tap shoes of dancer Jamie Williams (as well as hand percussion supplied by vocalists Neely Jenkins and Kianna Alarid). Rounded out by guitarist/vocalist Derek Pressnall and keyboardist Nick White (a contributor to Bright Eyes' live sets), the five-piece recorded a six-track demo titled Woo! in Oberst's basement that passed through enough hands to allow Tilly and the Wall an opportunity to tour. The group settled down to record, issuing a 7" titled 7 Inch on Rue Royal Records and subsequently convened to record their debut full-length, due out as the flagship release on Team Love, Oberst's sister label to Saddle Creek, in the spring of 2004. Released two years later, Bottoms of Barrels found a more confident and warmer sound from the band. Derek Pressnall and Jamie Williams married soon after its release, with fellow indie poppers Of Montreal serving as the wedding band. After another round of touring, O arrived in 2008, featuring several songs that showcased a louder, more aggressive side of Tilly and the Wall. The band appeared on Sesame Street performing a version of the ABC song, then struck gold with "Pot Kettle Black" as it appeared on TV ads and movie soundtracks. After taking a long break, the group returned in 2012 with a decidedly more strident and forceful musical approach influenced by politics and dance punk. Team Love released Heavy Mood in the fall of 2012. ~ Gregory McIntosh
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Tilly and the Wall

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Tilly and the Wall

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Tilly and the Wall

  1.   Song
  2.   Rainbows in the Dark
  3.   Nights of the Living Dead
  4.   The Ice Storm, Big Gust, And You
  5.   Thicker Than Thieves
  6.   Urgency
  7.   Heavy Mood
  8.   You and I Misbehaving
  9.   Static Expressions
  10.   Beat Control
  11.   Alligator Skin
  12.   Poor Man's Ice Cream
  13.   Dust Me Off
  14.   Chandelier Lake
  15.   Bad Education
  16.   I Always Knew
  17.   Defenders
  18.   Echo My Love
  19.   I Believe in You
  20.   All Kinds of Guns
  21.   Love Riot
  22.   Too Excited
  23.   Blood Flower
  24.   Pot Kettle Black
  25.   Sing Songs Along
  26.   Cacophony
  27.   Lost Girls
  28.   Shake It Out
  29.   L3t Teh B34t C0ns013 Yov
  30.   Falling Without Knowing
  31.   Black and Blue
  32.   Reckless
  33.   Coughing Colors
  34.   I Found You
  35.   Bessa
  36.   Love Song
  37.   Let It Rain
  38.   Tall Tall Grass
  39.   Brave Day
  40.   Hey Rainbow
  41.   Perfect Fit
  42.   The Freest Man
  43.   Fell Down the Stairs
  44.   Youth
  45.   Sad Sad Song
  46.   I Can't Believe You
  47.   Shake Shake
  48.   Do You Dream at All
  49.   In Bed All Day
  50.   Pictures of Houses
  51.   Sad for Day
  52.   In Two Glasses of Wine
  53.   Forget the Feeling
  54.   Patience , Babe
  55.   Kiss Off
  56.   Chandelier
  57.   Cocophony

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