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Tom Tom Club

Tom Tom Club began life as a side project for Talking Heads members Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth, who adopted a light, tropical dance style that won them a gold album in Tom Tom Club in 1981 and a Top 40 single in "Genius of Love." They continued to make albums under this moniker between Heads production projects: Close to the Bone (1983) and Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom (1989). They even toured as Tom Tom Club in the summer of 1989. When the Heads broke up in late 1991, Tom Tom Club became Frantz and Weymouth's main outlet. They released Dark Sneak Love Action in 1992, but soon took time away from working with one another to concentrate on other projects. A Talking Heads reunion minus David Byrne resulted in the two coming back together, and so after eight years of an inactive Tom Tom Club, the two came together and released The Good the Bad and the Funky. The next year, a live album marked their exotic and fun live reunion shows. In 2012, the band offered up Downtown Rockers, an EP of new material very true to their earliest work, featuring guest appearances from likeminded newcomers Wild Belle. ~ William Ruhlmann
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Albums by
Tom Tom Club

Top Songs by
Tom Tom Club

  1.   Song
  2.   Genius of Love
  3.   Wordy Rappinghood
  4.   Femme Fatale
  5.   You Sexy Thing
  6.   Soul Fire
  7.   Genius of Love (12")
  8.   Lorelei
  9.   Kissin' Antonio
  10.   Won't Give You Up
  11.   Downtown Rockers
  12.   Only the Strong Survive
  13.   Take Me to the River
  14.   Punk Lolita
  15.   Bamboo Town
  16.   Love to Love You Baby
  17.   She's Dangerous
  18.   Who Feelin' It
  19.   Dark Sneak Love Action
  20.   Love Wave
  21.   Under the Boardwalk
  22.   Booming and Zooming
  23.   Atsababy! (Life is Great)
  24.   Holy Water
  25.   The Man With the 4 Way Hips
  26.   Booming and 200ming
  27.   You Make Me Rock and Roll
  28.   Spooks
  29.   Sunshine and Ecstasy
  30.   Daddy Come Home
  31.   My Momma Told Me
  32.   Shock to the World
  33.   Love to Love You Baby (Tom Novy & The Gran' Flow
  34.   Genius of Love 2001
  35.   Yella
  36.   She Belongs to Me
  37.   96 Tears
  38.   Sand
  39.   Happiness Can't Buy Money
  40.   Time to Bounce Dub
  41.   Never Took a Penny
  42.   Measure Up
  43.   This is a Foxy World
  44.   On the Line Again
  45.   Pleasure of Love
  46.   You Sexy Dub
  47.   Dangerous Dub
  48.   Let There Be Love
  49.   Lesbians by the Lake
  50.   Superdreaming
  51.   (C'mon) Surrender
  52.   She's a Freak
  53.   Happiness Can't Buy Money
  54.   Time to Bounce
  55.   Beautiful
  56.   Devil Does Your Dog Bite
  57.   Many Rivers to Cross
  58.   Daddy Come Home
  59.   As the Disco Ball Turns
  60.   My Mama Told Me
  61.   Dogs in the Trash
  62.   Innocent Sex Kiss
  63.   Irresistible Party Dip
  64.   Say I Am
  65.   Who Wants an Ugly Girl?
  66.   On, On, On, On...
  67.   As Above So Below
  68.   L' Elephant
  69.   Little Eva
  70.   Shock the World
  71.   Don't Say No
  72.   Suboceana
  73.   Call of the Wild
  74.   Kiss Me When I Get Back
  75.   Wa Wa Dance
  76.   I Confess
  77.   Who Wants an Ugly Dub?
  78.   Challenge of the Love Warriors
  79.   Sweets to the Sweet
  80.   Tom Tom Theme
  81.   Band Introduction
  82.   Magic Carpet Ride by Mighty Dub Katz

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