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Tom Cochrane

Juno Award winner Tom Cochrane first caught the public's attention in the '80s when he was the lead singer of the popular Canadian rock group Red Rider. Other early members were guitarist Ken Greer, drummer Rob Baker, keyboardist Peter Boynton, and bassist Jeff Jones. The band recorded several well-received albums. By the next decade, Cochrane was taking the spotlight by turning to a prolific solo career that encompassed a heavy touring schedule that carried him across Canada and saw him find favor in the United States as well. He recorded a number of albums and had some big hits, such as "Life Is a Highway." All of the overnight success came from years of hard work that started in his childhood when he first began penning musical tunes. Cochrane was born in 1953 in Lynn Lake, a mining town in Manitoba, Canada. His family moved to Ontario before he was of school age. It was there that he wrote his first song when he was only 11, and was the proud owner of his first guitar before he hit his teens. Once Cochrane was old enough to enter bars, he started landing jobs entertaining in them. In 1974, he signed a contact with Daffodil Records to record a debut album, Hang on to Your Resistance. The album didn't make even a tiny wave in the music world, probably for lack of promotion instead of quality. Cochrane didn't give up. He found gigs where he could, and worked day jobs like dishwasher, taxicab driver, and delivery man so he could eat and keep a roof over his head. By 1980 Cochrane had earned plenty of experience and a spot as lead singer for a group known as Red Rider. That same year, the band released their debut album, Don't Fight It. The full-length offering sold better than hoped for, and brought in rave reviews and a gold hit single, "White Hot." Over the next few years, Red Rider recorded over half-a-dozen albums and pulled off several big hits, many written by Cochrane. There was serious trouble in the group by 1984, and things quickly fell apart. When the pieces were put back together, the band had a longer name, Tom Cochrane & Red Rider. In 1987, the group claimed a Juno Award for Group of the Year. Cochrane had grown a large enough fan base on his own by this point that his failed solo debut was re-released by Capitol Records. He went on to complete two more albums with Red Rider: Victory Day in 1988 and The Symphony Session in 1989. In 1991, Cochrane once again stepped out on his own with the superb album Mad Mad World. Its success carried over from his homeland into the United States. In 1993, he switched to the EMI label for his next album, Ashes to Diamonds: A Collection. Through the '90s he completed other full-length offerings, such as Ragged Ass Road, Songs of a Circling Spirit, and X-Ray Sierra. Two compilations, Anthology and Trapeze: The Collection, arrived in 2002, followed by No Stranger in 2006. ~ Charlotte Dillon
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Albums by
Tom Cochrane

Top Songs by
Tom Cochrane

  1.   Song
  2.   Life Is a Highway
  3.   Boy Inside the Man
  4.   The Untouchable One
  5.   White Hot
  6.   Lunatic Fringe
  7.   The Secret Is to Know When to Stop
  8.   Get Back Up
  9.   Everything Comes Around
  10.   Love Under Fire
  11.   Victory Day
  12.   Love Is a Highway
  13.   Didn't I Lorraine
  14.   Willie Dixon Said
  15.   Heartbreak Girl
  16.   Victory Day by Tom Cochrane & Red Rider
  17.   Big League by Tom Cochrane & Red Rider
  18.   Friendly Advice
  19.   Bigger Man
  20.   No Regrets
  21.   Emotional Truth
  22.   Good Man (Feeling Bad) by Tom Cochrane & Red Rider
  23.   Crawl
  24.   I Wish You Well
  25.   Citizen Cain
  26.   Lasting Song
  27.   Another Page
  28.   When I'm With You
  29.   What's in You?
  30.   I Wish That I Could (See You Now)
  31.   West Coast Saga
  32.   Hang on to Your Resistance
  33.   Piece of Your Soul
  34.   Windy Night in Fall
  35.   Beautiful Day
  36.   Marianne and Lenny
  37.   Art of Listening
  38.   Stonecutter's Arms
  39.   I Wonder
  40.   Northern Frontier
  41.   This Is the World
  42.   Good Times by Tom Cochrane & Red Rider
  43.   Sinking Like a Sunset
  44.   Mad Mad World
  45.   Washed Away
  46.   Napoleon Sheds His Skin
  47.   Human Race
  48.   All the King's Men
  49.   Brave and Crazy
  50.   Best Waste of Time
  51.   Dreamer's Dream
  52.   Flowers in the Concrete
  53.   Paper Tigers
  54.   Wildest Dreams
  55.   Ashes to Diamonds
  56.   Loading
  57.   Charlie Was a Dancer
  58.   River of Stone
  59.   Boy Inside the Man
  60.   You're Driving Me Crazy (Faith Healers)
  61.   Will of the Gun
  62.   Message (Rise up Again)
  63.   Ragged Ass Road
  64.   Just Scream
  65.   One More Time (Some Old Habits)
  66.   Revelations: Visions in a Dream
  67.   Ocean Blues (Emotion Blues)
  68.   Song Before I Leave

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