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b. Thomas Brückner, Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Known for his powerful brand of electro-tinged trance, Brückner began DJing as a teenager before being signed to Munich’s Kosmo Records at the age of 17. His first singles, ‘Rollercoaster’ and ‘This Is No House’ were released in 1995 and since then, his career as a DJ and producer has gone from strength to strength. He remained with Kosmo Records and released a string of successful singles including 1999’s ‘Ezekiel 25:17’ that featured extensive uses of Samuel L. Jackson’s famous speech from the movie Pulp Fiction. Further single releases such as ‘The Mind’, ‘The Circle’, and ‘Powerplant’ made waves in the clubs and the charts in the late 90s and he also contributed ‘The Circle’ and ‘Powerplant’ as music to accompany the successful US television series, The X Files. Additionally Brückner achieved success in the UK’s clubs with tracks including ‘Prozak’, ‘Silence’ and ‘Overdose’. In 2003, Brückner enjoyed huge success on the European pop charts with ‘Loneliness’. The single was produced with Eniac, Brückner’s studio partner and a successful dance producer in his own right, and used lyrics that Brückner had found on an old soul record he had bought in a charity shop. He re-recorded them, using his own female vocalist. Described by one critic as sounding ‘as if Daft Punk made trance’, its melancholic vocals, buzzing synthetic bassline and techno -tinged arrangement made a powerful club record. ‘Loneliness’ had already achieved huge success in clubs across Europe before its commercial crossover. It had also been championed by numerous high profile DJs such as Judge Jules and Pete Tong, with the former playing the track for 13 consecutive weeks on his national Radio 1 show and at midnight on New Year’s Eve 2002. It was licensed to the Ministry Of Sound’s trance imprint Data from Kosmo after a fierce bidding war and crossed over into the UK charts, while its success (and credibility) on a range of dancefloors remained unaffected. Brückner’s debut, All I Got, which was released in 2001, featured a number of his successful singles. MUC (the name coming from the abbreviation for Munich that appears on airlines’ baggage tags) followed in October 2003 on Data. Its electro trance content drew comparisons with the Human League and even ELO, and once again it demonstrated Brückner’s ear for effective dancefloor dynamics and his skill in reproducing them in the studio. Needless to say, it featured two versions of the instant classic ‘Loneliness’.
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  1.   Song
  2.   Into the Light
  3.   Lick drop
  4.   I Will
  5.   Like a Roller
  6.   Loneliness
  7.   I Need Love
  8.   Biscuit
  9.   Pulsar
  10.   Last Minute
  11.   Da Disco
  12.   For the Queen
  13.   Dirty Sanchez
  14.   Loneliness
  15.   Look Around
  16.   Bavarian Storm
  17.   Rock 'n' Roller
  18.   Bonus Track: Sureshot
  19.   Cold As Chrome
  20.   They Don't Know
  21.   Naked On Clouds
  22.   Car Thief
  23.   Taco
  24.   Zounds of Arca
  25.   Time for Livin
  26.   Iron Raver
  27.   U Got 2 Know
  28.   Raise Your Voice
  29.   The Joke
  30.   Supersonic
  31.   25.17
  32.   Silence 2K13
  33.   Leave This Planet
  34.   Keep Your Eyes from the Sun
  35.   Killing Me
  36.   Loneliness 2K13
  37.   Overdose 2012
  38.   The Noyz
  39.   Get It Played
  40.   Tell Mummy
  41.   Written High
  42.   A Place Called Soul
  43.   Room 414 (Can't Get Away)
  44.   Trouble in the Redlight District
  45.   Phosphor Nights
  46.   Café del Isar
  47.   Loneliness 2010
  48.   When I Was Sixteen
  49.   Let It Bleed
  50.   Storm
  51.   Bavaria
  52.   Boogie Nights (Like an Eagle)
  53.   Relax
  54.   Broadsword Calling Danny Boy
  55.   Sureshot featuring Sido
  56.   We
  57.   First Attempt
  58.   Bloated
  59.   Tight as We Are
  60.   Roots
  61.   On Screen
  62.   Schwabing 7. Phase
  63.   Electronic Toy
  64.   Katowice
  65.   Quelle Heure Est-Il
  66.   Hot on My Heel
  67.   Prosac
  68.   Overdose
  69.   For a While
  70.   Under the Blue
  71.   Like the Sun
  72.   Bang Bang
  73.   La Chatte la Salope
  74.   Forever Raver
  75.   Fuck You
  76.   Brainwashed (Call You)
  77.   The Race 2003 by Yello
  78.   People Like Them
  79.   Ready to Go by Republica
  80.   Gothic
  81.   Ready to Go
  82.   Birthday Present
  83.   The Way
  84.   Da Oh Boy by Havana Boys
  85.   Trouble in the Red Light District
  86.   Room 424 (Can't Get Away)
  87.   The Mission
  88.   A Place Called Love
  89.   Boogie Nights (Like an Eagle) [Lützenkirchen-Remix] [Lützenkirchen Remi
  90.   Brainwashed
  91.   Real Smooth
  92.   Mind