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After the breakup of Floor in 2004, Torche vocalist/guitarist Steve Brooks decided to carry on the thundering tradition of his former band, recruiting guitarist Juan Montoya (also formerly of Floor), drummer Rick Smith, and bassist Jonathan Nuñez. This lineup evolved the sonic template Brooks had created with Floor into a lush and more fully realized sound. In 2005, the Miami four-piece released their eponymous debut Torche on Robotic Empire, introducing the world to a new brand of doom/stoner metal that replaced the bleakness and despair typical of the genre with a more triumphant and anthemic sound: the heavy metal equivalent of Chariots of Fire. Combining detuned, droning guitars reminiscent of doom luminaries Earth and Sunn 0))) with soaring, harmonic vocals, Torche created a new take on the genre that is best described as "doom pop." After the album's release, the band began extensive cross-country touring, sharing bills with the Sword, Mouth of the Architect, Jesu, Isis, and Mogwai. In March of 2007, Torche released a remastered version of their self-titled album featuring the bonus track "Make Me Alive." In the summer of 2007, Torche released the beautifully packaged EP In Return on Robotic Empire, featuring a jacket designed by John Baizley of Baroness. Late in 2007, the bandmembers announced that they had finished recording their second album, Meanderthal, which was released in 2008. Later that year, guitarist Juan Montoya left the band due to creative differences. The remaining members carried on as a trio, touring with bands like Harvey Milk and Coheed and Cambria. In 2010, the band released the EP Songs for Singles on Hydrahead. Two years later, in 2012, Torche released the hook-laden and critically acclaimed Harmonicraft; it found the group topping numerous year-end lists. In 2014, Brooks reunited Floor with Anthony Vialon and Henry Wilson; the trio made their long-awaited return with Oblation. Early the following year, Torche's fourth studio long-player Restarter mined similar sonic territory as its predecessor, doubling down on the earworms without losing any muscularity. ~ Gregory Heaney
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  1.   Song
  2.   Kicking
  3.   Undone
  4.   Grenades
  5.   The Last Word
  6.   Minions
  7.   Looking On
  8.   Vampyro
  9.   Out Again
  10.   No Servants
  11.   Skin Moth
  12.   In Pieces
  13.   Letting Go
  14.   U.F.O.
  15.   Pirhaña
  16.   Hideaway
  17.   Exit Flagger
  18.   Snakes Are Charmed
  19.   Fire
  20.   Rock 'N' Roll Mantasy
  21.   Roaming
  22.   Postal Blowfish
  23.   Arrowhead
  24.   Meanderthal
  25.   Mentor
  26.   Safe
  27.   Rockit
  28.   Harmonslaught
  29.   Barrier Hammer
  30.   Annihilation Affair
  31.   Keep Up
  32.   Harmonicraft
  33.   Solitary Traveler
  34.   Unleashed! the Large Hearted Boy
  35.   Face The Wall
  36.   Without a Sound
  37.   Sundown
  38.   Across the Shields
  39.   Healer
  40.   Charge of the Brown Recluse
  41.   Holy Roar
  42.   Kiss Me Dudely
  43.   Little Champion
  44.   Restarter
  45.   Blasted
  46.   Leather Feather
  47.   Cast Into Unknown
  48.   Erase
  49.   Walk It Off
  50.   Lay Low
  51.   Fat Waves
  52.   Loose Men
  53.   Fuck Addict
  54.   King Beef
  55.   Shine On My Old Ways
  56.   Bishop in Arms
  57.   Sandstorm
  58.   Sky Trials
  59.   Amnesian
  60.   Believe It
  61.   Triumph of Venus
  62.   Reverse Inverted
  63.   Speed of the Nail
  64.   Make Me Alive
  65.   Bring Me Home
  66.   Carnivore Hellion
  67.   In Return
  68.   Olympus Mons
  69.   Rule the Beast
  70.   Tarpit
  71.   Warship
  72.   Tarpit Carnivore
  73.   Hellion

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