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Touche Amore

Formed in 2007, Los Angeles, California's Touche Amore blend jangly post-hardcore with emotionally raw screamo to create their unique sound. Made up of singer Jeremy Bolm, guitarists Clayton Stevens and Nick Steinhardt, bassist Tyler Kirby, and drummer Elliot Babin, the band has a plaintive and emotionally intense sound that blends the influence of bands like Jawbox and Converge into something strangely coherent. Touche Amore made their debut in 2009 with To the Beat of a Dead Horse, an album that would eventually gain the attention of Jacob Bannon's label Deathwish, Inc., which released their follow-up effort, Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me, in 2011, as well as their third album, Is Survived By, in 2013. After finishing up the tour in support of Is Survived By, the band decamped to L.A.'s Seagrass Studio with producer Brad Wood (Sunny Day Real Estate, mewithoutYou, Smashing Pumpkins) to begin work on a new album. The resulting Stage Four was released in 2016 via Epitaph. ~ Gregory Heaney
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Touche Amore

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Touche Amore

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Touche Amore

  1.   Song
  2.   Honest Sleep
  3.   Pathfinder
  4.   Rapture
  5.   Skyscraper
  6.   Palm Dreams
  7.   Displacement
  8.   The Great Repetition
  9.   ~
  10.   Hipsterectomy
  11.   Adieux
  12.   DNA
  13.   Hideaways
  14.   Sesame
  15.   Art Official
  16.   Broken Records
  17.   Crescent-Shaped Depression
  18.   Gather
  19.   Posing Holy
  20.   Softer Spoken
  21.   Benediction
  22.   New Halloween
  23.   And Now It's Happening
  24.   Available
  25.   Gravity, Metaphorically
  26.   Steps
  27.   Social Caterpillar
  28.   Blue Angels
  29.   Anyone/Anything
  30.   Just Exist
  31.   I'll Deserve Just That
  32.   Huckleberry
  33.   Scene is To Be Seen
  34.   Wehatefredphelps.Com
  35.   Wants/Needs
  36.   Method Act
  37.   Face Ghost
  38.   Nine
  39.   Cadence
  40.   Swimming With Sharks
  41.   Is Survived By
  42.   History Reshits Itself
  43.   Eight Seconds
  44.   Flowers and You
  45.   Commentary, Pt. 2
  46.   Non Fiction
  47.   Kerosene
  48.   Harbor
  49.   Praise/Love
  50.   To Write Content
  51.   I'll Get My Just Deserve
  52.   Negotiating the Charade
  53.   Smoke Signals
  54.   Uppers/Downers
  55.   Home Away From Here
  56.   Condolences
  57.   Amends
  58.   Suckerfish
  59.   Commentary, Pt. 1
  60.   Water Damage
  61.   Always Running, Never Looking Back
  62.   Throwing Copper
  63.   Changing Lanes
  64.   And Now It's Happenning In Mine
  65.   Swimming With the Sharks
  66.   Crutch
  67.   Tilde

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