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Tracey Thorn

One of the most enduring English singer/songwriters, Tracey Thorn began making music with Stern Bops and then, more notably, Marine Girls, a minimalist pop group that released a pair of albums inspired by Young Marble Giants and the Raincoats. While Marine Girls were active, Thorn released A Distant Shore, a relatively moody, if similarly skeletal solo album, on Cherry Red in 1982. Around that time, she met Ben Watt -- who was also signed to Cherry Red -- and formed a partnership as Everything But the Girl. From 1984 through 1999, Thorn and Watt released ten albums that shifted from indie pop to slick sophisti-pop to downtempo club music. Additionally, Thorn appeared on recordings by the likes of the Style Council, the Go-Betweens, and Massive Attack. Shortly after having twin daughters together, she and Watt put EBtG on ice, as Watt DJ'ed and operated his Buzzin' Fly label while Thorn stayed home with the children. They had a third child, a boy, in 2001. After several years away from music, Thorn began writing again and recorded her second solo album, Out of the Woods, which was released in early 2007. Instead of working with Watt, she collaborated with a number of producers, including Ewan Pearson, Charles Webster, Cagedbaby, Sasse, and Martin Wheeler. A year later, Thorn and Watt married. Pearson returned as sole producer of Thorn's 2010 effort Love and Its Opposite, released in the U.K. by Watt's Strange Feeling label. In 2012, Thorn released Tinsel and Lights, a holiday album featuring songs by contemporary composers. A well-received memoir, Bedsit Disco Queen: How I Grew Up and Tried to Be a Pop Star, was published in 2013. Following that, there were a couple low-key releases, including the two-song Molly Drake Songs (recorded with Watt for a BBC 4 documentary about the mother of Nick Drake) and "Under the Ivy" (a Kate Bush cover). Thorn was sought out by screenwriter and director Carol Morley to provide the soundtrack for The Falling, a drama that debuted at the BFI London Film Festival in 2014. Just prior to the film's wider release the following April, Thorn's contribution -- eight short songs -- was issued as Songs from The Falling. ~ Andy Kellman
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Tracey Thorn

Top Songs by
Tracey Thorn

  1.   Song
  2.   Grand Canyon
  3.   Hands Up to the Ceiling
  4.   Femme Fatale
  5.   Singles Bar
  6.   Get Around to It
  7.   You Are a Lover
  8.   Late in the Afternoon
  9.   Oh, the Divorces!
  10.   Night Time
  11.   Swimming
  12.   Easy
  13.   Raise the Roof
  14.   Falling Off a Log
  15.   King's Cross
  16.   A-Z
  17.   Kentish Town
  18.   Maybe This Christmas
  19.   New Opened Eyes
  20.   Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  21.   Too Happy
  22.   Follow Me Down
  23.   Dreamy
  24.   The Tree Knows Everything by Adam F
  25.   It's All True
  26.   Damage
  27.   Taxi Cab
  28.   Here It Comes Again
  29.   Small Town Girl
  30.   Protection
  31.   Better Things by Massive Attack
  32.   Let Me In
  33.   Hospital
  34.   Little Things
  35.   They Only Do Harm
  36.   Are You There?
  37.   Night Is My Friend
  38.   How Wild the Wind Blows
  39.   Overture by The Unbending Trees
  40.   Taking Down the Tree
  41.   River
  42.   Snow
  43.   In the Cold, Cold Night
  44.   Like a Snowman
  45.   Why Does the Wind?
  46.   Long White Dress
  47.   Come on Home to Me
  48.   By Piccadilly Station I Sat Down and Wept
  49.   Nowhere Near
  50.   Goodbye Joe
  51.   Seascape
  52.   It Was Always Me
  53.   Hard Candy Christmas
  54.   Plain Sailing
  55.   Snow in Sun
  56.   Sister Winter
  57.   Venceremos: We Will Win by Working Week
  58.   Hormones
  59.   All The Seasons
  60.   Tinsel and Lights
  61.   Under the Ivy
  62.   Joy
  63.   The Book of Love
  64.   Simply Couldn't Care
  65.   Here It Comes Again
  66.   Out of the Woods
  67.   25th December
  68.   On My Mind
  69.   Night and Day
  70.   Album Version
  71.   Escort Extended Remix
  72.   Martin Buttrich Remix
  73.   Dse Dub
  74.   Smoke and Mirrors
  75.   Overture the Unbending Trees
  76.   Venceremos featuring Claudia Figueroa
  77.   How the Wild Wind Blows
  78.   Better Things by Massive Attack

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