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Californian post-nu-metal quartet Trapt formed in the '90s while the original lineup were still in high school, where Chris Brown and Peter Charell absorbed the heavy rock sound of Korn, Soundgarden, and Metallica. Both were music geeks and naturally flirted with the idea of getting a group together. Casual gigs in school motivated them even more, leaving Brown and Charell to design what would become Trapt. In 1997, guitarist Simon Ormandy joined the band. The trio recorded its own demo and landed gigs in and around the suburbs of southern California. Within a year, Trapt were opening for the likes of Papa Roach, Dredg, and Spike 1000, but high-school graduation loomed ahead. Trapt's second album, Amalgamation, was self-released in 1998, but the band's dynamic was shifting. Ormandy and Brown were attending classes at UC Santa Barbara by fall 1999 while Charell was several hours away at UC Santa Cruz. The band met up on weekends for rehearsals and shows, and also managed to issue another record, Glimpse, in early 2000, with hopes that a record label would notice. As luck would have it, Trapt impressed those at the Immortal label after a standout gig at the Troubadour one evening in late 2000. Talks of a deal were in the works, but Immortal walked away from the band after eight weeks. Each member eventually dropped out of school and moved to Los Angeles to focus solely on Trapt. Seattle native Aaron "Monty" Montgomery joined to play drums and, after a 9/11 benefit show, Warner Bros. offered the band a deal in late 2001. A year later, Trapt released their self-titled debut album, featuring their biggest hit "Headstrong," which topped the Billboard rock chart and peaked in the Top 20 of the Billboard 200. The band returned in 2005 with the melodic Someone in Control, which led to tours with bands like Nickelback, Chevelle, and Thousand Foot Krutch. A live album, Trapt Live!, arrived in 2007 on Nikki Sixx's Eleven Seven label. A year later, Ormandy parted ways with Trapt and was replaced by Robb Torres. Their third studio album, Only Through the Pain, followed soon after, produced by GGGarth Richardson (Nickelback, Mudvayne, Atreyu). For their fourth album, the band hired producer Johnny K (Sevendust, Disturbed, Megadeth), and in 2010 released No Apologies. A compilation album, Headstrong, was issued the following year on Cleopatra Records. It featured re-recordings of their singles, remixes, live tracks, demos, and a cover of Depeche Mode's "Policy of Truth." In between releases, Trapt experienced a number of roster changes. Montgomery left the band at the start of 2012, replaced by Dylan Howard. Torres also left the band, his spot temporarily filled by ex-Atreyu guitarist Travis Miguel (permanent replacement Ty Fury was recruited in 2014). On 2013's independently released Reborn, the new lineup expanded their sound by adding synthesizers and samples, making it their most ambitious to date. The quartet returned in 2016 with their seventh album, the muscular DNA. ~ MacKenzie Wilson & Neil Z. Yeung
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  1.   Song
  2.   Headstrong
  3.   Stand Up
  4.   Still Frame
  5.   Sound Off
  6.   Disconnected (Out of Touch)
  7.   Bring It
  8.   Who's Going Home With You Tonight
  9.   Echo
  10.   Contagious
  11.   Human (Like the Rest of Us)
  12.   It's Over
  13.   End of My Rope
  14.   Love Hate Relationship
  15.   Waiting
  16.   Bleed Like Me
  17.   These Walls
  18.   Made of Glass
  19.   Enigma
  20.   When All Is Said and Done
  21.   Ready When You Are
  22.   Black Rose
  23.   Get Out of Your Own Way
  24.   Stories
  25.   Tangled Up In You
  26.   Living in the Eye of the Storm
  27.   Stay Alive
  28.   The Game
  29.   Hollowman
  30.   Getting Even
  31.   Drama Queen
  32.   The Last Tear
  33.   Only One in Color
  34.   Product of My Own Design
  35.   Promise
  36.   Changing Hands
  37.   Passenger
  38.   You're No Angel
  39.   When It Rains
  40.   Policy of Truth
  41.   No Apologies
  42.   Wasteland
  43.   Influence
  44.   Use Me to Use You
  45.   Lost in a Portrait
  46.   Fallen Angel
  47.   Castaway
  48.   Anchor
  49.   Livewire (Light Me Up)
  50.   Experience
  51.   The Wind
  52.   Stranger in the Mirror
  53.   Storyteller
  54.   Skin Deep
  55.   Lost Realist
  56.   Victim
  57.   Cover Up
  58.   Not So Different
  59.   Unforgiven
  60.   Strength in Numbers
  61.   Overloaded
  62.   Beautiful Scar
  63.   Repeat Offender
  64.   Intro
  65.   Going Under
  66.   Are You with Me
  67.   Forget About the Rain
  68.   Everything to Lose
  69.   New Beginning
  70.   Too Close
  71.   Get Up
  72.   Curiosity Kills
  73.   Wherever She Goes
  74.   Alibi
  75.   [CD-Rom Track]
  76.   Patience
  77.   Perfect Dream
  78.   Avelyn (Acoustic)
  79.   Only in One Color
  80.   Panic Room
  81.   Chasing Highs