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Trip Lee

Atlanta-based Christian rapper William Lee Barefield III is best known to fans as Trip Lee. A founding member of the Southern Christian rap collective 116 Clique, Lee moved from his birthplace of Dallas, Texas to attend Philadelphia Biblical University. He made his full-length album debut in 2006 with If They Only Knew. His second album, 2008's 20/20, featured guest features by Reach Records labelmates Lecrae, Tedashii, and Sho Baraka. Not only did it break into the Billboard Top 200, but it also broke into the Top Ten of the Christian albums chart. His success continued with Between Two Worlds in 2010, his first to top the Billboard Christian charts. His second chart-topper, The Good Life, arrived two years later and also broke onto the rap charts. Lee published a book of the same name months later before announcing his intention to focus his message on ministry. He continued writing and became a pastor. In 2014, he released his fifth album, Rise, his highest-charting Billboard 200 entry (number 16) and his third Top Three Christian chart entry. A second book, Rise: Get Up and Live in God's Great Story, was released in 2015. ~ Jason Birchmeier & Neil Z. Yeung
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Trip Lee

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Trip Lee

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Trip Lee

  1.   Song
  2.   Manolo by Lecrae
  3.   Sweet Victory featuring Dimitri McDowell
  4.   Yours to Own by Jimmy Needham
  5.   Insomniac by Andy Mineo
  6.   One Sixteen by Andy Mineo
  7.   Lazarus by Thi'sl
  8.   Robot
  9.   Lights On
  10.   Shweet
  11.   Cling to You by Shai Linne
  12.   Bear with You by Tedashii
  13.   I'm Good
  14.   You Don't Know
  15.   Hip Hop
  16.   Beautiful Life 2 (Mine)
  17.   Take Me There
  18.   Rise
  19.   True Security
  20.   All My Love by Natalie Lauren
  21.   Limitations by Leah Smith
  22.   All Rise Up
  23.   Brag on My Lord
  24.   Who He Is featuring Cam
  25.   Good Thing
  26.   Beautiful Life
  27.   Heart Problem
  28.   Satisfaction (Hedonist)
  29.   Fallin'
  30.   Snitch
  31.   War
  32.   King Like Mine
  33.   Know Me
  34.   Something New
  35.   iLove
  36.   Life 101 by Chris Lee
  37.   Prognosis
  38.   Behold the Spirit
  39.   For My Good
  40.   Show's Over by Mitch Parks
  41.   Real Life Music
  42.   Invade by J. Paul
  43.   Covenant Eyes by Pro
  44.   Eyes Open by J.R.
  45.   Real Vision by Tedashii
  46.   Who Is Like Him?
  47.   Superstar (Eyes off Me)
  48.   Twisted featuring Lecrae
  49.   My Lord
  50.   I Love Music by Sho Baraka
  51.   Apathy (Interlude)
  52.   Intimacy by Lola Diamone
  53.   20/20 Intro
  54.   Relief
  55.   We Told Em
  56.   Inexhaustible
  57.   Come Close featuring Flame
  58.   New Dreams
  59.   The Invasion (Hero)
  60.   No Worries
  61.   Fantasy
  62.   All Rise Up Interlude
  63.   Love on Display
  64.   Behold the Christ
  65.   Good News, Pt. 1
  66.   Give You That Truth
  67.   Good News, Pt. 2
  68.   Cryin' Out
  69.   Let 'Em Know
  70.   Follow the Crowd
  71.   Self Examination
  72.   Good News, Pt. 3
  73.   Give Him Glory
  74.   Gotta Grow
  75.   To Live Is Christ
  76.   Sound
  77.   [Untitled]
  78.   Cash or Christ Ft. Lecrae by Lecrae
  79.   Lookin' for Love Ft. Jr by JR "Dirty Boy"
  80.   Call Us Crazy Ft. Tedashii featuring Tedashii
  81.   More Ft. Diamone by Lola Diamone
  82.   Who You Rollin' Wit Ft. Flame and Json featuring Flame
  83.   Why Me Ft. Ambassador by The Ambassador
  84.   Young & Unashamed Ft. Cam by Cam
  85.   Inexhaustable
  86.   [Untitled]
  87.   Conversion
  88.   Dig In by Tedashii
  89.   Get Loose by Lecrae