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Tristan is a psychedelic trance DJ/producer from England whose affiliation with Twisted Records spanned a decade. Born Tristan Cooke, he grew interested in electronic dance music while traveling throughout Asia; in particular, he spent some time in Goa, where he experienced the psychedelic trance beach parties for which the Indian island is renowned. His interest in electronic dance music continued upon his return to England, and before long, he bought himself a pair of turntables and began spinning records. He and his friends then began hosting dance parties anywhere they could, and these parties led to an early-'90s residency at the Q Club in Birmingham. Meanwhile, Tristan began producing his own music in 1993 and made his recording debut on the Matsuri Productions label in 1995. Over the next couple years, he released his music on a number of other labels, including Aquatec Records, 21-3 Records, and Flying Rhino Records, before making his Twisted Records debut in 1998 with the Inside Out EP. Tristan remained affiliated with Twisted Records for the following decade, releasing two studio albums (Audiodrome, 1999; Substance, 2002) and a mix album (Twisted Sessions, Vol. 1, 2002), in addition to further 12" EPs. In 2007 he switched to Nano Records for his third studio album, Chemisphere. Tristan's DJ and live performances took him around the world, where he performed at most major psychedelic trance festivals one year or another, along with mainstream dance festivals such as Glastonbury. ~ Jason Birchmeier
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  1.   Song
  2.   Porcupine
  3.   Mind Jacker
  4.   Eclipse of the Sun
  5.   Trouble
  6.   LSD
  7.   Sapphire Eyes
  8.   Stalking The Wild Controller
  9.   Reptile Mind
  10.   Dont Wanna Stop
  11.   Lifestyle
  12.   Enlightenment
  13.   Perimeter
  14.   Spiritually Correct
  15.   Cosmic Spiral
  16.   Freewheeler
  17.   Funk Rock
  18.   Night Time
  19.   Fetish
  20.   Odds to Win
  21.   Riverflow
  22.   Aftermath
  23.   Group Up
  24.   Love Leads The Way
  25.   Let Me Breathe
  26.   Feet Back On The Ground
  27.   I'll Be Arournd
  28.   Moontune
  29.   Tristansand
  30.   Parallel Reality
  31.   Lost
  32.   Running Out of Time
  33.   Skip This 2
  34.   Finally Found
  35.   Got the Powr
  36.   Who's the Bitch?
  37.   Deep Mind
  38.   Bombscare
  39.   Dream Machine
  40.   Pusher
  41.   Monkey Business
  42.   Audio Evangelists
  43.   Infatuation
  44.   Lore of Fives
  45.   Dreamtime
  46.   Let Go
  47.   Odysee
  48.   Hey Sister
  49.   Martian Arts
  50.   Falcon
  51.   Tune In
  52.   Small Paper Squares
  53.   Things To Do
  54.   Beloved Icecream
  55.   Take Me To The River
  56.   Morning
  57.   Valve
  58.   Keep On
  59.   Supersize My Sunshine
  60.   Face To Face
  61.   Dark City
  62.   New Beginning
  63.   Rendez-vous
  64.   Fantasy Eyeland
  65.   No Boundaries
  66.   2 Skip This
  67.   Butterfly
  68.   Up Syndrome
  69.   Fortean Times
  70.   Drops on the Ground
  71.   Spirit, One
  72.   Admiration
  73.   Brazilica Psychedelia
  74.   Chainreaction
  75.   Festival Fever
  76.   Psy-Fi
  77.   Talking Technicolour
  78.   Sapphire
  79.   Mind over Matter
  80.   2nd Phase
  81.   Risin' To The Top

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