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Late-'70s/early-'80s prog metallists Triumph endured countless comparisons to Rush throughout their career, and with good reason; they were both quite similar musically and lyrically, comprised of three members each, and hailed from Canada (although it must be said that Rush were the originator, and were much more commercially successful). Formed in Toronto during 1975, the trio consisted of guitarist/singer Rik Emmett, drummer/singer Gil Moore, and bassist/keyboardist Mike Levine, and issued its self-titled debut a year later via the independent Attic label. Although the album was largely ignored, it became a favorite of a radio DJ in San Antonio, Texas, which led to a regional following solidified by a tour of the state. The exposure also gave way to a deal with RCA Records, which reissued the debut as well as Triumph's sophomore effort, 1977's Rock & Roll Machine, which spawned the group's first semi-hit single, a cover of Joe Walsh's "Rocky Mountain Way." It was also around this time that the group became known for its concerts, which relied heavily on pyrotechnics and an intricate light show (just in case their following couldn't figure this out themselves, the trio penned a track called "Blinding Light Show"). With their stock rising among hard rock fans, Triumph inked a new recording contract with MCA, which led to their most successful period both artistically and commercially. Such resulting albums as 1979's Just a Game and 1980's Progressions of Power inched the group closer to breakthrough success, which was obtained by a pair of back-to-back gold-certified albums: 1981's Allied Forces (often considered the group's best album, which spawned the hit anthem "Fight the Good Fight") and 1982's Never Surrender. Such further albums as 1984's Thunder Seven, 1985's Stages, 1985's The Sport of Kings, and 1987's Surveillance failed to meet the expectations set by Triumph's earlier releases, yet the group was able to retain its following. Come 1988, Emmett opted to leave the group to pursue a solo career, but instead of calling it a day, Moore and Levine decided to carry on with a new frontman/guitarist, while an 11-track best-of set, Classics, was issued a year after Emmett's exit. Their first choice, ex-Thin Lizzy/Whitesnake member John Sykes, was too busy getting his project Blue Murder off the ground at the time, so the gig ultimately went to former Frozen Ghost/Aldo Nova associate Phil X (it was also around this time that the group built its own recording studio in Mississauga, Ontario, called Metalworks). The Phil X-led version of the group only managed to issue a single release, however, 1993's Edge of Excess, before Triumph split up for good. In the wake of their breakup, several archival releases popped up in record stores, such as 1995's In the Beginning and 1996's King Biscuit Flower Hour (the latter of which chronicled a 1981 concert), while Rik Emmett continued on with his solo career, issuing albums on a regular basis throughout the '90s. In 2007, it was announced that Triumph were to be inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. Subsequently, the original lineup of Emmett, Levine, and Moore reunited for several high-profile live shows leading up to their induction into the Hall of Fame during the 2008 Juno Awards. In 2012, the band released the DVD/CD set Live at Sweden Rock Festival, which documents Triumph's reunion concert from 2008. ~ Greg Prato
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  1.   Song
  2.   Fight the Good Fight
  3.   Lay It on the Line
  4.   Magic Power
  5.   Hold On
  6.   Spellbound
  7.   Never Surrender
  8.   I Live for the Weekend
  9.   Allied Forces
  10.   Rock & Roll Machine
  11.   Follow Your Heart
  12.   Somebody's Out There
  13.   Tears in the Rain
  14.   Rock Out, Rock On
  15.   Too Much Thinking
  16.   When the Lights Go Down
  17.   Fool for Your Love
  18.   Little Texas Shaker
  19.   Takes Time
  20.   Movin' On
  21.   I Can Survive
  22.   A World of Fantasy
  23.   Say Goodbye
  24.   Little Boy Blues
  25.   Midsummer's Daydream
  26.   Just One Night
  27.   Air Raid
  28.   Young Enough to Cry
  29.   Time Canon
  30.   Take a Stand
  31.   24 Hours a Day
  32.   New York City Streets, Pt. 2
  33.   Suitcase Blues
  34.   Fantasy Serenade
  35.   Just a Game
  36.   Stranger in a Strange Land
  37.   Killing Time
  38.   Time Goes By
  39.   Cool Down
  40.   In the Middle of the Night
  41.   Embrujo
  42.   If Only
  43.   Fingertalkin'
  44.   Ordinary Man
  45.   Hot Time (In This City Tonight)
  46.   American Girls
  47.   Easy Life
  48.   What's Another Day of Rock' N ' Roll
  49.   Be My Lover
  50.   Don't Take My Life
  51.   Street Fighter
  52.   Veranoski by Edu Imbernón
  53.   History
  54.   Mystery Inside featuring Edu Imbernón
  55.   Running in the Night
  56.   All Over Again
  57.   On and On
  58.   The Waking Dream (Prelude)
  59.   Rock You Down
  60.   Long Time Gone
  61.   Let the Light (Shine on Me)
  62.   Carry on the Flame
  63.   All the King's Horses
  64.   Headed for Nowhere
  65.   Never Say Never
  66.   Prologue: Into the Forever
  67.   A Minor Prelude
  68.   Epilogue (Resolution)
  69.   Writing on the Wall
  70.   Empty Inside
  71.   Mind Games
  72.   Don't Love Anybody Else But Me
  73.   Play with the Fire
  74.   Hooked on You
  75.   What Rules My Heart
  76.   Hard Road
  77.   Woman in Love
  78.   In the Night
  79.   Rocky Mountain Way
  80.   The City: War March/El Duende Agonizante/Minstrel's Lament
  81.   New York City Streets, Pt. 1
  82.   Bringing It on Home
  83.   Nature's Child
  84.   Tear the Roof Off
  85.   Let Me Get Next to You
  86.   Blinding Light Show/Moonchild
  87.   All the Way
  88.   If I Could
  89.   Destiny
  90.   Baby
  91.   Love Hurts
  92.   Overture (Processional)
  93.   Take My Heart
  94.   Trouble
  95.   Petite Etude
  96.   Battle Cry
  97.   Trouble, Pt. 2