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Named for a warrior god in Finnish mythology, Turisas are a heavy metal band whose music is an ambitious blend of symphonic metal, power metal, progressive rock, and Finnish folk music. Turisas were formed in Hämeenlinna, a rural community in southern Finland, by vocalist Warlord Nygård and guitarist/bassist Jussi Wickström in 1997. Eager to perform their songs that blended pagan folklore with bloody tales of warfare, Nygård and Wickström recruited three likeminded musicians, percussionist Tude Lehtonen, keyboardist Antti Ventola, and guitarist Georg Laakso, but the epic-scale sound they sought proved difficult to capture on tape, and Turisas' first attempt at recording an album, 1998's Taiston Tie (aka "The Battle Path"), never saw release due to the group's dissatisfaction with the results. In 2000, a demo CD, The Heart of Turisas, was distributed to fans, the press, and industry professionals, and coupled with the group's storming live show, word spread about the unusual band and Century Media signed the group to a recording contract in 2003. Turisas' first proper album, Battle Metal, recorded at studios in France and Finland, was released in mid-2004, with the band supporting the album with appearances at a number of major European metal festivals. In the fall of 2005, Laakso was involved in a severe auto accident that caused major injuries to his spinal cord, forcing him to leave the band. Wickström took over all guitar duties for the recording of Turisas' next album, 2007's The Varangian Way, while Hannes Horma (bass), Olli Vänskä (violin), Janne Mäkinen (accordion), and Antti Laurila (accordion), four musicians who had helped fill out the group's sound during live concerts, appeared on the disc as full-fledged bandmembers for the first time. A few months before The Varangian Way was to be released in the spring of 2007, Antti Ventola announced he had left Turisas in a post on the group's online forum. ~ Mark Deming
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  1.   Song
  2.   Cursed Be Iron
  3.   Run Bhang-Eater, Run!
  4.   Rasputin
  5.   The Days Passed
  6.   Piece by Piece
  7.   The Great Escape
  8.   Into the Free
  9.   To Holmgard and Beyond
  10.   Supernaut
  11.   Venetoi! - Prasinoi!
  12.   Fear the Fear
  13.   Midnight Sunrise
  14.   Katuman Kaiku
  15.   Sahti-Waari (Old Man Ale)
  16.   Rex Regi Rebellis
  17.   Battle Metal
  18.   Miklagard Overture
  19.   Five Hundred and One
  20.   A Portage to the Unknown
  21.   Fields of Gold
  22.   We Ride Together
  23.   No Good Story Ever Stars With Drinking Tea
  24.   Greek Fire
  25.   The March of the Varangian Guard
  26.   The Bosphorus Freezes Over
  27.   Take the Day!
  28.   Stand Up and Fight
  29.   Hunting Pirates
  30.   End of an Empire
  31.   Victoriae & Triumphi Dominus
  32.   Among Ancestors
  33.   The Messenger
  34.   The Land of Hope and Glory
  35.   One More
  36.   In the Court of Jarisleif
  37.   The Dnieper Rapids
  38.   Prologue for R.R.R.
  39.   Ten More Miles
  40.   For Your Own Good
  41.   As Torches Rise
  42.   [Untitled Hidden Track]
  43.   Wallpapers
  44.   Finnish Summer With Turisas
  45.   Battle Metal 2008
  46.   Bloopers-Reel Running Time
  47.   Festival Show
  48.   Rasputin Promovideo
  49.   Turisas-DVD Festival Show Setlist and Song Durations
  50.   Album 'Battle Metal'
  51.   Album 'The Varangian Way - Director's Cut'
  52.   Battle Metal 9The Heart of Turisas)
  53.   ßéveto!
  54.   Rex Rebi Rebellis
  55.   Bloopers Reel
  56.   [Untitled]

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