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New Orleans-based rapper Turk was first discovered in 1996 when the owners of Cash Money Records (brothers Ronald "Slim" Williams and Brian "Baby" Williams) discovered him rapping and rhyming in the nearby Magnolia projects. Later that same year, Turk made his recording debut with a cameo on Juvenile's solo debut, Solja Rags. Turk was billed as Young Turk and welcomed into the newly formed Hot Boys (who also included Juvenile, B.G., and Lil Wayne), issuing Get It How U Live! in 1997 and Guerilla Warfare two years later. Turk continued to make cameos on other rapper's recordings, including Juvenile's big hits 400 Degreez and Tha G-Code, Lil Wayne's Tha Block Is Hot and Lights Out, as well as B.G.'s It's All on U, Vol. 1 and It's All on U, Vol. 2. June 2001 saw the release of Turk's solo debut, Young and Thuggin', on Universal Records. Turk recorded Untamed Guerilla for Cash Money as a follow-up but soon jumped ship to Koch, following in the footsteps of B.G. Untamed Guerilla remained unreleased and Turk made his Koch debut in 2003 with Raw and Uncut. In January 2004, Turk was in a Memphis, TN, apartment when narcotics officers and SWAT team members stormed in. According to police, Turk shot an officer during the drug raid; the rapper claimed he was hiding in the closet without a gun. At a preliminary hearing a charge of first-degree attempted murder was reduced to second-degree attempted murder, but Turk was not granted bail. He was awaiting trial in prison as his third album, Penitentiary Chances, hit the streets in April 2004. ~ Greg Prato
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  1.   Song
  2.   Gun Line
  3.   Convicted Felons
  4.   Cock Aim Shoot
  5.   Amazone
  6.   U Thought It Was Over
  7.   Amped Up
  8.   Penitentiary Chances
  9.   The Calling
  10.   We Gettin' Fu**ed Up
  11.   Suga Suga Exclusive
  12.   I Ain't Never Heard featuring Chamillionaire
  13.   Real Down Here by Doc Holiday
  14.   Music Makes Me High
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  17.   Live from the Lab by Ke'Noe
  18.   Miami
  19.   S.S. Exclusive
  20.   Get It How I Live featuring Ke'Noe
  21.   Life Is a Gamble
  22.   Calling Out featuring Bun B
  23.   Killer
  24.   Putcharaggsup
  25.   Naked Feet
  26.   4 and a Half Exclusive
  27.   I Don't Know What's Wrong
  28.   Bout Dat Foolishness
  29.   Old Timer
  30.   Ain't No Fun by Criminal Manne
  31.   T-Gizel (Skit)
  32.   Heartache
  33.   Life's a Gamble
  34.   Raw & Off the Chain
  35.   I'm Tired
  36.   Who Put It Together
  37.   All I Got in This World
  38.   I Been Through Dat
  39.   Keep It Ghetto
  40.   Who You Hang With
  41.   Gucci Mane Exclusive
  42.   Lady Turk (Skit)
  43.   I'm Telling Ya by Ke'Noe
  44.   Poor Man Dreams
  45.   Jail House Freestyle
  46.   You Put It Together
  47.   I'm a Dog
  48.   Macking and Pimping
  49.   I Luv U for Dat
  50.   Dat Look
  51.   Doin My Thing
  52.   Get Rich
  53.   LV Night
  54.   Do It for the Money
  55.   What U Drinkin' On
  56.   Letter from That World
  57.   Bout Whatever
  58.   The Saddest Song
  59.   The Saddest Song
  60.   Wine
  61.   For No One in Particular
  62.   Heard You Laugh
  63.   Of All Times to Leave
  64.   I'll Be Around
  65.   Blue Monday
  66.   What About You
  67.   Love American Style (N.E. 2nd Ave.)
  68.   Painting the Sun
  69.   Baby Ah
  70.   Farewell to Friends
  71.   Another Man's Dream
  72.   Long Way Back
  73.   Intro by Big Tymers
  74.   Bout to Go Down featuring Big Tymers
  75.   It's in Me
  76.   Yes We Do featuring Mack 10
  77.   At the Same Time
  78.   Growing Up featuring Christina
  79.   Hatin' (Skit)
  80.   Untamed Guerrilla
  81.   Public Service Announcement
  82.   One Saturday Night featuring Big Tymers
  83.   What Would You Do
  84.   Project
  85.   Seattle Slew (Skit)
  86.   Freak da Hoes by Big Tymers
  87.   Police (Skit)
  88.   Soldierette
  89.   All Night by Lil Wayne
  90.   Finna Records
  91.   Wanna Be Down featuring Big Tymers
  92.   Trife Livin'
  93.   Hallways & Cuts by B.G.
  94.   Freak Dem Girls
  95.   Doin My Thing
  96.   I Luv You for Dat
  97.   Nick Nac
  98.   1 Luv U For Dat
  99.   All I Got in This World
  100.   I Thought It Was Over
  101.   Zip It featuring Juvenile