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Two Gallants

Simplicity is key for the lo-fi blend of folk/indie rock from San Francisco duo Two Gallants. Taking their name from a James Joyce short story, Adam Stephens (vocals/guitar/harmonica) and Tyson Vogel (drums/vocals) have been playing together as Two Gallants since 2002, sounding more like a dirty Southern folk act than their Bay Area origins may initially suggest. They released their debut, The Throes, in 2004 on Alive Records and followed up two years later with What the Toll Tells on Saddle Creek. In June 2007, the Gallants prepped their audience for their upcoming self-titled full-length (issued in September) with a five-song EP, The Scenery of Farewell. The EP was their first release since an October 2006 incident at a Houston club in which police attempted to stop a Two Gallants show to issue a noise complaint, ending in a scuffle and two patrons being tasered. The altercation led to Vogel spending a night in jail and a small uprising in the indie music community after stories about the incident went viral. The group's fourth studio album, The Bloom and the Blight, was produced by John Congleton (St. Vincent, Explosions in the Sky) and released in 2012; it was the duo's first album for ATO Records. Following a heavy schedule of touring throughout 2013, the duo eventually returned to the recording studio, where they worked with Karl Derfler (Tom Waits, Smash Mouth) on their fifth album. They headed to Panoramic House studios in California and spent a month in 2014 recording We Are Undone, which was released on February 3, 2015. ~ Corey Apar
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Two Gallants

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Two Gallants

  1.   Song
  2.   Steady Rollin'
  3.   Despite What You've Been Told
  4.   Broken Eyes
  5.   Seems Like Home to Me
  6.   Katy Kruelly
  7.   Song of Songs
  8.   All Your Faithless Loyalties
  9.   Fly Low Carrion Crow
  10.   Threnody
  11.   Willie
  12.   Miss Meri
  13.   Some Slender Rest
  14.   Trembling of the Rose
  15.   Anna's Sweater
  16.   The Strange Is Gone
  17.   My Man Go
  18.   Fools Like Us
  19.   Sunday Souvenirs
  20.   Winter's Youth
  21.   My Love Won't Wait
  22.   Ribbons Round My Tongue
  23.   The Deader
  24.   16th St. Dozens
  25.   The Prodigal Son
  26.   Long Summer Day
  27.   My Baby's Gone
  28.   The Hand That Held Me Down
  29.   Heartbreakdown
  30.   Invitation to the Funeral
  31.   Dappens
  32.   Lady
  33.   Cradle Pyre
  34.   Incidental
  35.   Up the Country
  36.   Some Trouble
  37.   We Are Undone
  38.   Reflections of the Marionette
  39.   Truck Driver
  40.   Decay
  41.   Murder the Season/The Age Nocturne
  42.   Halcyon Days
  43.   Waves of Grain
  44.   Ride Away
  45.   Linger On
  46.   Don't Want No Woman Who Stays Out All Night Long
  47.   Las Cruces Jail
  48.   Age of Assassins
  49.   Fail Hard to Regain
  50.   You Losin' Out
  51.   Two Days Short Tomorrow
  52.   Nothing to You
  53.   Crow Jane
  54.   The Throes
  55.   Drive My Car
  56.   My Madonna
  57.   The Train That Stole My Man
  58.   I'm Her Man (Sweet Baby Jesus)
  59.   [CD-ROM Track]
  60.   Grow Jane
  61.   Dyin' Crapshooter's Blues
  62.   I'm So Depressed
  63.   Train the Stole My Man
  64.   Halycon Days
  65.   Songs of Songs
  66.   Sunday Souvenirsq
  67.   Liza Jane
  68.   Big Lucille
  69.   Negrophilia Blues
  70.   There's So Much I Don't Know
  71.   Invitation to a Funeral
  72.   Murder the Season

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