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Australian DJ, songwriter, and producer tyDi is a conservatory-trained musician whose eclectic trance and house tracks have earned him a globally dominant profile. Born Tyson Illingworth in Mooloolaba, Australia in 1987, tyDi first became drawn to trance and other types of techno in his early teens. Although he played drums while in high school, he eventually procured a set of DJ turntables and by age 16 won first prize at the Brisbane DJ Wars. After high school tyDi relocated to Brisbane, where he earned his Bachelor of Music Technology from Queensland Conservatorium of Music. While at school, tyDi still found time to perform, building a loyal following with his regular appearances at the Brisbane nightclub The Family. In 2008 he maximized this attention by becoming the youngest artist ever to win the InTheMix Top 50 DJs in Australia contest. After graduating conservatory in 2009, tyDi released his debut album, Look Closer, which rose to the number two slot on the Australian Dance Charts. Two years later he returned with his sophomore album, Shooting Stars, which hit number one on the dance charts in Australia, Canada, and the U.K. and showcased collaborations with several vocalists including Tania Zygar, Brianna Holan, and Audrey Gallagher. In 2012 he curated the dance mix compilation album Global Soundsystem 2012: California, and the following year he delivered a compilation of his own chillout, non-dance-oriented material, Hotel Room. In 2014 he released his fourth solo album, Redefined, which showcased a more stylistically varied electronic palette and included vocals from Dashboard Confessional's Chris Carrabba and the Ready Set's Jordan Witzigreuter. ~ Matt Collar
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  1.   Song
  2.   If I Stayed
  3.   Ariana
  4.   Make It Last
  5.   Stay by Dia Frampton
  6.   Gravity
  7.   Fire & Load by Christina Novelli
  8.   Home
  9.   Perfect Crush by Kerli
  10.   Shipwreck
  11.   Black Wine
  12.   Give Ourselves Away
  13.   Kopi Susu
  14.   Let The Rain Fall In by Jennifer Rene
  15.   Criminal featuring Meighan Nealon
  16.   Meet Me in Kyoto by Armin van Buuren
  17.   Closing In (with Christopher Tin, ft. Dia Frampton)
  18.   Live This Lie
  19.   Calling by Audrey Gallagher
  20.   Sophie's Theme
  21.   Confirmation Bias
  22.   How Much Longer?
  23.   Look Closer
  24.   World's Apart by Audrey Gallagher
  25.   I Like, You Like
  26.   Interlude
  27.   Let You Go
  28.   Red & Black
  29.   QF15
  30.   Ashley's Theme
  31.   Chasing Nothing
  32.   Nightfall In Suburbia
  33.   When I Go by Sarah Howells
  34.   Half Light by Tania Zygar
  35.   Jelly
  36.   Lost
  37.   All I Ever Knew
  38.   The Prestige
  39.   Lay Me Down
  40.   Fold
  41.   Carry You by Jennifer Rene
  42.   Racing Kites by Sinead Burgess
  43.   Die Without You
  44.   Untraceable
  45.   So Alone
  46.   Until I Met You
  47.   Box Of Lego
  48.   Die This Way by The Ready Set
  49.   Somebody For Me
  50.   Live This Lie by Carmen Keigans
  51.   When I Go
  52.   MinD Games
  53.   Yes, That Did Just Happen
  54.   Why Do I Care? by Tania Zygar
  55.   The Moment It Breaks
  56.   Talking To Myself by DJ Rap
  57.   Take a Chance
  58.   Sex, Lies & Still Oblivious
  59.   Long Nights On Fast Planes
  60.   Her Lullaby
  61.   Half Of Everything
  62.   Acting Crazy
  63.   Under the Stars
  64.   Is It Cold?
  65.   Russia!
  66.   Fool by Keshia
  67.   You Walk Away
  68.   Vanilla by Tania Zygar
  69.   Good Dream
  70.   Never Go Back by Brianna Holan
  71.   Before It Happens
  72.   So Close
  73.   The Camera Doesn't Lie, But You Do
  74.   Nothing Really Matters
  75.   Not That Beautiful
  76.   Apollo
  77.   A Picture Never Taken
  78.   Forever
  79.   Goin' Solar by Carmen Keigans
  80.   Something About You by Kerli
  81.   Redefined
  82.   The Closer I Get by Dashboard Confessional