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R&B singer and actor Tyrese Gibson -- referred to as Tyrese -- began his career at the age of 14, performing in local talent shows around his home in Los Angeles' Watts section. His big break came when he starred in a commercial for Coca-Cola, followed shortly in 1998 by his self-titled debut album for RCA. 2000 Watts arrived three years later and I Wanna Go There appeared a year after that, but it wasn't until late 2006 that he released his fourth album, Alter Ego, a double-disc set split between R&B and rap material. Even with the four-year gap between releases, Alter Ego was Tyrese's fourth consecutive Top Ten R&B album. Another five years passed before Open Invitation, where he declared to his listeners that music had always been his first love. A couple years later, he teamed up with Tank and Ginuwine for Three Kings, the debut album from his R&B supergroup TGT. A major success, it debuted at number three on the Billboard 200 chart. In 2015, Tyrese announced that Black Rose would be his final solo album. It was released that July, featured first-rate duets with Brandy and Chrisette Michele, and debuted at number one. As an actor, he has either starred or co-starred in Baby Boy, Four Brothers, and several installments in the Fast and the Furious series. He has also executive-produced a number of series for television, including First In, K-Town, and Roll Models. ~ Jason Ankeny & Andy Kellman
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  1.   Song
  2.   Sweet Lady
  3.   Stay
  4.   How You Gonna Act Like That
  5.   Lately
  6.   Shame
  7.   Waiting on You
  8.   Signs of Love Makin'
  9.   Best of Me
  10.   Nothing On You
  11.   One
  12.   Roll the Dice
  13.   Too Easy
  14.   What Am I Gonna Do
  15.   Dumb Shit
  16.   On Top of Me
  17.   Angel
  18.   When We Make Love
  19.   Ain't Nothin' Like a Jones
  20.   I Wanna Go There
  21.   Kinna Right
  22.   How You Gonna Act
  23.   Addict
  24.   Tell Me, Tell Me
  25.   Takeover
  26.   Make Love
  27.   Come Back to Me Shawty
  28.   Gotta Get You
  29.   Just a Baby Boy featuring Mr. Tan
  30.   I Can't Go On
  31.   Gonna Give You What You Need
  32.   Leave
  33.   Lights On
  34.   Turn Ya Out
  35.   Better Than Sex
  36.   I'm the Other Man (Interlude)
  37.   How Do U Want It (Situations)
  38.   For Always
  39.   Fling
  40.   Lord You Control Me (Interlude)
  41.   Make up Your Mind
  42.   Stay in Touch
  43.   Nobody Else
  44.   I Still Do
  45.   Body Language
  46.   Don't Wanna Look Back
  47.   Picture Perfect
  48.   Dumb S**t by Snoop Dogg
  49.   Ransom
  50.   It's All On Me
  51.   I Gotta Chick by Rick Ross
  52.   Interlude: I Wrote a Song About It
  53.   Better to Know
  54.   Get It In
  55.   All Ghetto Girl
  56.   She Lets Me Be a Man
  57.   I Must Be Crazy
  58.   U Don't Give a Damn About Me
  59.   Housekeepin'
  60.   Get Up on It by Sole
  61.   Off the Heezy by Jermaine Dupri
  62.   I'm Sorry
  63.   There For Me (Baby)
  64.   I Ain't the One
  65.   I Like Them Girls
  66.   Taste My Love
  67.   Promises
  68.   Do You Need
  69.   Give Love a Try
  70.   Criminal Mind
  71.   Get It In by Method Man
  72.   Sweet Little Jesus Boy
  73.   The Rest of Our Lives
  74.   Without My Heart
  75.   Prior to You
  76.   Walk... a Poem For My Fans
  77.   One Night
  78.   Interlude
  79.   I'm Home by Jay Rock
  80.   I Miss That Girl
  81.   Morning After
  82.   Hurry Up
  83.   Signs of Love Makin', Pt. 2 by R. Kelly
  84.   Get Low
  85.   U Scared
  86.   What It Is
  87.   Ghetto Dayz
  88.   Fly Away featuring Black-Ty
  89.   Somebody Special
  90.   Bring You Back My Way
  91.   Girl I Can't Help It
  92.   Taking Forever
  93.   You Get Yours