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The Men

Brooklyn's Nick Chiericozzi, Chris Hansell, and Mark Perro formed scuzzy post-punk group the Men in 2008. Before recruiting drummer Rich Samis, they self-released the albums We Are the Men and Immaculada, as well as a few tapes. The band recorded in Python Patrol studio for its Sacred Bones debut, Leave Home, which was released in 2011. They returned the following March with Open Your Heart, expanding their musical palette to meld country, psych, and surf influences with their blistering rock. Their fourth album, New Moon, as well as their Campfire Songs EP, arrived in 2013. The Men continued their musical evolution, as well as their prolific streak, with their fifth album, Tomorrow's Hits, which found the Brooklyn band moving further away from their hardcore roots towards the earnest, blue collar rock of artists like Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty. ~ Jason Lymangrover
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The Men

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The Men

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The Men

  1.   Song
  2.   Different Days
  3.   Turn It Around
  4.   If You Leave...
  5.   Please Don't Go Away
  6.   Without a Face
  7.   The Brass
  8.   Shitting With the Shaw
  9.   Open Your Heart
  10.   Bataille
  11.   B Minor
  12.   Pearly Gates
  13.   Water Babies
  14.   Freaky
  15.   High and Lonesome
  16.   The Seeds
  17.   Half Angel Half Light
  18.   Open The Door
  19.   A Minor
  20.   Cube
  21.   Candy
  22.   Country Song
  23.   Animal
  24.   Think
  25.   L.A.D.O.C.H.
  26.   Electric
  27.   Settle Me Down
  28.   Sleepless
  29.   I See No One
  30.   Lotus
  31.   ( )
  32.   Night Landing
  33.   Patience
  34.   Supermoon
  35.   Get What You Give
  36.   I Saw Her Face
  37.   Going Down
  38.   Dark Waltz
  39.   Ex-Dreams
  40.   Another Night
  41.   Turn Your Color
  42.   Oscillation
  43.   Presence
  44.   Bird Song
  45.   Gates of Steel
  46.   Stranger Song
  47.   Problems/Burning Up
  48.   Grave Desecration
  49.   Madonna; The Star of the Sea
  50.   Lazarus
  51.   Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition
  52.   Oh Yoko
  53.   Immaculada
  54.   Hated
  55.   Ailment
  56.   The Man
  57.   Sketchy Pussy

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