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Massachusetts metalcore enthusiasts Unearth formed in 1998 and immediately started rocking, both in and around Boston and on the road. They quickly found a strong following, booking tours with such like-minded acts as the Black Dahlia Murder and Killswitch Engage, and supporting big names like Lamb of God and Slipknot. After issuing Above the Fall of Man (Endless Flight) in 1999 Unearth jumped to Eulogy for two albums, 2001's Stings of Conscience and Endless, the following year. Their biggest exposure came in 2004 with the furious Metal Blade release Oncoming Storm. The album was a critical and fan favorite, and Unearth supported it with a slot on summer 2004's Sounds of the Underground Tour, which featured such tastemaking metal and post-hardcore acts as Lamb of God, Poison the Well, and Clutch. The band released III: In the Eyes of Fire in August of 2006, followed in 2008 by the well-received conceptual album The March, and in 2011 by the chart-topping Darkness in the Light. The band features vocalist Trevor Phipps, guitarists Ken Susi and Buz McGrath, bassist John Maggard, and drummer Nick Pierce. ~ Johnny Loftus
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  1.   Song
  2.   Black Hearts Now Reign
  3.   The Great Dividers
  4.   My Will Be Done
  5.   Never Cease
  6.   To the Ground
  7.   Cutman
  8.   Watchers of Rule
  9.   Fuel the Fire
  10.   Giles
  11.   Ruination of the Lost
  12.   This Glorious Nightmare
  13.   DeVil Has Risen
  14.   Arise the War Cry
  15.   Guards of Contagion
  16.   My Desire
  17.   Grave of Opportunity
  18.   The Charm
  19.   Stronghold
  20.   Burial Lines
  21.   Internal War
  22.   One Step Away
  23.   Big Bear and the Hour of Chaos
  24.   Lifetime in Ruins
  25.   Vanishment
  26.   Throes of Remission
  27.   Intro
  28.   Watch It Burn
  29.   Last Wish
  30.   False Idols
  31.   Aries
  32.   This Time Was Mine
  33.   Birth of a Legion
  34.   From the Tombs of Five Below
  35.   Only the People
  36.   The Swarm
  37.   The Fallen
  38.   Our Callous Skin/Silence Caught the Stubborn Tongue
  39.   We Are Not Anonymous
  40.   Crow Killer
  41.   Bled Dry
  42.   So It Goes
  43.   March of the Mutes
  44.   Predetermined Sky
  45.   Lie to Purify
  46.   Zombie Autopilot
  47.   It's So Easy
  48.   Endless
  49.   Monition
  50.   Stings of Conscience
  51.   My Heart Bleeds No Longer
  52.   Trail to Fire
  53.   Shadows In the Light
  54.   Overcome
  55.   Eyes of Black
  56.   Disillusion
  57.   Coming of the Dark
  58.   Truth or Consequence
  59.   The Glorious Nightmare
  60.   Clobberin Time/What's Going On
  61.   The Chosen
  62.   Impostors Kingdom
  63.   Unstoppable
  64.   Sanctity of Brothers
  65.   This Lying World
  66.   Shattered by the Sun
  67.   Spirit in Black
  68.   Equinox
  69.   Letting Go
  70.   March
  71.   Hail the Shrine
  72.   Bloodlust of the Human Condition
  73.   Failure
  74.   Lefty
  75.   Convictions
  76.   Call to Judgement
  77.   Black Hearts Will Reign
  78.   Original EPK
  79.   [Untitled Hidden Track]
  80.   Eye of the Oncoming Storm
  81.   The Lying World
  82.   Bonus Materials
  83.   Our Callous Skin
  84.   Silence Caught the Stubborn Tongue
  85.   The Documentaries: Gig Life 2009
  86.   The Documentaries: Making the March
  87.   The Documentaries: The Three Day March
  88.   Wacken 2008
  89.   Webisode: Preproduction with Adam D, Pt. 1
  90.   Webisode: Preproduction with Adam D, Pt. 2
  91.   Webisode: Recording Backup Vocals with Norma Jean
  92.   Webisode: Recording Guitars
  93.   Webisode: Recording Vocals