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Unearthly Trance

Long Island, New York's Unearthly Trance came into existence at the dawn of the new millennium and features vocalist/guitarist Rion Lipynsky, bassist Jay Newman and drummer Darren Verni. Sworn to perpetrate the most corrosive doom/death metal dirges imaginable, the heavy-handed trio follows in the heels of Warhorse, Khanate, among others. A couple of self-financed early releases, Hadit and V.V.V.V preceded the arrival of their full-length debut for the Music Cartel via 2003's Season of Séance, Science of Silence. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
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Unearthly Trance

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Unearthly Trance

Top Songs by
Unearthly Trance

  1.   Song
  2.   Firebrand
  3.   Mass of the Phoenix
  4.   Unveiled
  5.   In the Red
  6.   Black Heart/Black Lung
  7.   It Is the Never and Forever That You Fear
  8.   Adversaries Mask 1
  9.   Into a Chasm
  10.   The Tesla Effect
  11.   [Untitled]
  12.   The Scum Is in Orbit
  13.   Dream State Arsenal
  14.   The Leveling
  15.   Wandering Winter Winds
  16.   Wake Up and Smell the Corpses
  17.   Scarlet
  18.   The Air Exits/The Sea Accepts Me
  19.   Permanent Ice
  20.   Decrepitude
  21.   Distant Roads Overgrown
  22.   The Horsemen Arrive in the Night
  23.   Physical Universe Distorts
  24.   Possession in Poverty
  25.   God Is a Beast
  26.   Diseased
  27.   Chaos Star
  28.   Submerged Metropolis
  29.   Burn You Insane
  30.   Current
  31.   Solar Eye
  32.   Servants of the Warsmen
  33.   Penta(grams)
  34.   Adversaries Mask 2
  35.   You Get What You Want
  36.   When Anti-Humanity Flourishes
  37.   The Dust Will Never Settle
  38.   Sleeping While They Feast
  39.   Adversaries Mask I
  40.   The Aftermath Was Morbid
  41.   Raised by the Wolves
  42.   Religious Slaves
  43.   Turning Piss into Gold
  44.   Where the Unbelievable Is Ordinary
  45.   Long Gone
  46.   Inself/Infinite
  47.   Famine
  48.   Adversaries Mask II
  49.   Untitled

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