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Ursula 1000

Ursula 1000 is a stylish American producer, multi-instrumentalist, and DJ who creates sampladelic easy listening breakbeat tracks in a style similar to continental popsters from Pizzicato Five to Dimitri from Paris. Born Alex Gimeno, he was raised in Miami, where he studied commercial art and owned an underground comic-book store before joining the local band 23 as a drummer. Absorbed partially through his enormous record collection, Gimeno soon fused his fanatical love of music and pop culture to birth Ursula 1000. He bought turntables and a mixer, learned to spin, and began DJ'ing at both a local college station and Miami nightclubs, recording along the way as well. After becoming a fixture -- as both DJ and drummer -- in the Miami scene for nearly a decade, Gimeno relocated to New York City to further both his mixing and production career. Gimeno signed to the Eighteenth Street Lounge label run by D.C.'s Thievery Corporation, which became the outlet for virtually all of his releases. From 1999 through 2009, he issued four studio albums (1999's The Now Sound of Ursula 1000, 2002's Kinda' Kinky, 2005's Here Comes Tomorrow, 2009's Mystics), a remix set (2007's Undressed ...Remixed), and a pair of mix albums (2000's All Systems Are Go Go and 2004's Ursadelica). His 2011 release Mondo Beyondo featured rapper Ms. G and vocalists Fred Schneider of the B-52s and Thievery Corporation's Natalia Clavier. While his sound became increasingly heavy and more dancefloor-oriented, his sense of genre-mashing playfulness never waned. In 2014 he introduced both his alias Quentin Quatro and his label Insect Queen Music with the EP The Disco Quatro. He returned to the Ursula 1000 moniker for 2015's Voyeur, an album that featured guest appearances from Mocean Worker, Lady Bunny, and Puddles Pity Party. ~ John Bush
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Ursula 1000

Top Songs by
Ursula 1000

  1.   Song
  2.   Along Came Mister Nobody
  3.   The Girl From N.O.W.H.E.R.E.
  4.   Riviera Rendezvous
  5.   Le Fini
  6.   Faded Denim Wash (Ursula's 80s High Waisted Redux)
  7.   Star Machine
  8.   Bass and Tremble
  9.   Jackie Go!
  10.   I'm Gonna Shock You Daddy
  11.   Electrik Boogie
  12.   The Shake
  13.   Blast Off! by Lady Bunny
  14.   Répétez Le Repertoire by Isabelle Antena
  15.   Mambo 1000
  16.   Smoke Machine
  17.   The Shadow Of Your Smile
  18.   Faded Denim Wash
  19.   Tropical Intention
  20.   Clap Your Hands
  21.   Tropicadelica by Natalia Clavier
  22.   The Fly
  23.   Red Hot Mama by "Big" Mike Geier
  24.   Don't Get Your Panties in a Bunch
  25.   Disko-Tech
  26.   Baby Laser Love by Ms. G
  27.   (You Can't Control) The Spectrum Soul
  28.   Stinger
  29.   Fuzz 1000
  30.   Rump
  31.   Zombies
  32.   Tension
  33.   Rocket
  34.   Step Back
  35.   Princess T.N.T.
  36.   Destination - Paradise
  37.   Her Comes Tomorrow by Robert Conroy
  38.   Arrastao
  39.   Urgent/Anxious
  40.   Mirkin the Mystic
  41.   Boop
  42.   Two Tone Rocka
  43.   Hello! Let's Go to a Disco
  44.   Kaboom!
  45.   Got Cha
  46.   Nightcap
  47.   Samba 1000
  48.   Mucho Tequila
  49.   Continental Break Fest
  50.   Smokebomb
  51.   Ram Balram
  52.   Ford Capri 2
  53.   Polyblend
  54.   Soft Landing
  55.   Savoir Faire
  56.   Pleasure Unit
  57.   Mr. Hrundi's Holiday
  58.   Gambit
  59.   This Magick
  60.   That Kindu That You Do
  61.   Graveyard Stomp
  62.   The Elegant Oracle
  63.   Dancing Undergound
  64.   Hip Length
  65.   I.C.O.M.E.
  66.   Do It Right
  67.   Chase Sequence #3
  68.   Kinda Kinky
  69.   Dancing Underground
  70.   Slinky
  71.   Ragnarock
  72.   Full on Cheetah
  73.   I Got What You Need
  74.   Hey You!
  75.   Les Techniques de l'Amour
  76.   The Wizard
  77.   Mystics
  78.   Balearix
  79.   Funky Bikini
  80.   Tigerbeat
  81.   Descarga en La Discoteca by Los Amigos Invisibles
  82.   Beatbox Cha Cha
  83.   Mondo
  84.   Very Leggy
  85.   Boogaloop
  86.   Supersonic Sounds