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Valient Thorr

According to frontman Valient Himself, hard-rocking metal outfit Valient Thorr were birthed on the planet Venus several millennia ago, hopscotching across the space-time continuum before finally arriving on Earth in 1957. Upon crashing in North Carolina, their time-travel machine was stolen by Walt Disney, and so the group (guitarists Eidan Thorr and Odinn Thorr, bassist Dr. Professor Nitewolf Strangees, and drummer Lucian Thorr) remains here to rock while seeking the means to return home. Valient Thorr issued their debut LP, Total Universe Man, in 2005. Legend of the World followed one Earth year later. Odinn Thorr was replaced by Voiden Thorr, and the band released Immortalizer in 2008. The Stranger followed in 2010, before the band returned with its beastly sixth album, Our Own Masters, in 2013. They returned three years later with the rollicking Old Salt, which featured the punk-inflected single "Mirakuru." ~ Jason Ankeny
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Valient Thorr

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Valient Thorr

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Valient Thorr

  1.   Song
  2.   Fall of Pangea
  3.   Man Behind the Curtain
  4.   Heetseeker
  5.   Hijackers
  6.   Call Off the Dogs
  7.   Tackle the Walrus
  8.   Disappearer
  9.   Infinite Lives
  10.   Birdhead Looking @ Goldenhands
  11.   Stormstris
  12.   Habituary
  13.   Future Humans
  14.   Tomorrow Police
  15.   Spellbroke
  16.   False Profits
  17.   [Untitled Hidden Track]
  18.   Without Hope, Without Fear
  19.   Nomadic Sacrifice
  20.   The Duke
  21.   The Recognition
  22.   Double Crossed
  23.   Deillumination
  24.   Intermission: Theme from 6th Grade Watercolor
  25.   Good News Bad News
  26.   Sudden Death Is Nothing
  27.   Palm Reader
  28.   Manipulation
  29.   Vision Quest
  30.   Mirakuru
  31.   Prologue: Civil Blood Makes Civil Hands Unclean
  32.   Somnambluance
  33.   The Shroud
  34.   Night Terrors
  35.   Problem Solver
  36.   Mask of Sanity
  37.   Stick and Stones
  38.   Lil Knife
  39.   Worm Up
  40.   Sleeper Awakes
  41.   Beast With a Billion Eyes
  42.   Intermission: Thesis of Infinite Measure
  43.   I Am the Law
  44.   Lime Green Net
  45.   Har Megiddo
  46.   Torn Apart
  47.   No Strings Attached
  48.   Crowdpleaser
  49.   Blow Up the Pyramid
  50.   Steeplechase
  51.   Con Science
  52.   Cerberus
  53.   Showdown
  54.   Goveruptcy
  55.   Woman in the Woods
  56.   Life Hands You Demons
  57.   Insatiable
  58.   Exit Strategy
  59.   Triceratops
  60.   Linen Maker
  61.   The Trudge
  62.   Vernal Equinox
  63.   We Believe in Science
  64.   Cut and Run
  65.   Master Collider
  66.   No Holds Barred
  67.   Immaculate Consumption
  68.   Parable of Daedalus
  69.   Looking Glass
  70.   I Hope the Ghosts of the Dead Haunt Yr Soul Forever
  71.   [Untitled Track]
  72.   Red Flag
  73.   Jealous Gods
  74.   Tough Customer
  75.   Nervous Energy
  76.   Gillionaire
  77.   No Count Blues
  78.   1000 Winters In a Row
  79.   Rezerection

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