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Vanilla Ice

With his hit single "Ice Ice Baby" and its accompanying album, To the Extreme, Vanilla Ice became the second white rapper to top the charts. Unlike the Beastie Boys, he didn't have any street credibility, so the Miami-born rapper decided to invent some of his own, claiming he had a seriously violent gangster past. Nevertheless, "Ice Ice Baby" became a number one hit late in 1990, thanks to the pulsating bass riff from David Bowie and Queen's "Under Pressure." To the Extreme also went to the top of the charts, spending 16 weeks at number one and selling over seven million copies. Ice began filming a feature film, Cool as Ice, in the spring of 1990, but by the time the film came out in the fall, his star had fallen dramatically; To the Extreme was at number one longer than the soundtrack to Cool as Ice was even on the charts. Sensing that his time had passed, Vanilla Ice took a couple years off, re-emerging in 1994 with Mind Blowin'. Dispensing with the pop-rap formula of his debut, the rapper adopted the lazy, rolling funk of Cypress Hill, as well as that trio's obsession with pot. The album was a commercial disaster, disappearing from sight immediately after its release. With 1998's Hard to Swallow, Ice attempted to reinvent himself as a hardcore, gangsta-styled rapper; again the public wanted no part of it. A similar attempt, 2001's Bipolar, tried to reinvent him as both rapper and rocker, much to the public's general disinterest. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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Vanilla Ice

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Vanilla Ice

  1.   Song
  2.   Ice Ice Baby
  3.   Ninja Rap
  4.   Play That Funky Music
  5.   Insane in the Brain
  6.   Jump Around
  7.   Havin' a Roni
  8.   Hooked
  9.   Rollin' in My 5.0
  10.   Stop That Train
  11.   I Like It
  12.   Fame
  13.   I Love You So
  14.   You Dropped a Bomb on Me
  15.   Road to My Riches
  16.   Son of a Gun
  17.   Satisfaction
  18.   The Horny Song
  19.   A.D.D.
  20.   I Love You
  21.   V.I.P Posse By One
  22.   Treat 'Em Right
  23.   I Got It Made
  24.   You Gots to Chill
  25.   Baby Got Back
  26.   Fight the Power
  27.   Intro/Ice Is Workin' It
  28.   Yo Vanilla
  29.   Valley of Tears
  30.   UFC
  31.   Trailer Park Mullet Wars
  32.   Tell Me Why by Zeno
  33.   Tank
  34.   Tammy Faye
  35.   Survivor
  36.   Smooth Interlude
  37.   Say Goodbye
  38.   S.N.A.R.Y.
  39.   Rosta Man
  40.   Rollin' in My
  41.   Roll 'Em Up
  42.   Minutes of Power
  43.   Life Is a Fantasy
  44.   Iceman Party
  45.   Hit 'Em Hard
  46.   Freestyle
  47.   Dunn Natt
  48.   Detonator by Train
  49.   Bullet on the Chart
  50.   Bounce
  51.   Aussie Steve
  52.   Dancin'
  53.   Buffalo Soldier
  54.   Move
  55.   Zig Zag Stories
  56.   Too Cold
  57.   Stompin' Through the Rayou
  58.   Scars
  59.   Prozac
  60.   Oh My Gosh
  61.   Living
  62.   Live Intro
  63.   Juice to Get Loose Boy
  64.   It's a Party
  65.   Ice Is Workin' It
  66.   Ice Cold
  67.   I Go Down
  68.   Go Ill
  69.   Ecstacy
  70.   Cool as Ice (Everybody Get Loose) by Naomi Campbell
  71.   Blowin' My Mind
  72.   Phunky Rhymes
  73.   Now and Forever
  74.   Get Em' Now
  75.   Get Loose
  76.   The Wrath
  77.   Fuck Me
  78.   Get Wit' It

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