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Taking influence from bands like As I Lay Dying, Norma Jean, and Every Time I Die, Boston metalcore outfit Vanna were barely together a year before signing with Epitaph Records in fall 2005. Comprising Joe Bragel (vocals), Nick Lambert (guitar/vocals), Evan Pharmakis (guitar/vocals), Brandon Davis (drums), and Shawn Marquis (bass), their music often alternated between melodic singing and visceral growling. The band parted ways with Bragel for personal reasons in February 2006, and a new vocalist, Chris Preece, eventually replaced him. Vanna's debut EP, The Search Party Never Came, appeared in June 2006. Vanna spent the summer touring nationwide, including various dates with labelmates Escape the Fate, before retiring to a Seattle studio with producer Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Norma Jean) that fall. The resulting full-length, Curses, surfaced in April 2007 and was supported with spring shows alongside Lovehatehero. The group's sophomore outing, A New Hope, also on Epitaph, arrived in 2009, followed in 2011 by And They Came Baring Bones and The Few and the Far Between, both of which were issued via Sacramento-based Artery Recordings. The Will Putney-produced Void, the band's fifth long-player, was released in 2014 through Pure Noise Records. An EP of covers called ALT dropped in 2015, followed by a new studio album, All Hell, in 2016. ~ Corey Apar
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  1.   Song
  2.   Lead Balloon
  3.   Personal Cross
  4.   The Search Party Never Came
  5.   We Ate the Horse You Rode in On
  6.   Casket Rhythm
  7.   Lost and Bound
  8.   Home
  9.   Beautiful People
  10.   Piss Up a Rope
  11.   When In Roam
  12.   History on Repeat
  13.   The Sun Sets Here
  14.   Safe to Say
  15.   Heavens to Betsy
  16.   The Dreamer/The Thief/The Relic
  17.   Silver Sun
  18.   Ten Arms
  19.   Got the Life
  20.   Humaphobia
  21.   Please Stay
  22.   White Light
  23.   We Are Nameless
  24.   Digging
  25.   A Dead Language for a Dying Lady
  26.   Pretty Grim
  27.   Fuel
  28.   Void
  29.   His Heels
  30.   I Said I'm Fine
  31.   The Few and the Far Between
  32.   Year of the Rat
  33.   We Ate the Horse
  34.   I, The Collector
  35.   Eyes Like The Tides
  36.   Breathing at the Bottom
  37.   Black Bones
  38.   Sending Vessels
  39.   Passerby
  40.   Dead Language
  41.   The Same Graceful Wind
  42.   Sleepwalker
  43.   Like Changing Seasons
  44.   Life and Limb
  45.   Let's Have an Earthquake
  46.   Into Hell's Mouth We March
  47.   Country Boys... Goddamn
  48.   Surgical Tools
  49.   The Vanishing Orchestra
  50.   Trophy Wives
  51.   Magnetic Knives
  52.   This Map Is Old News
  53.   I Am the Wind
  54.   She's a Real Battleaxe
  55.   I Am the Wind, You Are the Feather
  56.   The Lost Art of Staying Alive
  57.   Self-Esteem
  58.   Yüth Decay
  59.   The Alarm
  60.   Trashmouth
  61.   The Weekly Slap in the Face
  62.   The Things He Carried
  63.   Careless Men Lead Careless Lives
  64.   That Champagne Feeling
  65.   Beautiful People
  66.   Where We Are Now
  67.   Schadenfreudu
  68.   I, the Remover
  69.   Zero
  70.   Bienvenue
  71.   Toxic Pretender
  72.   Holy Hell
  73.   A Thin Place
  74.   You Were Never Lovelier
  75.   Pornocopia
  76.   Scarlet Shroud
  77.   Passages
  78.   All American't
  79.   Schadenfreude
  80.   The Lost Art Of Staying
  81.   Dead Language For The Dying Lady
  82.   Paranoia Euphoria
  83.   Circle the Flame
  84.   Flower
  85.   Leather Feather
  86.   Wounded Young
  87.   Reaping a Whirlwind
  88.   Candle Limbs
  89.   Mutter

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