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Volbeat, a Danish metal band begun by former Dominus leader Michael Poulsen in October of 2001, became a dominant force not only in Danish metal, but in Danish rock as a whole, charting albums and singles on a regular basis. Poulsen's earlier group, Dominus, was a giant in Danish metal, releasing four albums in ten years, and making a lasting impression on the scene. Poulsen felt it was time to start over, and his concept of giving straight-up heavy metal a more trad rock flourish (Poulsen was a big Elvis fan, if that is any indication) was at the heart of Volbeat. Bringing together members Franz Gottschalk on guitar (he would be replaced by Thomas Bredahl in 2006), Jon Larsen on drums, and Anders Kjølholm on bass, vocalist and guitarist Poulsen was able to release the band's first demo, Volbeat, in 2002. Reception was lukewarm to the initial release, but the group's second demo, Beat the Meat, was an instant success, getting airplay on European radio. Volbeat consolidated this early win with a semifinal appearance on the Danish talent show competition Live Contest. From then on, Volbeat began an almost constant work schedule, including performances with Europe and America's biggest metal acts, as well as winning a number of genre and industry awards for their music. The band soon landed a record deal with Rebel Monster, and released The Strength/The Sound/The Songs. That first "official" release was a relative monster in the band's home nation, and beyond brisk sales, the album won a handful of awards, including Best Album in the Danish Metal Musik Awards in 2005. Volbeat had further reason to celebrate, as 2006 saw the group playing most of the Continent's best-known rock festivals, including Roskilde and Summer Breeze. They followed up these appearances with a Danish tour. A follow-up to their best-selling debut finally appeared in shops in 2007. Titled Rock the Rebel/Metal the Devil, the album debuted at number one in Denmark, and later that year Volbeat made a repeat appearance at Roskilde, opened for Metallica and Megadeth, and once again toured Europe. They followed that chart-topper with Guitar Gangsters and Cadillac Blood in 2008, which also hit the top spot in Denmark, and once more toured festivals worldwide, seeing their brand of metal, hard rock, and punk cross over into the pop market without a concession in their sound. In 2010 Volbeat released Above Heaven/Beyond Hell with guest appearances from Mercyful Fate/King Diamond guitarist Michael Denner, Napalm Death's Mark "Barney" Greenway, Kreator's Mille Petrozza, and Jacob Øelund of rockabilly crew Taggy Tones. They toured relentlessly for the next year and a half on their own and played many festivals. In 2012 Volbeat reentered the studio and emerged in April 2013 with their fifth album, Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies, which introduced a new member of the group, former Anthrax guitarist Robert Caggiano. (He had been brought in to co-produce and add guitar solos for the project, and ended up joining the band.) One of Volbeat's most stylistically diverse offerings to date, Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies also became a major international success; it went to number one in Austria, Canada, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Norway, and Switzerland, while making the Top Ten in the United States, Sweden, Holland, and Belgium. After extensive global touring and numerous festival appearances, Volbeat jumped back into the studio with co-producer Jacob Hansen. A pre-release single, "The Devil's Bleeding Crown," was issued in April 2016. The full length Seal the Deal & Let's Boogie followed in June. ~ Chris True
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Top Songs by

  1.   Song
  2.   Still Counting
  3.   The Hangman's Body Count
  4.   Seal the Deal
  5.   Fallen
  6.   A Warrior's Call
  7.   Heaven Nor Hell
  8.   Black Rose
  9.   Lola Montez
  10.   The Devil's Bleeding Crown
  11.   Dead But Rising
  12.   Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood
  13.   A Moment Forever
  14.   You or Them
  15.   My Body
  16.   The Garden's Tale
  17.   Room 24
  18.   Doc Holliday
  19.   Black Rose
  20.   Battleship Chains
  21.   The Bliss
  22.   I Only Wanna Be With You
  23.   Lonesome Rider
  24.   Goodbye Forever
  25.   A Broken Man and the Dawn
  26.   We
  27.   Hallelujah Goat
  28.   Thanks
  29.   I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
  30.   Marie Laveau
  31.   Sad Man's Tongue
  32.   Goodbye Forever
  33.   Black Bart
  34.   Maybellene I Hofteholder
  35.   For Evigt
  36.   16 Dollars
  37.   Making Believe
  38.   Let It Burn
  39.   Rebel Angel
  40.   7 Shots
  41.   Mary Jane Kelly
  42.   Rebound
  43.   The Nameless One
  44.   Another Day, Another Way
  45.   Pearl Hart
  46.   Mary Ann's Place
  47.   Light a Way
  48.   Cape of Our Hero
  49.   The Gates of Babylon
  50.   The Sinner Is You
  51.   Healing Subconsciously
  52.   Evelyn
  53.   A New Day
  54.   Pool of Booze, Booze, Booza/Boa
  55.   Soulweeper
  56.   Find That Soul
  57.   Wild Rover of Hell
  58.   Angelfuck
  59.   The Mirror and the Ripper
  60.   Something Else Or...
  61.   The Loa's Crossroad
  62.   Let's Shake Some Dust
  63.   Intro
  64.   Radio Girl
  65.   Alienized
  66.   Everything's Still Fine
  67.   Caroline #1
  68.   Who They Are
  69.   Back to Prom
  70.   River Queen
  71.   Devil or the Blue Cat's Song
  72.   The Human Instrument
  73.   Boa (JDM)
  74.   Fire Song
  75.   Say Your Number
  76.   Slaytan
  77.   Our Loved Ones
  78.   Always, Wu
  79.   Danny & Lucy (11 PM)
  80.   You Will Know
  81.   Magic Zone
  82.   Being 1
  83.   A Better Believer
  84.   Mr. and Mrs. Ness
  85.   Rebel Monster
  86.   Caroline Leaving

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