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With a pair of double-platinum albums and three Top Ten singles, Warrant were one of the most popular pop-metal bands of the late '80s. Formed in Los Angeles in 1984, the group weathered several lineup changes before solidifying around the talents of vocalist Jani Lane, guitarist Erik Turner, guitarist Joey Allen, bassist Jerry Dixon, and drummer Steven Sweet. The band signed with Columbia Records in January 1988 and released Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich one year later; by that summer, it had climbed into the Top Ten and launched the hit singles "Down Boys," "Sometimes She Cries," and "Heaven," the last of which reached number two on the American charts. Released in the summer of 1990, the follow-up effort Cherry Pie was an even bigger success, climbing into the Top Ten and featuring the high-charting singles "I Saw Red" and "Cherry Pie." Warrant had some trouble continuing their multi-platinum success during the alternative explosion of 1992, although their third album, Dog Eat Dog, did go gold. Ultraphobic (1995) and Belly to Belly (1996), however, failed to chart. The band's lineup began to splinter as the '90s progressed, with the majority of Warrant's founding members leaving the group. Under the Influence arrived in 2001, comprised of various cover songs and two original tracks; it also marked Jani Lane's last recording with the band. He ultimately left in 2004, taking two of Warrant's members with him, and was replaced by former Black 'N Blue vocalist Jaime St. James. While Lane attempted a solo career, the revised version of Warrant released Born Again in 2006. Jaime St. James' tenure in the band proved to be very short, as he was ousted in 2008 in favor of Lane's return. Later that year, Lane left once again and was replaced by Lynch Mob's Rob Mason. Lane was found dead at the age of 47 in a Los Angeles hotel room in August 2011. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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Top Songs by

  1.   Song
  2.   Heaven
  3.   Cherry Pie
  4.   Down Boys
  5.   Sometimes She Cries
  6.   Uncle Tom's Cabin
  7.   I Saw Red
  8.   Big Talk
  9.   Mr. Rainmaker
  10.   Bed of Roses
  11.   In the Sticks
  12.   Only Broken Heart
  13.   Devil Dancer
  14.   Perfect
  15.   We Will Rock You
  16.   All My Bridges Are Burning
  17.   So Damn Pretty (Should Be Against the Law)
  18.   32 Pennies
  19.   Sure Feels Good to Me
  20.   I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink
  21.   Roxy
  22.   Dirty Jack
  23.   Game of War
  24.   All Night Long
  25.   Photograph
  26.   Suffragette City
  27.   Bad Tattoo
  28.   The Jones
  29.   Ultraphobic
  30.   Followed
  31.   Vertigo
  32.   Indian Giver
  33.   Feels Good
  34.   Family Picnic
  35.   A.Y.M.
  36.   Hole in My Wall
  37.   Thin Disguise
  38.   Let It Rain
  39.   Quicksand
  40.   Hollywood (So Far, So Good)
  41.   The Bitter Pill
  42.   Machine Gun
  43.   Cold Sweat
  44.   Ridin' High
  45.   D.R.F.S.R.
  46.   Train, Train
  47.   You're the Only Hell Your Mama Ever Raised
  48.   Song and Dance Man
  49.   Blind Faith
  50.   Love in Stereo
  51.   The Power
  52.   Hell Bent For Leather
  53.   Good Times
  54.   Velvet Noose
  55.   Bourbon County Line
  56.   Down Payment Blues
  57.   Nobody Else
  58.   Crawlspace
  59.   Chameleon
  60.   Sad Theresa
  61.   The Whole in My Wall
  62.   April 2031
  63.   Roller Coaster
  64.   Glimmer
  65.   Love Strikes Like Lightning
  66.   Angels
  67.   Hell, CA
  68.   Face
  69.   Sub Human
  70.   Come And Get It
  71.   Surrender
  72.   Hair Of The Dog
  73.   Dead, Jail Or Rock N Roll
  74.   Toys In The Attic
  75.   Southern Comfort
  76.   Solid
  77.   Interlude No. 1
  78.   Falling Down
  79.   Live Inside of You
  80.   Sum of One
  81.   Undertow
  82.   Inside Out
  83.   Andy Warhol Was Right
  84.   Ode to Tipper Gore
  85.   Tie Your Mother Down
  86.   Interlude No. 2
  87.   Coffee House
  88.   All 4 U
  89.   Letter to a Friend
  90.   In the End (There's Nothing)
  91.   Bonfire
  92.   High
  93.   Ride #2
  94.   Devils Juice
  95.   Room With a View
  96.   Stronger Now
  97.   Down in Diamonds

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