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Black metal outfit Watain emerged from Uppsala, Sweden, in 1998, quickly gaining underground credibility with an uncompromising 7" release entitled The Essence of Black Purity, then solidifying their commitment to the dark metal arts via 2000's thematically shocking (i.e., frequent odes to Satan and his pals) but instrumentally accomplished Rabid Death's Curse album. This has since been followed by incrementally lauded but always reliably extreme releases such as 2000's Ritual Macabre live album, 2001's The Misanthropic Ceremonies split single with Diabolicum, 2003's Casus Luciferi LP, 2007's Sworn to the Dark, 2010's Lawless Darkness, and 2013's The Wild Hunt. And, bucking underground metal tradition somewhat, Watain's lineup has remained consistently stable throughout these many years and releases, featuring vocalist/bassist Erik Danielsson (also known as the editor of the Hellish Massacre zine and the artist behind Cold Seed Creations), guitarists P. Forsberg and Set Teitan, bassist Tore Stjerna (an occasional producer and owner of Necromorbus Studio), and drummer H. Jonsson. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
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  1.   Song
  2.   Walls of Life Ruptured
  3.   On Horns Impaled
  4.   Holocaust Dawn
  5.   Sworn to the Dark
  6.   Sleepless Evil
  7.   They Rode On
  8.   The Child Must Die
  9.   All That May Bleed
  10.   Night Vision
  11.   Hymn to Qayin
  12.   Death's Cold Dark
  13.   Black Salvation
  14.   Devil's Blood
  15.   Legions of the Black Light
  16.   Storm of the Antichrist
  17.   Dead But Dreaming
  18.   Four Thrones
  19.   Play With the Devil
  20.   The Serpent's Chalice
  21.   The Wild Hunt
  22.   Withershins
  23.   The Light That Burns the Sun
  24.   Underneath the Cenotaph
  25.   Black Flames March
  26.   Chains of Death
  27.   Satan's Hunger
  28.   Stellarvore
  29.   Kiss of Death
  30.   Reaping Death
  31.   Puzzles ov Flesh
  32.   The Return of Darkness & Evil
  33.   Watain (VDN)
  34.   The Essence of Black Purity
  35.   Angelrape
  36.   Malfeitor
  37.   Total Funeral
  38.   Life Dethroned
  39.   Waters of Ain
  40.   Casus Luciferi
  41.   Ignem Veni Mittere
  42.   The Golden Horns of Darash
  43.   Darkness and Death
  44.   I Am the Earth
  45.   De Profundis
  46.   The Limb Crucifiks
  47.   From the Pulpits of Abomination
  48.   Wolves' Curse
  49.   Lawless Darkness
  50.   Agony Fires
  51.   Outlaw
  52.   Opus Dei
  53.   Mortem Sibi Consciscere
  54.   Rabid Death's Curse

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