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Named for his fear of the ocean, Wavves, the skuzzy project of San Diego slacker Nathan Williams, is a blend of distorted no-fi and refined sunshiny melodies. Charmingly messy, most of his lyrics, while difficult to decipher, generally revolve around the subjects of weed, boredom, and the beach -- when he isn't poking jabs at the gloomy subculture of goth rock (a common theme, found in "Goth Girls," "California Goths," "Summer Goths," "Surf Goths," and "Beach Goths"). Wavves was conceived just after Williams, at age 21, quit his job as a clerk at Music Trader, while he was dividing his free time between skateboarding, writing for his hip-hop blog, Ghost Ramp, and making music using an '80s Tascam cassette recorder and Garage Band software. Due to his inexperience with the program, the result of one month's worth of bedroom recording sessions was two full albums of songs: all completely mangled by overdriven inputs. Rather than scrapping the material, he embraced the in-the-red aesthetic and started promoting the songs online. Wavves was quickly embraced and touted as "the next big thing" by Internet music critics and fellow bloggers. Many praised the immediacy and D.I.Y. nature of his work, and Williams capitalized on those aspects, continuously uploading free digital versions of his music -- including two 7" singles, a cassette, and an EP -- all with simple self-drawn artwork or scanned photos for cover art. Wavves' first LP, simply titled Wavves, became available around this time as well, and it was released in a limited run by Woodsist. The more confusingly titled Wavvves (note the third "V") followed just after, and was planned for release by De Stijl before Williams jumped ship to Fat Possum. After the track list was revamped, the release date was pushed back a month and Wavvves was officially made available on March 17, 2009. After receiving mostly glowing reviews in April, Wavves got his share of bad press in late May. While performing live at the Primavera Sound Festival, assisted by drummer Ryan Ulsh, Williams had a minor meltdown and walked offstage. Later, he issued an apology, chalking up the incident to poor decision-making and a drug concoction of ecstasy, Valium, and Xanax. In 2010, after recording a few tracks with indie drummer extraordinaire Zach Hill, Williams entered the studio with Grammy-winning producer Dennis Herring to record a straightforward and surprisingly polished album. Following the August release of King of the Beach, Wavves toured as a trio with Williams assisted by former bandmates of the late Jay Reatard, bassist Stephen Pope and drummer Billy Hayes. After parting with Fat Possum, Williams released a new EP in the fall of 2011 under the Wavves name, titled Life Sux, featuring guest appearances by Best Coast and Fucked Up. He and Pope then began recording a new album with the production help of John Hill (Rihanna, Santigold), using their own money to finance the project. Mom + Pop signed the band and released the slickly produced, very '90s-influenced Afraid of Heights in early spring of 2013. Williams next focused on his beat-driven project Sweet Valley -- which he and his brother Joel started in 2012 -- realeasing their album SV in July 2013. Not content to stop at two, he formed another band, Spirit Club, in 2014 which featured his brother again, and Andrew Caddick (aka Jeans Wilder). Williams' collaborative spirit remained unquenchable and he teamed with Dylan Baldi of Cloud Nothings to record an album, No Life for Me, in 2014. It was released by Williams' Ghost Ramp label, right before Wavves fifth album. The stripped down, very hooky V was their first album for Warner Bros. and the process was painful for Williams, as a series of angry tweets sent out just before the September 2015 release date made clear. ~ Jason Lymangrover
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  1.   Song
  2.   Demon to Lean On
  3.   King of the Beach
  4.   Post Acid
  5.   Flamezesz
  6.   Way Too Much
  7.   Super Soaker
  8.   Bug
  9.   Baby Say Goodbye
  10.   I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl
  11.   Heavy Metal Detox
  12.   Nine is God
  13.   Leave
  14.   Idiot
  15.   Take on the World
  16.   Baseball Cards
  17.   Linus Spacehead
  18.   Green Eyes
  19.   Convertible Balloon
  20.   When Will You Come
  21.   Pony
  22.   Summer Goth
  23.   My Head Hurts
  24.   Paranoid
  25.   Spaced Raider
  26.   No Hope Kids
  27.   So Bored
  28.   Rainbow Everywhere
  29.   Lover
  30.   I Can't Dream
  31.   Sun Opens My Eyes
  32.   Hippies is Punks
  33.   Gimme a Knife
  34.   That's on Me
  35.   Everything Is My Fault
  36.   Cop
  37.   Afraid of Heights
  38.   Dog
  39.   Sail to the Sun
  40.   TV Luv Song
  41.   Destroy (feat. Members of Fucked Up)
  42.   Poor Lenore
  43.   Nodding Off by Best Coast
  44.   Mickey Mouse
  45.   Vermin
  46.   Teenage Super Party
  47.   Side Yr On
  48.   Intro Goth
  49.   Here's To The Sun
  50.   Weed Demon
  51.   To the Dregs
  52.   California Goths
  53.   Beach Demon
  54.   Surf Goth
  55.   Beach Goth
  56.   Lunge Forward
  57.   The Boys Will Love Us
  58.   Space Raider
  59.   Loser Year
  60.   Wavves
  61.   Mystic
  62.   Goth Girls
  63.   Gun in the Sun
  64.   Beat Me Up
  65.   Killr Punx, Scary Demons
  66.   Yoked
  67.   Get in the Sun
  68.   Ghost Ramp 4
  69.   Jetplane (Staying on A)
  70.   More Fur
  71.   Summer Goth 2
  72.   California Goth II
  73.   Destroh by Fucked Up
  74.   In the Sand
  75.   Ghost Ramp
  76.   All the Same
  77.   Redlead
  78.   Heart Attack
  79.   Wait
  80.   Tarantula
  81.   Cry Baby

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