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Not to be confused with a heavy metal band that is also called Wayne, the focus of this bio is a very melodic and accessible alternative pop/rock band from Birmingham, AL. Despite its Deep South roots, this Wayne is not overly Southern-sounding; no one would mistake the Alabama quartet for Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Outlaws, Molly Hatchet, Black Oak Arkansas, or any other bands that have had a stereotypically Southern sound. The Southern band that Wayne has the most in common with is Georgia's R.E.M.; like R.E.M., Wayne shows a healthy appreciation of the Beatles and British Invasion rock. But not all of Wayne's influences are British Invasion or Brit-pop influences; the artists who have influenced Wayne come from North America (Neil Young, the Beach Boys) as well as Great Britain (Elton John, Radiohead). Wayne is a perfect example of a band that has both Baby Boomer and Generation X influences -- there are plenty of '60s and '70s influences on Wayne's debut album, Music on Plastic, but there are also plenty of alternative rock influences (including R.E.M. and Radiohead). Wayne was formed in 1997, when lead guitarist/singer Michael Swann started working with lead singer/guitarist Rodney Reaves(who wrote all of the songs on Music on Plastic except a cover of Elton John's 1973 classic "Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road). Wayne's two other members are Justin Johnson(bass, vocals) and Jon Hornsby(drums). Playing around Birmingham, AL, and elsewhere in the Southeastern United States in the late '90s, Wayne created a buzz and developed a small regional following. In the early 2000s, Reaves landed a publishing deal with EMI, which funded the recording and producing of Music on Plastic. Thanks to EMI, Wayne had a finished product and began shopping it; TVT liked what it heard and signed the band. ~ Alex Henderson
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  1.   Song
  2.   Whisper
  3.   Mwe Lesa
  4.   I Do,I Love
  5.   Tata
  6.   Nobody Else
  7.   Yaweh
  8.   To Praise You
  9.   Head Up
  10.   Lovely
  11.   Jehovah
  12.   Shelter Me
  13.   The Best Thing
  14.   Letterbox
  15.   Ala Talalika
  16.   Holy Ghost Fire
  17.   Emmanuel
  18.   Its Alright,Its Okay
  19.   Let Me See You
  20.   It Feels Good
  21.   All in All
  22.   Umweo
  23.   Ina Diferent Style
  24.   Slow Down
  25.   If You Leave
  26.   In My Life
  27.   Imwe Lesa
  28.   Keep It Shinning
  29.   My Rock
  30.   With Regards
  31.   Here Iam
  32.   Be This Way
  33.   Ni Munkumbu
  34.   Hands Up
  35.   We Praise You
  36.   Ambuye Yesu
  37.   A Question
  38.   Drop D
  39.   Ndekula
  40.   Lift Jesus Higher
  41.   Closer to You
  42.   Everyday,Every Night
  43.   Mubumi Bwandi
  44.   Jesus
  45.   Incredible
  46.   Lesa
  47.   Worthy
  48.   One Day
  49.   Temporary
  50.   Take Control
  51.   Calling on Your Name
  52.   Figure It Out
  53.   Shooting at the Stars
  54.   Longing
  55.   Automatic
  56.   Lesa Katebebe
  57.   Love Songi
  58.   Yesu
  59.   Take Me Home
  60.   I'm Saying No!
  61.   Anything for You
  62.   Glorious

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