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We Are Scientists

Although formed on the West Coast by three California-based college students, We Are Scientists officially took flight after frontman Keith Murray, bass player Chris Cain, and drummer Michael Tapper relocated to Brooklyn and began building a small devoted following. After releasing three EPs and one independent album, the group signed with Virgin Records and released its major-label debut, With Love and Squalor, in early 2006. Although modestly popular in America, the album became a gold-selling hit in the U.K., where the band's sound -- part post-punk revival and part indie rock, with a touch of '80s synth pop -- drew parallels to popular bands like the Editors, Franz Ferdinand, and the Killers. In 2008, the group -- which was now just a duo comprising Cain and Murray -- put out its second full-length album, Brain Thrust Mastery. As before, the record found more popularity overseas, where it debuted at number 11 on the U.K. albums chart. The band toured heavily in support, playing a number of European festivals and opening shows in America for Kings of Leon. As We Are Scientists prepared to record a third album, former Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows joined the lineup, and the revised band unveiled itself with the release of 2010's Barbara. That year founding members Cain and Murray appeared in their own series of comedy shorts, titled Steve Wants His Money, which was seen on the Internet and ran as segments on MTV. In late 2012, they entered the studio in New York with producer Chris Coady (Beach House, Gang Gang Dance, Blonde Redhead) to record sessions for their fourth record. Burrows relocated to the city from England while he worked with Murray and Cain to write and record tracks for the album. Titled TV en Français, it arrived in early 2014. In 2016, We Are Scientists returned with their fifth studio album, Helter Seltzer, featuring the singles "Buckle" and "Too Late." ~ James Christopher Monger & Andrew Leahey
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We Are Scientists

Top Songs by
We Are Scientists

  1.   Song
  2.   Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
  3.   Nice Guys
  4.   After Hours
  5.   This Scene Is Dead
  6.   Buckle
  7.   Too Late
  8.   Classic Love
  9.   Chick Lit
  10.   Rules Don't Stop
  11.   Lousy Reputation
  12.   Return the Favor
  13.   The Great Escape
  14.   Get Off
  15.   Central AC
  16.   Lethal Enforcer
  17.   Ghouls
  18.   History Repeats
  19.   What's the Word
  20.   Inaction
  21.   Hold On
  22.   Overreacting, Under the Sea
  23.   Sprinkles
  24.   Take My Breath Away
  25.   Courage
  26.   Dumb Luck
  27.   New Me
  28.   Break It Up
  29.   Jack & Ginger
  30.   That's What Counts
  31.   Dinosaurs
  32.   Impatience
  33.   Let's See It
  34.   It's a Hit
  35.   Can't Lose
  36.   Headlights
  37.   Callbacks
  38.   Forgiveness
  39.   Want for Nothing
  40.   We Need a Word
  41.   In My Head
  42.   Sprinkles, Under the Sea
  43.   Dumb Luck, Under the Sea
  44.   Take an Arrow
  45.   Don't Blow It
  46.   You Should Learn
  47.   Pittsburgh
  48.   I Don't Bite
  49.   Altered Beast
  50.   Tonight
  51.   The Great Escape Under the Sea
  52.   Mucho Mas
  53.   Cash Cow
  54.   Textbook
  55.   Overreacting
  56.   Spoken For
  57.   Waiting for You
  58.   Don't Blow It, Under the Sea
  59.   Slow Down, Under the Sea
  60.   Good Answer
  61.   Down The Hall
  62.   Foreign Kicks
  63.   Ambition
  64.   Hoppipolla
  65.   Worth the Wait
  66.   Return the Favor, Under the Sea
  67.   Slow Down
  68.   Make It Easy
  69.   What You Do Best
  70.   Make It Easy, Under the Sea
  71.   Take an Arrow, Under the Sea

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