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A Windy City consortium with a backpacker sensibility, this umbrella crew is actually a record label disguised as a group. Consisting centrally of four MCs/producers -- jDoubleu, Atlas, Banner, and Chauncie Gardner (whose moniker is taken from the Adamic Peter Sellers character in the movie Being There) -- Frontline's goal was to challenge the status quo of the rap game. Their music sounds like the end result of living, breathing, and sleeping hip-hop for weeks on end in a basement studio. Psychological catharsis bleeds from their edgy tracks, concepts, and lyrics; their music is experimental with an emphasis on the mental. While the Detroit sound of Eminem/D12 is darkly humorous, clever, and over the top, Frontline's sound is emblematic of Chicago's deep underground: starkly serious (with some hints at humor) and primal without sacrificing complexity. Frontline seems to be more concerned with moving hip-hop back toward its essence than going platinum. The debut project from the Frontline camp, Overlooked, found an audience mostly in the Midwest in early 2001 and served as a precursor for solo albums from each of its members à la the Wu-Tang Clan. ~ M.F. DiBella
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  1.   Song
  2.   Lost in Translation
  3.   Routine
  4.   Stomp 'N' Clap by The Frontline
  5.   Ready
  6.   Bang It!
  7.   Intro (Who R You) by The Frontline
  8.   Zürcher featuring Trigga MC
  9.   Geister featuring Don Max
  10.   Settle the Score
  11.   Come and Get Me
  12.   Global System
  13.   Times Up
  14.   Halfway Home
  15.   Onto Something
  16.   Outro featuring Don Max
  17.   Dach zu Dach featuring Don Max
  18.   Undergrund by Trigga MC
  19.   Mini Musig by Frank West
  20.   What I Can by The Frontline
  21.   Menea Tu Cuerpo featuring Don Max
  22.   Non Mi Va by Don Max
  23.   Smile 4 the Camera by The Frontline
  24.   Night Time
  25.   Hold'Em
  26.   I Love the Way You Shake
  27.   Walk with You
  28.   Oh My God
  29.   FLKCZS Intro featuring Don Max
  30.   The Rich by The Frontline
  31.   That Aint U by The Frontline
  32.   What Was You Thinkin'?
  33.   Breathe with Me
  34.   Uh Huh by The Frontline
  35.   Gun Cocked by The Frontline
  36.   Now U Know by The Frontline
  37.   How It Is
  38.   Borrowed Time
  39.   Please Go
  40.   Screw Loose
  41.   We Aint Done
  42.   Time IIs Now
  43.   Black Jack by The Frontline
  44.   I'm That Nigga
  45.   Das Isch Für Dich featuring Don Max
  46.   Frontline Anthem featuring Apache
  47.   Anthem 2 featuring Don Max
  48.   N.O.C.H.E.U. featuring Don Max
  49.   Hidden Tape by Trigga MC
  50.   FLKCZS featuring Don Max
  51.   Gspürsch de Rhythmus by Zycra
  52.   Chirurg by Zycra
  53.   Gonna Get It
  54.   Wack by Don Max
  55.   Follow

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