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Formed in 2006 by Phil Bozeman, Brandon Cagle, and Ben Savage, tech-heavy Knoxville, Tennessee-based death metal outfit Whitechapel (named for the London neighborhood where the notorious Jack the Ripper disposed of most of his victims) blend grindcore, hardcore, and black metal into an unholy trinity of audio violence. After rounding out the lineup with guitarist Alex Wade, bassist Gabe Crisp, and drummer Derek Martin, the band's 2006 self-produced EP led to a European record deal with the Siege of Amida label and a distribution deal with Candlelight, where the band released its full-length debut, The Somatic Defilement, in 2007. That same year, the band parted ways with Savage and Martin, who were replaced by guitarist Zach Householder and drummer Kevin Lane. After signing on with Metal Blade, the band returned with its sophomore effort, This Is Exile, in 2008, followed shortly thereafter by A New Era of Corruption in 2010. In 2011, Whitechapel parted ways with Lane, replacing the drummer with Ben Harclerode, who made his debut on the remix EP Recorrupted later that year. Whitechapel returned the following year with a self-titled album, which was followed by their fifth album, Our Endless War, in 2014. 2015 saw the release of the crowdfunded live CD/DVD Brotherhood of the Blade. ~ James Christopher Monger
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  1.   Song
  2.   The Darkest Day of Man
  3.   Section 8
  4.   Devirgination Studies
  5.   Festering Fiesta
  6.   (Cult)Uralist
  7.   Father of Lies
  8.   Devolver
  9.   Possession
  10.   This Is Exile
  11.   I, Dementia
  12.   The Saw Is the Law
  13.   Mono
  14.   Reprogrammed to Hate
  15.   Hate Creation
  16.   Our Endless War
  17.   Let Me Burn
  18.   Vicer Exciser
  19.   Blacked Out
  20.   Fairy Fay
  21.   Psychopathy
  22.   The Somatic Defilement
  23.   Prayer of Mockery
  24.   Messiahbolical
  25.   Eternal Refuge
  26.   Daemon (The Procreated)
  27.   Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation
  28.   Devoid
  29.   Unnerving
  30.   Somatically Incorrect
  31.   Exalt
  32.   Ear to Ear
  33.   A Process So Familiar
  34.   How Times Have Changed
  35.   Possibilities of an Impossible Existence
  36.   Dead Silence
  37.   Faces
  38.   Single File to Dehumanization
  39.   Necromechanical
  40.   Murder Sermon
  41.   Of Legions
  42.   Death Becomes Him
  43.   Necrotizing
  44.   Slenderman
  45.   All Girl Summer Camp
  46.   Fall of the Hypocrites
  47.   Diggs Road
  48.   Rise
  49.   The Night Remains
  50.   Breeding Violence
  51.   A Future Corrupt
  52.   To All That Are Dead
  53.   Articulo Mortis
  54.   Alone in the Morgue
  55.   End of Flesh
  56.   No Name
  57.   Untitled
  58.   Whitherin´ Downs
  59.   Paper M
  60.   Vicer Exiser
  61.   Leave Me Not
  62.   Worship the Digital Age
  63.   Strength Beyond Strength
  64.   Make It Bleed
  65.   Living Splendor
  66.   Leave the Drama for Your Mama
  67.   An Anthem for the Underground
  68.   Homesick Country Tune
  69.   The Last Days of Red Wine and Painkillers
  70.   The City Doesn´t Love Us Anymore
  71.   The Curse of Death Valley
  72.   End Again
  73.   Amateur Hour
  74.   Bez
  75.   Interlude
  76.   Gauche Caviar
  77.   Bad Chemicals
  78.   Feral Kids
  79.   Whitechapel - Dead Channelz
  80.   Animus
  81.   Ill Vibrations
  82.   Dead Channelz
  83.   M.A. in One-Night Stands
  84.   Worth You
  85.   Heart Only Pumps Poison
  86.   Heyday
  87.   Wild Cooties
  88.   Vintage Violence
  89.   Bright Future
  90.   Cutters
  91.   _'l∧∨sdŋz_
  92.   Fukushima, Mon Amour
  93.   Fast 4
  94.   Clementine