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Danish band WhoMadeWho play on the fringe of pop, working with the likes of Hot Chip and Digitalism while landing on vanguard labels like Gomma and Kompakt. Founded in 2003 in Copenhagen, the band is a trio comprised of Tomas Høffding (bass, vocals), Jeppe Kjellberg (guitar, vocals), and Tomas Barfod (drums). Their disco-punk style draws from a range of influences, among them 1960s psychedelia, 1970s stoner rock, 1980s post-punk, and 1990s electronica. Upon signing to the Munich-based Gomma label, WhoMadeWho released a few 12" singles -- Happy Girl (2004), Two Covers for Your Party (2004), and The Loop (2005) -- before unveiling their full-length album debut, WhoMadeWho (2005), which spawned two additional singles, Space for Rent (2005) and Out the Door (2005). In support of these releases, the band toured Europe extensively. Their second full-length album, Green Versions (2006), was an acoustic interpretation of their eponymous debut full-length that was inspired by their experiences as a live touring band. After a couple years of silence, WhoMadeWho returned in 2008 with a new single, TV Friend, which was followed in 2009 by a second single, This Train, and an accompanying full-length album, The Plot. After joining the roster of the trendsetting Kompakt Records, WhoMadeWho released two more albums, 2011's Knee Deep and 2012's Brighter. Their 2014 release, Dreams, found them moving closer toward pop and signed to a new label, Darup Associates. ~ Jason Birchmeier
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  1.   Song
  2.   There's a Way
  3.   The Morning
  4.   Out The Door
  5.   Your Better Self
  6.   United
  7.   The Plot by Filthy Dukes
  8.   Yes
  9.   Need
  10.   Birds
  11.   Ember
  12.   Cuccurucucu by Arisa
  13.   Hiding in Darkness
  14.   Indian Summer
  15.   New Beginning
  16.   Heads Above
  17.   Traces
  18.   Right Track
  19.   Running Man
  20.   Every Minute Alone
  21.   TV Friend
  22.   Keep Me In My Plane
  23.   I Lost My Voice
  24.   Space For Rent
  25.   Swedish Meatballs
  26.   Dreams
  27.   Working After Midnight
  28.   Subliminal
  29.   Satisfaction
  30.   Rose
  31.   Johnny Lucky
  32.   Hello, Empty Room (Green Version)
  33.   Got To Be There (Green Version)
  34.   Out the Door
  35.   Cigar
  36.   Small Wonders
  37.   Monkeys
  38.   The Loop (Green Version)
  39.   Shake Your Boat
  40.   I Love
  41.   Happy Girl
  42.   Manuelle Mittelwelle
  43.   Satisfaction
  44.   Flat Beat
  45.   Satisfaction
  46.   Cyborg
  47.   Motown Bizarre
  48.   Ode to Joy
  49.   Office Clerk
  50.   Raveo
  51.   Small Town City
  52.   This Train
  53.   Trickster
  54.   Space for Rent
  55.   Discodeine
  56.   Green Dogs
  57.   Lutzenkirchen
  58.   555
  59.   All That I Am
  60.   Checkers
  61.   Musketeer
  62.   Nothing Has Changed
  63.   There's an Answer
  64.   Two Feet Off Ground
  65.   We're Alive, It's a Miracle
  66.   An Answer
  67.   Inside World
  68.   Greyhound
  69.   The Sun
  70.   Fireman
  71.   The Divorce
  72.   Never Had the Time
  73.   Head on My Pillow
  74.   Skinny Dipping
  75.   The End
  76.   Below the Cherry Moon
  77.   Beyond the Cherry Moon
  78.   Another Day
  79.   No Name
  80.   Farside
  81.   Helgoland
  82.   Palindrome by Disa

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